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Had a dream last night that I met Tulo… Can’t remember the plot exactly but it wasn’t like I randomly ran into him on the street, I think I was working for him? As his personal assistant or something, scheduling meetings? 

Employer Tulo was quite nice, actually. Like at one point he showed up at my house to pick me up on our way to something, and my sisters (and maybe parents?) were fighting and I was all frazzled about running late and embarrassed, but he was like ‘It’s no problem’ and just patiently sat in my front hall and waited for me to deal with it hahaha

Being the second sister to start high school is like...

First Assistant: Oh, I had your sister!! She liked to do that this way.

Second Assistant: Funny… your sister prefers it when I do things like this.

Another Assistant: Weird… when I had your sister…. we didn’t do that!

All the Assistants: Oh… but… yOuR…. SISTER ….


[Illustrated GIF of a close up of a girl in a wheelchair. She has a low side braid, and uniform shirt on. She has one hand up to her face, while she rolls her eyes in frustration.]

It was never really that annoying (I just wanted to grasp the essence of my melodramatic teenage years), but man oh man being compared to Lianna happened ALL the time.


Ignore my ugly mug, this was the week sent from Hell and our country’s lost its fucking mind. On a personal front I’ve opened up the shop for the past two weeks, waking up at 3am every day, and I am spent. None of that mattered in this moment because a Certified Angel graced me with her presence and swerved every single A. Morgan-jersey clad fan, signaling me out and stopping two security guards from pushing me away. I’ve cried so much these past two days both with my customers and my co-workers, friends and family, and yet - this woman and this team managed to make it one of the best nights of my life. Christen Annmarie Press, is golden. I know she always makes it a point to sign for fans with signs specifically for her, but the fact that she went WAY out of her way, and came ALL the way back to the end zone - that she technically wasn’t allowed to go to (as a USSF rep came running over immediately when he saw she was walking over to sign for me and asked her repeatedly to make her way towards the sidelines) I am absolutely floored by your kindness and gratitude, and I have yet to catch my breath. I wish I had more than those 20 seconds to have told you that you deserve that starting spot, and to keep fighting - it’s yours for the taking. Seeing her in action tonight only solidified my love and appreciation for what an all-around special player she truly is and I hope that Jill Ellis f i n a l l y realizes it. Beyond that, this woman is intelligent and kind-hearted and brave. She has the brightest and warmest smile and no one deserves a night like tonight more than her. On a selfish note - I am so fuckin happy this happened in The Bay.

Dear people who insist on helping me,


I understand that you are just trying to help but let my dog do his job. Let me open dorrs for myself, let me “struggle” to do things. 

If when you were learning to walk as a child, and everytime your parents saw you struggling they just carried you instead, would you have learned how to do it efficietnly? 


If you ask me if I need help, and I tell you “ no thanks, I can do it” 


the other day, and I was lifting my wheelchair into my car, and a lady walked by and asked,” do you need help?” I politely said “ no thanks” 

But yet she insisted and came over and tried to help me, and it was really akward for me, because I  can lift my own chair thx very much. 

 When you hold doors open for me right as my Service dog goes to press the open button, you are taking my dogs job away from him, discouraging him, and dissapointing him. 

You are not “ ahaha, I guess he feels lucky he didnt have to do it” 



He ENJOYS it even. 

And you just took it away from him. You have discouraged him because he thought he was going to press the button, he was going to show his handler what a good boy he was, and get praised for it, and now you have taken that away from him, so next time we come to a door, and there ISNT ANYONE AROUND, he’ll hesitate, maybe take a little longer to press the button. 

Same thing with when I drop things. My dog LOVES picking up things for me. \


Long story short, if I say no thanks when you offer help, dont force yourself on me. 


repeat with me. 


*Mic drop*

Please fire me. The power went out at work today, and my boss asked me if I could fix it. I thought he was joking—apparently he was serious. I’m a part-time secretary.  He’s a member of MENSA with a PhD.  

i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

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If you could choose like, 3 Carmilla fics to be turned into movies, which ones would you love to see?

