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Masterlist - Brett Talbot

So I’ve decided to make a Masterlist for all my Brett fics, since the old one’s too long and I can’t put too many links in it anymore.

⦾ = NSFW


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anisopteria  asked:

Do you have any advice for rising high school freshmen with adhd bc i start school in 2 days an im gonna freak :0

this is the moment where i shine luna i have been dying to give adhd advice. at any given moment, i want to give advice for living with adhd. i love u.

I will try to prevent this from becoming a big wall of text!!

  • TAKE YOUR MEDS. Assuming you are prescribed meds, take them. Do not skip. Do not experiment with your dosage. In middle school, you could get away medsless or w messed up meds and not suffer too much. The same cannot be said for high school. 
    • Messing with my medication schedule gave me 100000% times more anxiety because it 1. Messed with my heartbeat, and 2. It severely impaired my ability to perform well in the classroom. 
    • You will be too busy shaking and fidgeting to listen to what the teacher said. And that in turn will raise your anxiety. It’s a terrible, awful cycle.
  • On that note, always make sure to eat!!! I know that waking up at 6am is the like worst thing in the world and should be punishable under the Geneva Convention, but skipping breakfast to nab those extra 15 minutes of zzz’s is not worth it. I don’t know how Scientifically True this is, but I’ve always found that it’s Really Bad to take your meds on an empty stomach.
    • Also, breakfast is just important?? You’re going to want to die anyway during your morning classes, but you’ll really want to die if you’re starving. Plus, being hungry always makes me dizzy and tired!!! (On that note: Do not sleep through class.)
    • In addition, make sure to eat lunch!!! I always skipped lunch because I’m a Fool and it honestly made me very weak and lethargic and way too skinny. It wasn’t worth it. Eat your lunch!
    • And maybe pack snacks??? Idk man, my metabolism is wack af and I’m always hungry, which oftentimes made me distracted in class. Remember: We will always be at a disadvantage because of our ADHD. Our bodies and minds will take advantage of every excuse to become distracted. If you’re suffering from hunger pains, I guarantee you that your empty stomach will be the only thing your body focuses on, even if you’re in the middle of taking an exam.
  • Stay organized!!! Keep a planner! Make to-do lists! Leave sticky note reminders for yourself! ADHD absolutely FUCKS with your ability to manage time, and yourself, effectively. 
    • I repeat: We are at a disadvantage. It doesn’t mean we’re automatic losers, or failures, or that we should give up before we even start. It means we need to work twice as hard to be just as good.
    • Rise to the challenge and kick everyone’s asses, including your own. Especially your own. Which sounds ridiculous, because I am my own worst keeper, but I’ve found that at the end of the day, you only have yourself. So you might as well as make this bitch someone you can rely on.
  • SET ALARMS!!!!! Always set alarms! Set multiple wake up alarms if you have a problem of sleeping in, and make sure to space them out by a couple of minutes. In fact, put your clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off! Set alarms in the bathroom. In the morning, I’m so tired that sometimes I end up hyperfocusing while brushing my teeth. I once brushed my teeth for a solid twenty minutes, it’s really bad. Set alarms/reminders so you don’t do that!!!
    • On that note: Please for the love of God try to leave your phone/electronics downstairs when you go to bed. ‘Oh I’m really tired,’ you say, ‘I won’t go on my phone I’ll just go to bed.’ You are lying. You will go on your phone. You will stay up until 2am on your phone. Do not keep it by your bedside.
    • I personally use an alarm clock to wake up, and then keep my phone with its timers in my bathroom so I stay on track.
  • Try to study!!! I know it’s the worst thing in the world but you need to build up the habit!! It will be essential for junior/senior year and college. 
    • I spent most of high school not studying and while I turned out okay, I didn’t do my best work! Which I’m still really unsatisfied by. Do not settle for B-s, or Bs, or B+s. GET THE GRADES YOU DESERVE!!!! GET THAT MOTHERFUCKING GPA!!!
  • Ask for help!!! In HS, I never asked for accommodations when it came to tests or extra time. I had too much pride, I was embarrassed to ask for help, I wanted to be like ‘the other kids.’ We are not like the other kids. 
    • I keep saying this, but it’s a fact: we are at a disadvantage. If you want to be as good as everyone else, you will have to do everything to keep up and pull ahead. Ask for accommodations. Get the help you need, so that one day you won’t need it.
  • On a side note: You cannot get accommodations on a teacher-by-teacher basis! You need to approach your nurse and maybe guidance counselor first, give them the appropriate documentation, hash out a plan, and then you can bust down your chemistry teacher’s door and say ‘guess fucking what.’ True story!
  • Here’s my final bit of advice: Make great friends, confide in those friends, and rely on those friends!! On my worst days, where I could barely focus on myself let alone any verbal directions given out during class, I knew I could trust my friends to explain to me what I missed. 
    • Obviously, do not 100% expect them to hold your hand during everything. It’s important that you try to be independent. But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you need someone to reexplain to you what you’re doing during class time.
    • One of my best friends was in my chemistry class with me junior year. Chemistry labs were… awful for me. I was always very stressed, because there are a lot of little directions and precise expectations and sometimes it can get overwhelming. I’m deathly afraid of messing up, so I often had Alex double check every step I did. I also kept like 2 or 3 lab direction handouts in front of me at all times so I could double-check where I was in the lab, etc.

