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What are your thoughts on the people calling eruri abusive? I personally think it's really childish

I can only say for myself and without judging other opinions, that I find EruRi abusive. Look at A choice with no regrets. I keep it short here, but Erwin, a powerful man with a position in the military is recuting someone living in poor conditions, threatens him and than manipulates him into joining a fight that he doesn’t find necessary (at that point). Of course over time Levi grows to trust Erwin and even imprints on him. But their relationship is based on abusive standards. It’s very debatable overall. Attack on Titan has a lot violence overall. Peoples view on that theme vary because of all kinds of reasons so be respectful, please

Was playing LoL again and somehow managed to piss off one of my teammates through my sheer existence (I think that’s a talent in itself) and they started flaming me and I had half a mind to defend myself or mute them or something, but in a burst of inspiration, I wrote back “Obolelebolebolebo” in true Yondu fashion.

The reactions were godlike I tell you.

The player who flamed me was like “WTF what” but the others, the others just -

Player one: “YONDU IS THAT YOU”

Player two: “hey there jackass”

Player three: “you guys are making me beat up grass again”

Me: “Hello fellow Guardians! =D”

Player two: “That’s friggin’ Guardians man”

Player three: “he didn’t say friggin’”

And then everyone just throw quotes back and forth in the middle of the game (we had lost anyway, there wasn’t much to do anymore) and the flamer was so confused and angry they left the game while we had the times of our lives in the chat.

Best. Thing. Ever.

Dean is not gonna turn on Seth. And Seth is not gonna turn on Dean. They just will go on separate ways at some point like Dean did with Romie and like Seth did with Romie. No turns necessary after they reunited like this? I mean…I can’t see the point anymore. Dean said everything is okay and he trust him because he does. Seth next thing will be the title so Dean’s. So what?. I can’t really see the point of them fighting again against each other imho. Dean’s turn will be on someone else. And Seth won’t turn so soon. Be free to kill me for this but this is what I think. 

I taught at my visit school for the first time today, which means I had to bring my own laptop, which means the kids saw my stickers. They recognized Inazuma Eleven right away, I was surprised! But it’s probably because of Endou and Gouenji… They said ‘Goddo Hando’!

That Kirino keychain is one of my most prized possessions…


So, this is my first week of properly starting my masters. We had welcome week last week, with lots of introduction lectures. Today I have a meeting with my personal tutor then work then back for a lecture this evening. I also have so much seminar prep to do it’s crazy.

But the university is beautiful and I’ve met some really lovely people. They also offer some great pro bono stuff that I’d really like to get involved in. My main focus is doing my very best in every module and trying to get a distinction.

The next two weeks will be busier than usual because I’m working an extra few hours (yay 11.5 hour shifts). But after that it should settle down a little, I also have my birthday in November to look forward to😊 and some of my friends from Ireland are going to come over for it which will be great.

Now off for my tutor meeting, I can tell today will be fuelled by lots of coffee

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