Oh wow, what a great question! Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

The Trades We Choose (the personal assistant AU) - I feel like Pants’ writing style is very cinematic and every time I read this one I can very clearly visualize the story almost as if I am watching a movie.

On Your Ground (the doctor!Laura AU) - This is of my all-time favorite fics. The story definitely feels like something you’d see in a romantic film or something.

This Side of Paradise Series (the fake engagement hollywood AU) - This one is just so cute and refreshing and I would love to be able to see it as a movie

things I've overheard in a second grade classroom

- “pink is not a boy or girl color!! chris loves hot pink!!”

- “you don’t want to see your sister from college who you haven’t seen for a year?? man, that’s cold! sisters are for protecting and loving”

- kid raises his hand, kid gets called on, immediately scratches his head and says “i forgot”

- kids singing 7 years by lukas graham and starting with “once i was 7 years old” and getting to the part of the song where they sing “soon i’ll be 60 years old” with heart and passion and facial expressions and everything is too great bc they r literally tiny and 7 years old

- during show and tell, a kid raises his hand to ask a question “is ur grandma dead yet” (my jaw dropped lol)

- a kid asked me if I have a boyfriend and I said no and he said “well you can marry ms.____ (the teacher) !! girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys!!”

- during a poster presentation that had photos of this kid’s parents, multiple photos of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, family friends, and even a random cat he found on the street one time in Barcelona, my friend/ the other TA raised her hand and said “….wait….don’t you have a baby sister….?” he laughs and says “oh yeah”

- “eli why are you wearing shorts today it’s cold!” “because my dad didn’t do laundry yet and this was the only thing I could find…..”

kids say the darnedest things :’-) but they also restore my hope for future generations

I don’t know how to say this

But I need help. And just getting to the point that I can admit that out loud has been a long, painful journey.

Here’s the situation: my husband has never been a flexible person, hating to have his routines tampered with and throwing fits when they are. He reduced our oldest daughter to a sobbing wreck on Monday with his fury over her accidentally washing a shirt of his in with the load of our stuff. Up until then, most of his rage was directed at me and I could handle it. But I realized, suddenly, what I was allowing to happen, and that my children were suffering.

I told him I wanted him to move out. He refused and locked himself in his bedroom for two days.  He has not spoken to me since Monday. I have no idea what he’s planning or doing, because every attempt I’ve made at contact has been rebuffed with icy silence.

I am disabled, with degenerative disk disease, narrowing of the spinal canal, and scoliosis, as well as severe arthritis and a severed ligament in my left knee. I physically cannot keep a job, since I can’t stay on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time.

My books are beginning to sell, which is wonderful, but they’re nowhere near enough to support myself and four children yet.  I have filed for disability, which I should have done years ago, I know, but I didn’t need it, right?  My husband supported us all, no reason to mess with the system he had in place.

I was raised to never ask for handouts. And I’m crying as I type this because I hate that I have to now. But I’m desperate. Emotionally, our marriage has been over for years, but things are just getting worse. I can’t live with this man and since he won’t leave, then clearly I have to.

I’m asking for help. I hope I never have to again, I wish it wasn’t necessary at all, but I have to break this cycle of abuse, and I can’t do it alone. The shelter in the county is full and we’re low priority anyway because the abuse isn’t physical, which means that the housing authority is our only real hope at the moment, since their rent is based on income and should be something affordable.  Assuming they have an opening.

If you’re still reading, my Paypal is  Any amount will be a help, but if you can donate even just $5, I’ll send you a digital copy of Coffee Cake or Beignets in tears and gratitude. If you can’t donate a penny but will reblog this so others can see it, you also have my gratitude and I will mentally hug you.

Thank you for listening and I’m going to go cry some more now.

