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Where the Light Goes


It’s times like this, when Shiro is weak, that Kuro will be strong. It’s times like this, when Shiro is scared, that Kuro will be brave.


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Where the Light Goes

It was nothing new. A face full of laughing disdain and mocking hatress faced him. Yellow eyes, sharp teeth. Relentless willpower. A Galra soldier. Beaten and broken. Words. Just words. Merely words. Shiro only heard them faintly. “You’ll never defeat Zarkon!”, words, and a grin, “A monster like you is no Paladin”, words, and a smirk.

Shiro was shaking, his body shivered from exhaustion. Gulped gasps, so huge they seemed like breathing, slow and deep. He felt dizzy, lack of oxygen, blood thrumming. He stayed steadily. Saw clearly. Into the soldier’s eyes. His body yelled at him, still fighting. Taut muscles. Sharp reflexes. Shiro was scared. By words alone.

Raging thoughts calm, come to a halt. Just words. Those are merely words. Shiro hears them faintly echo on. He smiles. There is nothing dangerous about words, right? He looks at the soldier’s eyes. Yellow. He sees a scared soul, caged in a brave body. The Galra shakes too, twitches in pain. He is dying. He is dead. Those are just words spoken by a killed life. Words whispered. Words murmured. There lurks no beast behind them. Shiro looks at the Galra soldier. Smiles sadly.

His body got jolted, churn. Abdomen cramped up. Weight pressed on his chest. Strangled his lungs. No gasps. No breath. His legs gave out. He fell on his knees. Tears appeared, tears streamed, from nowhere to nowhere. His lips quivered. His body trembled. A voiceless yell. Mute screams. Agony of fear.

Shiro laughs. His body really is weird. Acting up. There is nothing left. It’s out of control. He can’t stop the panic, can’t stop the hurting. Powerless. Not his own. He doesn’t understand the tears, the trembling, the weakness. The threat is not real. No imminence there. Shiro’s body can’t breath. He thinks about the words, long gone.

Keith ran towards him, desperately clasped his face between his hands. Worry and angst. Eyes of a beloved. His lips moved. Without sound. He turned around, and Hunk came jogging over as well. Crying. He took Shiro’s body in his arms. Choked on his name. Their leader, deaf. In shock.

Only that Shiro is not. His mind is placid, still. Deep sea black. It’s just a Galra soldier. Dead. Some few last words. What about it? It is nothing new.

Shiro’s body collapsed. Unconscious. Lay motionless.

His mind chuckles fondly. It is okay. His body is weak. Scared.

It was okay. Because his mind was not.

the type of people the world gives you - 


  • glows when they talk, dewy eyes, radiates with a blessing from the sun, calm in the air and goodness in their hearts


  • bodies full of stories, a will that ebbs and flows, lazy smiles, no real devotion to anything but existence itself, wordless lullabies


  • minds like caverns, hands like stone, to hold or to hurt, heavy irises, earthquake tempers, stubborn desire for constant reconstruction


  • an inexplicable sense of sharpness, hot tears, decaying cores, irreversible tornadoes and infectious whispers

Founded by Salazar Slytherin, the house is traditionally home to students who exhibit such traits as cunning, resourcefulness, and ambition. Its emblematic animal is a snake and its colours are green and silver.

Happy Birthday Drea!! Part 6


While waiting for the series, here are some BH6 Text Posts

that’s why you shouldn’t let me near a computer when i’m bored

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What’s so beautiful about “you were beautiful” is the fact that the person knows very well that the relationship they had is buried in the past and despite that despite moving on despite the pain and whatever comes with a break up, that person still acknowledges how beautiful the relationship was, how beautiful their ex lover was, how lucky they were to have them even for just a moment and it’s very bittersweet because. To be grateful for a love once shared after letting go, to dare look back at memories that cause both warmth and heartache, it’s something very hard and levelheaded to do and day6 expressed that beautifully 

Yes, TOG 6 was pushed back. But that’s alright. Chaol is getting his own novel, and I’m hyped for that. But to the people complaining about TOG 6 being pushed back, please, please stop complaining about it being pushed back. It could’ve been pushed back two years instead of a year and a half. SJM is a person. She’s not some robot cranking out content. She can have health issues. She’s working on Catwoman, ACOWAR, and the sixth book in TOG. That’s enough to make anyone collapse. And she’ll have things to attend for you, her fans. Suck it up and stop complaining, because no amount of whining is going to change that. Give Sarah a break already. She deserves it.

A concept: we take a trip to the beach. Sunroof opened with hands out the windows. I wear red toenails and my favorite white one-piece swimsuit. We day-drink and nap on the beach. Bring a cooler filled with fruit and a French baguette when we get hungry and a boombox to play our favorite summer mix CD. We stay out to watch the sunset, cuddled up under a blanket when it gets chilly. We listen to the ocean until we’re ready to head back to our lovely cottage. We do it all again the next day.

Victuuri Week // Day 6 // AU: Soulmates, Reincarnation (kinda, also, falls into the Yuuri prompt: proposals)
“I would live a thousand lives just to fall in love with you a thousand times.”


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got to design a room for my fav mad scientist from bh6! she’s such a fun character, i need to check out the comic sometime 😊