Again, all of my advice is off the top of my head so feel free to hmu if you have any specific questions/worries!! I will try to help!! I like helping!!!! :3c

Anyway, good luck! You will be fine. But do your best to be great! 

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How can I detox from social media?

Social media can sometimes feel really gross – like eating an entire package of Oreos at once. Two hours of scrolling pass by, and you come out feeling kind of ill, self-critical, and in need of a cleanse. It’s why many people – including myself! – regularly feel the need to detox from social media.

But here is the thing about detoxes: They’re not useful unless they’re helping you build habits that you will continue once the detox is over. It doesn’t work with diets – abstain from sugar entirely for a month, and you’ll likely return to the exact same pop habit when the diet is done – and it doesn’t work with technology.

So instead of fully eliminating social media from your life – because it will inevitably return – simply develop a healthier relationship with it. And healthy relationships have boundaries, like certain days and times that you don’t check social media at all. I do this regularly, and in those breaks, I don’t miss anything! I have never once come back to Twitter, for example, and thought: Gee, I really wish I had spent an extra hour reading internet bickerings! If something happened in the news that was discussed at length on a given platform, I go to one of the publications I trust and read the actual story.

Avoid accounts or feeds that make you feel negatively about your appearance or superficial aspects of your life – do not, however, cut out sources of news or media that challenge you. You want to have a healthier relationship with the internet, not disengage entirely.

If you’d like more ideas, I talked specifically about better internet habits in the Apathy Detox I designed. Check them out here.

If you figure it out, please let me know. I make little promises to myself at least once a week about taking a break from social media and I’ve tried a number of different things. Like my love for Thin Mints and buying purses, everything should be done in moderation and when it begins to interfere with your relationships and your life, it is time to take a break. In my house, we don’t bring phones to the table when we’re eating and we try to not have them in our bedroom (though I’m not sure how to wake up without my phone; where does a person buy an alarm clock?). When I’m with my children, I do my best to be present with them and not check email or engage on social media. A woman that I admire tremendously, Arianna Huffington, has compiled an incredible list of resources through her new company, Thrive Global, to not let social media interfere with your life, to get enough sleep and to take care of your physical and mental health.

Stubborn Love

Originally posted by bucky-is-done-with-this-shit

Request:  Hello! Is it ok if I got 24: “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” with Tony?

Pairing:  Tony x reader

Summary: “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

In which the hardest part of your day is waking up your stubborn boyfriend.

Words Count: 473, just a drabble

Genre: fluff 

Notes: this one is a short one for me but I feel like it wraps itself up nicely so I didn’t want to ruin it with extra details! 