Otp AU's

Random AU’s

- Fireman or Firewoman AU
- Vampire and Vampire Hunter AU
- Famous Singers AU
- Famous Chefs AU
- Famous Person/Assistant AU
- Child or Children AU
- Rival Flower Shops AU
- Magic User AU
- Dragon AU
- Royalty AU
- Soul Mate AU
- Safari AU
- Having To Sleep In The Same Bed AU
- Tol and Smol AU
- Gardener and Spy AU
- High School AU
- University AU
- Both Work At Shitty Job AU
- Both Have The Same Taste In Music AU
- Both Have Similar Tattoos AU
- Both Walking Their Dogs At The Same Time AU
- Magic User and Vampire AU
- Forbidden Love AU
- Zombie Apocalypse AU
- Doctor AU
- Artist AU
- Spies AU
- Cheese Makers AU
- Pirates AU
- First Date AU
- Serial Killer AU
- Zoo Keepers AU
- Both Are Rivals In Everything AU

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Hey I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you know any fics where harry is louis' personal assistant/secretary? I was watching a tv show andI kinda wanted to see something like that, thank you. 💞

Yes !! But not that much sadly :/

- don’t be so shy (with your stockings up to your thighs) : Harry doesn’t try them on, but Zayn buys them anyway. And after a week of being ignored by Louis, except for the occasional call, Harry decides fine. Fine. Harry is Louis’ new secretary. He may or may not want his boss between his legs. There are stockings in there somewhere. (20k)

- If You Wanna Try Me On : To be fair, Harry’d been half asleep when Niall convinced him to put in his CV in the first place. Like, Harry wants to be a proper serious journalist–he’s not about to give up that dream in favour of becoming a personal assistant at a fashion magazine, or…whatever. Harry’s not actually all that sure what Tomlinson Styles even is, beyond his ticket to fame or any of the other things Niall’d spouted off at him, but when he shows up for the interview and is unceremoniously shoved into an office with the Tomlinson part of that equation, all Harry can really think about is that he would like to be a Tomlinson-Styles….or the Devil Wears Prada AU that no one wanted. Sort of. (19k)

- I’m All Yours, I Got No Control : Harry and Louis hook up at a club. When Harry turns up to his new job the next day, he’s more than a little surprised to learn that his new boss, Dr. Tomlinson, is Louis. (Basically; Louis is Harry’s boss. Harry wants his dick and also his heart. )   (10k)

- And I’m Feeling Like I’m Thirty Feet Tall : “So now Louis is on the floor of the locker room wearing panties covered in his and Harry’s come and it’s not his fault. Not one bit.” OR The one where Louis hires Harry as his assistant and gets him to buy a sparkly pink dildo as a form of seduction. (4k)

- The Proposal  : Louis is a tetchy editor and Harry is his unfortunate assistant.  After Louis is threatened with a demotion, he quickly makes plans to fake a marriage to Harry. (Based off the movie The Proposal) (20k)

- you can be the boss : Louis Tomlinson finds a flash drive with the initials ‘H.S.’ written on it. He decides to investigate, and his findings are quite interesting. Or, Harry has a huge daddy kink and an equally huge crush on Louis. Louis finds Harry’s porn stash. (2.6k)

- my youth is yours  : “They shake hands and when they’re finished, Louis stands up to go shake Harry’s hand. He doesn’t understand why Harry is gawking at him until he realizes that he’s still dressed in a pair of blue lacy boyshorts. He blushes, but the response from Harry is the best, his cheeks are flushed and his eyes are wide. Louis shakes his hand and welcomes him before leaving to go finish his last part of the photoshoot. Harry is still standing there with his mouth wide open when Louis walks out.Oh, this is going to be so much fun, Louis thinks to himself as he gets in position for the next photo set."Or: Louis is a model and Harry is his assistant. Cue the instant attraction, flirting, a little bit of smut, a little bit of angst, but a happy ending. (6k)