personal ballon d'or

Finally home, happy about last night’s victory and Cristiano’s return and ready to drink the morning coffee out of my favourite cup! Wishing you all a wonderful day, full of energy and happiness my loves! 😊👌❤

Finally! After all these years of disappointment and injustice, Cristiano more than deserved won his second Ballon D'Or. Finally!

I was almost shocked about Cristiano’s reaction. Tears of joy - yes, I expected that. But that he was this moved and literally broke down in tears showed how much the appreciation of his achievements, of his infinite dedication and ambition means to him.

Day after day, Cristiano has to endure all kinds of unjust and malicious comments, insults, judgements and disrespect. Without ever having done anything bad to deserve such a treatrment. He tries his best to ignore all that. But he is a sensitive human being and needs affection and respect like anyone else.

If anyone dares to make fun of his emotional reaction, his tears of joy and relief I’ll only feel pity with such a heartless person.