     “ Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” You yell as you walked into your boyfriends room.

     “(Y/n) for the love of God, I’ll pay you to leave me alone right now.” Tony grumbled, pulling his sheets over his head.

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Pan is a bit tardy when it comes to things other than baking. Without Hummingway as her personal alarm clock and reminder, Pan sometimes struggle to arrive to local competitions on time. As the round progesses, and the bakers around her have already started, Pan is automatically forced at a disadvantage and have to catch up. All but a simple extra challenge for the rookie baker!

Day 18: Draw a pony running late / Draw a pony racing the clock.

Personal Alarm Clock (Brett Talbot)

Brett x Reader

A/N: Yet another one of @bonniebird‘s ideas that I stole took to my property and oh how I love it.

Summary: Living next door to Brett and he always has to get you up for school.

This day was like any other day in your life, a regular school day was ahead of you and you groaned when you heard small stones getting tossed repeatedly at your window.

You grunted before opening your eyes, squirming in your bed as you stretched your arms and legs to get some life into your muscles. The orange morning sun shone through your window and you tried to suppress a yawn from escaping your lips.

The sound of yet another stone rattle against your window got you to jump out from your bed, hoisting up your window to peek out from it. You quickly saw Brett sitting the fence surrounding your house, dividing your yard from his.

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Forgetful (part 3)

Word Count: 1,633
Reader Gender: Female I guess idk
Warnings: Hospital, reader injuries
Love Interest: Pietro Maximoff
Note: This might bring a close to the Forgetful series, but idk ‘causeI haven’t written it yet. I’ll write more here once I’ve finished writing this part see you in a jiffy.

It seems I have done a 50/50, but I felt like this was a solid ending.

Tags: @ladywolfdemon @iamvvanda @hownottodie101 @aweways @kkrissy12

|| Part 1 || Part 2 ||

Originally posted by hospitalheaven

The soft, steady beeping of the heart monitor gave Pietro comfort, yet it sent him into panic all the same. While the heart monitor gave a reassurance that she was still alive for the moment, it didn’t promise that she’d be alive in the future. So, here he sat for the past two weeks, sitting by her bedside. The only time he’d leave is when he’d need to use the restroom. He’d only eat when forced; which meant Wanda all but shoving food down his throat whenever she came to visit.

The rest of the team came to visit when they could, and while they worried for her, they also worried for Pietro. There were many mixed emotions going around the team; some blamed him, others felt bad. Tony was a main party in those that blamed Pietro, and he made sure to let Pietro know whenever he was in the vicinity. Bucky was on the fence on how to feel about Pietro, Bucky was more concerned about her well being than anything else. Steve was similar, but still harbored feelings of blame on Pietro.

Nat was beyond pissed at the both of them, but her anger for the figure in the hospital bed was matched by her endless worry. Clint would bring her cards every day, and they got a little more ridiculous as the days passed. Bruce was still missing, but he had sent her favourite flowers and a simple note that said ‘Don’t die, friend’. Thor came back down to check on things a few days ago, and was very distressed when he was told. Needless to say, Pietro got an earful from him.

Even without the entire team letting him know exactly how they felt, he was still in daily panic. Even more so than usual, there’s been 3 near-deaths in time she’s been here. Pietro completely blames himself for everything, and the weight of guilt keeps him from moving from his chair. Guilt and love, that’s what keeps him here. Some time ago he came to the conclusion that her being in the hospital is some twisted way of making him pay for what he did. That’s why he never argues when Tony goes off on him.

Between him losing himself in his guilt-ridden thoughts, and him crying his eyes out, he talks to her. The topic will vary occasionally, but it mainly stays with him either apologizing, making promises, begging for her to come back, or vocalizing memories. Right now he had his head in her blanketed lap, his hand in hers. They had, at one point, her hooked up to a breathing machine when she had first got here. To say that she had sustained severe injuries would be an understatement.

