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Westmount Greenhouse

Westmount’s greenhouse has a cosy warmth even on the coldest winter day.  As greenhouses go, it surely does not compete with the likes of our Montreal Botanical Gardens, but it is definitely one of the prettiest and it has benches scattered about amongst the plants and flowers that encourage visitors to sit for a spell, whether to read or to contemplate the beauty surrounding them.  My favourite is the connecting room with the koi pond which has benches on either side of the pond.  The greenhouse has been closed throughout 2017 for repairs and restoration.

Blustery cold day with wet snow and rain.  Officially, it’s the first snow but not much of it is sticking to the ground so there is not that much in the way of accumulation.  I can also confirm I have zero desire to be out there with my camera.  Zero clicks given.

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11.19.2016// Some picture from my Instagram’s uploads of this week. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to start reading HP and the cursed child yet,since I’ve been too busy with my university readings. Hopefully I’ll have some free time during the Christmas break!

5:31 | b r e a k

Taking a small break to plan out the week ahead. When I feel organised I’m less anxious and positive that things will turn out OK :)

Also my birthday is just around the corner! :D