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but like neurotypicals need to get it through their heads that people with personality disorders can be abused much differently than them. Repeatedly and purposefully ignoring borderline people is abuse. Taking advantage of the trust of dependent people and leaving them on their own to "test them” is abuse. Little things they may not consider being abuse may actually BE abuse to those people. So like stop pretending that what we call abuse “isn’t legitimate” just because it’s not in your neurotypical standards of what is and isn’t abuse.

BD: Sobs over a character who literally enslaved and colonized a world and is apparently humanized for these actions. 

BD: Keeps the center for enslaving said humans open and operational and even plans on destroying said colonized world. 

BD: Up until this point was the literal representation for homophobia. 

Ya’ll: Aww she misses her gf…..poor BD…………..#DoItForHer

Bismuth: “Hey so maybe we should shatter the people who are murdering and enslaving us and after this episode especially my actions are even more justified. I’m seeing the humans be put into zoos for Gems enjoyment and this one weapon wouldn’t even destroy that many gems. If anything my actions suggest it would be an ultimate weapon to level the playing field because we’re going against a fucking colonizing empire that wants to kill us and this planet’s inhabitants.” 

Ya’ll: Yeah she deserves to be SHATTERED 

I’m not sure if it was love

Im not even sure if what i did with you was love
i dont know if i even cared, or if i just wanted to feel needed
and im sorry for what i said when you left, im sorry i made you leave
im sorry if it was me, or maybe it wasnt
honestly im not sure what we were in the end
but im sorry i got so scared of being in a relationship
that the only thought i could summon was an escape route
i know you didnt have intentions to leave me from the start
but i couldnt let it go, i couldnt drop the fear that you were planning on leaving
im not sure if it was love, i think it was, or i hope so

im not really interested in being involved in Fights on tumblr dot com but ill just say if you’re gonna take my personal feelings of misgiving on het male do-ms in bd//sm personally enough to call me the c word and then make a mini callout post about me than i am sorry but i guess im ok being an evil kinkshamer™ 

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The thing that annoys me, is that they're only asking her about BK, KC, SE and DE. There's nothing on BD, because no ones asks about BD. Every BD shipper thinks that they're not gonna be endgame, so why ask to the person who hates BD/Bonnie/wants to see Bonnie in pain and suffering, if they're gonna happen? It's a waste of time.

Yeah no one asked about BD cuz they all hate JP and know what to expect lmao. But for my and the bamon chat I’m in defense we found out JP was answering questions only when she was done. We were like one hour late, so we didn’t get to ask something. But we knew it would have been ignored anyway if Bamon is really endgame she won’t answer anything Bamon related.


New theme! Well, I say it’s new, but it’s just a redesign of my previous theme essentially. This theme’s called Heliseum, and almost a year after my first Guren theme I still have Guren on my blog, because he’s #1 always.

Why does my header look suspiciously like the old one? Because I’m too lazy to design a new one, but the sizing was wrong so I just remade the old design.

I also darkened the colour scheme a bit! The music is from the God Eater anime OST, and all the songs are by GHOST ORACLE DRIVE.

Please let me know what you think, okay?