The doctor himself even said that it was a miracle that she was even still alive right now. There was injury to her organs, hips, ribs, neck, arms, and one of her legs. There was also a large portion of skin damaged on her back, and it’d still be a bit longer before that healed.  Her neck was almost fully healed, as well as her arm. Today Tony was in the room along with Pietro, which had become a norm. Tony was with her almost as much as he was, the difference being that Tony wasn’t the one that put her in here.

“You did this, you know.” Tony said, beginning to start another argument.

“I am well aware.” Pietro clarified for the millionth time.

“Great, because I’m here to remind you. Think of me as you own personal alarm clock.” Tony said.

“Will do.” Pietro said with a sigh.

“Not like you have much of a choice here, anyway.” Tony said matter-of-factly.

“I realize this, Tony.” Pietro spoke, closing his eyes in frustration.

“You better, because she’s going to go off like a firecracker when she wakes up,” Tony continued, “Like the Fourth of July of doom.”

“Looking forward to it.” Pietro spoke, a little more passively this time.

“Will you two-ow-shut the-ow- fuck up-ow.” A familiar voice said, clearly irritated. 

“Y/n!” Tony and Pietro said at the same time.

“Wow, can we not talk so loud, I have the world’s biggest headache.” Y/n said as Tony went to notify a nurse.

God, I’m gone for two seconds, and they’re already at each others throats. They’re both secretly children, I’m almost positive. Wait, why the fuck am I in this room? This is not my bedroom. This is not the Tower. This is not anywhere that I’m familiar, it’s too fucking white and bright to be any room that I’d ever go in. I looked down, now noticing that I had on a hospital gown on instead of my normal clothes.

I looked up, glaring at the person closest to me (and the only person in the room), Pietro. He, surprisingly, looked like the worst thing in the world. He had clearly not been sleeping properly, to say the least. His eyes were red, like he had just been crying. He was also holding one of my hands. another thing that I just noticed. I would’ve snatched it away, but the sight of a needle in my arm caught my attention instead.

“Don’t even think about it,” Pietro said immediately, covering the IV with his hand, “It’s suppossed to help you.”

“Oh yeah, sure, just like you helped me?” I questioned harshly, still glaring.

“I’m sorry.” Pietro said and my glare softened a bit.

“Yeah, well, sorry doesn’t get me out of this fucking hospital.” I stated simply.

Tony came back into the room, the doctor following shortly after. The doctor greeted me politely, but I just grumbled in response. I fucking hate hospitals, I want to stab someone. I huffed as the doctor started explaining everything, and small flashbacks of the incident began to pass through my mind. The sound of the glass shattering underneath me. The feeling of the tires rolling over my stomach.

The headlights of the vehicles burning holes into my eyes. My skin tearing on the metal of the vehicles. The sound of sirens that was barely audible to my ears. The sight of pure darkness, consuming me with blinding pain. The gentle, yet distressed, touch of a hand on my cheek. ‘Please, please, stay with me,’ rang through my mind. At the time, I didn’t know who it was, but now that I can think a bit clearer, it was obviously Pietro.

The doctor took his leave, telling me he’d be back soon with test results. Tony then announced that he was going to head to the Tower and tell everyone that I was awake and alive. Silence ensued between Pietro and I, neither of us bothering to say a word. For different reasons, I’m sure. I didn’t know what to say. Part of me wanted to scream, just for everything that’s happened. Another part of me just wanted to be hugged at the realization of me almost dying.

“Listen, I know you probably don’t even want to see me right now, but I’m so sorry, Y/n.” Pietro said.

“Hey-” I began.

“It’s all my fault, I know. If I hadn’t asked you to come and meet me, and if I hadn’t done what I did, you wouldn’t be like this.” Pietro continued, referencing my hospital-ridden state.

“Well-” I began again.

“And I know that me asking for forgiveness is selfish, and probably too soon, but I’m just glad that you’re okay.” Pietro said, and I raised my brows, “I mean, I know you’re not healed yet, but you don’t know how happy it made me to see you awake. You could’ve ended up in a permanent coma, or worse, because of me.” He continued.

