I don’t think I mentioned this but my boss gave me a book to read which was written over a hundred years ago and ended up being about the power of your thoughts and vaguely similar to the law of attraction (which I was reading at the time) but a little more business oriented but still really neat!! 🙊

I really love our downtown studio apartment so much, but I’m starting to love the idea of a small house just outside of downtown.

I’m going to be working from home full time soon, and I just don’t have enough space here for the “office” area I’d like. I want a nice setup with two monitors for streaming and enough space for my mic and some of my plushies/ amiibos and a cute background of gaming stuff for my videos.

plus we’ve gotten a couple of noise complaints bc we like our tv/ movies nice n loud, so a lil house would be so nice since we wouldn’t have neighbors close enough to disturb.

plus we could get a puppy (✿◠‿◠)

After my workout, I spent my morning arguing a very annoying parking ticket. Still smiling though because my new shoes will be here tomorrow and I kicked butt during my workout :)

Also, I’d like to point out how much of a safe space I think tumblr is. I would never feel comfortable posting sweaty, unflattering pictures anywhere else. I feel like you guys get it though and I can show me at all gross/sweaty/cute/put together phases in my life and I enjoy that!

30 Mins Cardio then Back/Bis

Bicep curls                              3 sets of 15
Dumbbell Single Arm Row     3 sets of 15
Hammer Curls                         3 sets of 15
Cable Rows                             3 sets of 15
Lat Pull Downs                       3 sets of 10
Smith Upright Row                 3 sets of 15
Machine Rear Fly                    3 sets of 15

“Ornithology is the study of birds. Ornithologists can study bird anatomy, behavior, ecology, evolution, or physiology. Research in these areas may require an ornithologist to observe and record bird migration patterns, mating behavior, and interactions with other animal species. Travel may be required and could involve visits to remote locations with few modern amenities, and little or no human interaction.”

little or no human interaction 👏

I’m now trying out social media free Wednesday ! The only social media I can use is tumblr and instant messenger.
Other than that I’m gonna try to take a break from it.
If I get bored I’m gonna use my French app or read my book instead