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Request: “Hey I totally your writing and wanted to request something; could you do something where like the reader is really oblivious to Kylo’s flirting and how he gets really turned on around her and one day he asks her to put something else on because all she’s issued in her position is a black skirt and a tight white button up and she’s confused saying that’s her uniform and just include like smutty banter and reader accidentally rubbing up on Kylo and bending over in front of him thanks heaps xx”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 2369

Warnings: SMUTTTT

Kylo brought a hand through his thick locks, groaning as the numbers appeared on top of the console.

“(Y/n)!” He yelled out. You popped your head through the door. You, his personal assistant for 4 months now, had been nothing but a godsend. He smirked as you casually approached, trying to contain his giddiness.

“Yes?” you asked.

“Come here.”

You walked over, arms still full of data spreadsheets that had to be analysed.

“Why does this look wrong to me?” He asked, pointing at a certain outlier in the set of numerical code.

“Because it is wrong.” You sighed, placing your bundle of sheets into Kylo’s lap. You leant in front of him, typing away at the buttons on the expansive panel. Kylo watched your expert fingers fix the broken code which he had created as an excuse to get you in here. He let his eyes wander as usual, landing on the round ass that was conveniently pushed out. He bit his lip, his gaze sweeping over your sweet curves, begging to be touched.

“There! It’s fixed.” You beamed smugly, turning to the man who had turned a light shade of pink. “You alright?”

“I’m more than alright, (Y/n).” He replied, a small smile tugging his lips. “Thank you.” He added, referring to the screen above the console.

“No problem.” You collected the many papers that you had placed in his lap, your hand just lightly passing over his crotch. Kylo stiffened, but you didn’t notice, you were already walking out the door.

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hey.. remember that moment in dwsa during the song of purple summer,, after everyone has stripped back down to their base costumes, when the back wall lifts, creating a doorway, n through it u can see lots of trees n greenery,, bc it’s supposed to represent rebirth n youth, and all the children start to walk through the opening and then hänschen picks up anna from her chair n carries her through the wall in his arms n then melchior is the last to leave n he signs the final lyrics without any voices, leaving all the adults on stage in the dark.. alone…,,, yea me too

“I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and the commonly accepted headcanon that Kylo Ren does too has made me appreciate my family. I pushed them all away, but seeing Han come for him, I realized my parents will be there if I just let them. He may be a villain, but because I saw him, I decided to start getting therapy and try medication again instead of giving up on myself as a lost cause. In a way, he helped me put my life back together.”

I live for this: 5 pm sunsets, where the colors in the sky seem to smile at me. I live for road trips, for quiet walks, for days when I’m surrounded by my favorite people. I live for those moments, you know, when I’m reminded that the world isn’t that hard and cold of a place. Experiences that bring me back to my own center, long enough for me to rediscover my own light … and to realize what it means to be alive. 

Blessings & More … Our Journey to Balance 

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Just because Poe and Cassian are both played by Latinx actors does not mean they’re the same character.
Just because Poe and Cassian are both played by Latinx actors does not mean they’re the same character. 
Just because Poe and Cassian are both played by Latinx actors does not mean they’re the same character.
Just because Poe and Cassian are both played by Latinx actors does not mean they’re the same character.


Listen I know everyone loves making Chewbacca a dog in modern AUs, but please consider as an alternative: Chewbacca, Han’s extremely hairy foreign friend with an accent so thick that only Han understands what he’s saying. They’ve been friends for years and never explain the circumstances of their meeting. He shows up to every family gathering and no one knows where he lives or where he came from. Everyone just accepts it.