“Pietro-”I began.

“I know that this is karma getting back at me for what I did, but can you please forgive me?” Pietro asked again.

Well, if you’d let me talk, you big blue idiot.

“Sorry.” He apologized again.

Whoops, didn’t mean to say that one out loud.

I looked at him for a moment, seriously considering what he had said. He really did look awful, and remorse was very clear on his face. He looked like he’d simply die on the spot if I uttered the opposite. While I was still very angry at him, a small part of me wanted to forgive him. I don’t think we could go back to being a couple, at least not so soon. So, forgiveness at friend status is now up for debate.

I suppose I forgive him for putting me in here, it wasn’t directly his fault. It certainly wasn’t mine either, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to just take it out on him. I sighed deeply, his grip on my hand tightening slightly. Maybe it’d be okay if we were just friends? Like, friends who met on the first day of school and are only talking to one another because they don’t know anybody else. It’s oddly specific, but there we go.

“Fine, but you’re never to speak to me again.” I stated simply.

“O-Oh, okay, that’s fine, I’m just really happy you forgave me.” He started, “I guess I’ll just go then, I’m sorry, I’ll get out of your hair-”

“Pietro, Pietro,” I began frantically, “I was just kidding.”

“Oh,” He sighed deeply, a little relieved.

“I forgive you, but I don’t think we can go back to what we were,” I began, “At least not so quickly, but we can be friends.”

“Thank you, thank you so much.” He said, and it appeared as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulder.

“You’re welcome,” I said, “Now get over here and give me a very platonic hug, reality hit me in the face like 10 minutes ago.”

Don’t imagine a little pocket-sized version of your bias. Don’t imagine him sitting on your shoulder, playing with your hair as you blog. Don’t imagine him hiding in your coat pocket, following you to school or work, exclaiming “Woah! Giant, what’s that? It’s huge!!!” Don’t imagine having to double check your tea before you start drinking, just in case he mistook it for a bath (again). Don’t imagine him deciding to become your personal alarm clock, whispering “Giant. Giant wake up! The sun is shining and I want food!” Don’t imagine him putting on miniature concerts for you, using the kitchen counter as his stage, beginning every song with a dedication to you.

“My alarm clock goes off at 6:00 sharp. By 6:05 I’m in the shower. And out by 6:15. By 6:30 I’m dressed and my hair is done. By 6:40 I’m trying to eat breakfast. By 6:55 I’m brushing my teeth. And by 7:00 I’m out the door and on my way to school. From 7:15-8:30 I’m finishing homework and studying for my classes in the library. From 8:35-3:05 I’m in the prison walls we call school. My brains scattered and confused filled with equations I have to remember. My day is filled with "you’ll need to know this for the test” “if you fail this you could fail my class” and “this project is worth a lot of points” it’s a continuous cycle of hearing kids say “I don’t care” “it doesn’t matter” and “I need to do this” “I need to pass” Walking down the hallways I see kids who look like zombies. I see kids hyped up on red bull or monster or whatever keeps them ‘going’ so they can make it through the school day. By 6th hour everyone has checked out and the worst part is there’s still 45 mins left of school. By 3:00 the teacher has stopped talking because no one is listening. They’re all too excited to get out of this place. But what slows them down is that by 3:15 they are home. And by 3:30 they’re leaving to get to their jobs that start at 3:45. And by 9:00 when they finally get off they just want to sleep. But they can’t because even though it’s now 11:50 they still have a essay to write for English and the draft is due tomorrow. By 2:00 we finally go to bed. And at 6:00 sharp, the alarm clock goes off. And we do it all over again.“
—  Day after day, it’s the same routine.
Your Heart’s Desires

Part 1 Part 2

Summary: Hannah has been having some confusing feelings toward her best friend Barbara and goes to Diana for help, however things don’t go as planned and now Hannah is chasing her own heart before it reaches it’s own desires. (Inspired by in a heartbeat, two parter, romance hurt/comfort)

A/N Hey guys, sorry for a bit of the delay, I was a bit busy this past week but hey it’s here now. Also this is dedicated to my followers because fairly quickly I’ll be reaching 500 followers here and with Charoix week coming up I’ll be busy writing for that and not something for you guys so have this chapter instead. Maybe I might do something else when I reach it but for now have this and I hope you like it! :)

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BTS as People in Your Family

Jin: Your sweet mom. Always does your laundry. Makes 8 different kinds of rice. Prettier than you.

