Today started off well and just went to crap. I am sick of being bullied by healthcare professionals. Today I had two appointments, one for my oncologist and one for my primary physician. Both treated me like complete garbage. I was asking for refills on several medications that I no longer have refills for and it was this huge hassle. I’ve already been dealing with a bad cold for the last two weeks and I just wanted my refills and antibiotics.  I was told I was “really fat” for my age and that although my mental health was improving my weight was suffering because of it. I just could not deal. I asked about a vaccine that I needed before coverage would be taken away from me and again my primary said I needed to go to a specialist yet made no referral. I cannot go to a specialist without a fucking referral. It isn’t allowed by my insurance. Whatever, I left, with my prescriptions to my antibiotics and none for my refills and headed to the pharmacy. They couldn’t read the script, were on hold for fifteen minutes and told me to come back tomorrow. I am home, I removed those two doctors from my insurance and now am on the waiting list for two new ones. I am fucking done. I am going to go smoke, then nap and when I wake up, shuffle some Tarot cards. I just can’t with today.

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I wanted Robert to be the one getting hurt… I wanted to watch Aaron worried for him, ever since he was shot and Aaron told him to hurry up and die.
For a moment I thought Vic was gonna crash too.

Loved that Adam was there.

Robert… Just PERFECT, keeping calm, saving Aaron, trying to save Lachlan.

And I was so lucky!!! I found a streaming and watched there second half live!

First of all, sorry I suck at photographing big pieces of art…but it’s done!! I actually finished it Monday morning (bc that’s when it was due…heh…) but haven’t had the chance to photograph it until today :) I’m pretty happy with it, I think I might also do a vector/digital version of it?? but I haven’t planned out how I want to do that yet…or if I have time. :D