Suga: Your lazy grandpa. Almost senile. Don’t know if he’s asleep or dead for 3 days now.

Rap Monster: Your “hip” dad. Tries to talk to you about hip hop. Doesn’t know how to dance. Put a virus on your computer.

J-hope: Your big sister. On the cheerleading squad. Is your personal alarm clock. Loves horses.

Jimin: Your younger brother. Has a baby face. Use to be buff. Now is a teddy bear. Allergic to jelly.

V: Your weird cousin. Not sure if he’s even really related. Had a secret language. Always licks his lips.

Jungkook: Your baby brother. Never listens to you. Read your diary. Parents think he’s an angel.

Stupid Iwaoi head canons (if they lived together #1)

•Oikawa has an awful habit of spending years in the shower. He leaves all of the cold water for Iwaizumi. However Iwaizumi has grown accustom to this and has began to like cold showers. They wake him up.
•Every Friday, Iwaizumi is forced to go out by Oikawa to buy facial masks for him. They supposedly help to keep his skin clear. Whenever Oikawa is wearing a facial mask, Iwaizumi can never take him seriously. He has commented more than once that Oikawa looks like an alien.
•Oikawa can’t cook. He claims its because he doesn’t want to burn himself and ruin his skin but truth is he doesn’t want to admit that Iwaizumi is better at cooking than he is.
•Oikawa always hogs the blankets. Iwaizumi doesn’t mind though, as long as his boyfriend is nice and warm. But in the winter when it’s bloody cold, they will have wrestling matches in the bed over who gets most of the blanket. This has resulted in Iwaizumi having to buy a second one.
•Oikawa spends hours in the bathroom to get ready. He has to look perfect. He hates it when Iwaizumi tells him to hurry up. It takes a lot if work to look that gorgeous.
•Iwaizumi has been sent to sleep on the couch many times by Oikawa when they’ve fallen out. Sometimes if Oikawa is feeling particularly guilty, he’ll leave their queen sized bed and go to were Iwaizumi is sleeping to lie ontop of him.
•Once every month Oikawa is allowed to show Iwaizumi a film about aliens. It’s almost a ritual now.
•Sunday is their favourite day. Neither of them need to be anywhere in particular so they spend the waking hours in bed, cuddling eachother and in the evening they soak together in the bathtub.
•Oikawa has to physically be dragged out of their bed on a Monday morning. Neither of them are morning people, but Iwaizumi just doesn’t tend to complain about things he can’t alter. Iwaizumi is Oikawa’s personal alarm clock.

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CEO//personal assistant AUs please??

omgg yes ofc

  • your last personal assistant was seen running out of your building with a cat under their arm and one of their shoes missing and I don’t know why I still applied even after that
  • please stop firing so many people from your company I heard the human resources department is going to revolt really soon and I’m the only one that can help you
  • i’ve had to go all over downtown trying to find at least one coffeehouse that will agree to make your absolute catastrophe of a coffee order
  • your work ethic is driving me into the ground and the only thing keeping me going is the ridiculous pay and the absolute childish smile you get when I tell you good news 
  • you’re the most infuriatingly hard to get along with personal assistant ever but you work like a machine and your always on time, but how much longer I can last under your judgmental gaze I have no idea
  • it clearly wasn’t listed under the requirements to be your personal alarm clock but here I am at your penthouse trying to slug through your trash to get to your bedroom and wake you up

- jo