I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but I feel as if America has become a place where people treat coffee like shit.

“What kind of coffee would you like?”
“I don’t know, what ever has the most caffeine.”

Caffeine has become something like a drug or alcohol, where people abuse it.

Which leads me to this.
One of my dreams is to open a cafe that treats each cup of coffee with the love and respect it deserves.
I would want to do weekly coffee tastings like you would at a wine shop.
I want people to treat coffee the same way they would a glass of wine. I want people to understand that a cup of coffee is just as complex as a glass of wine. I want people to understand that terroir, varietal, region, and so much more affects a cup of coffee.
I want everyone to treat coffee with respect, not like it’s just a cup of caffeine.

i think it’s hilarious that people think escorts have sex like ALL the time. like LOL the first time I even kissed someone for FUN in like WELL over a month was last week. i don’t really get much out of hooking up with people, so it’s rare. i mostly spend my time sleeping lmao. i’m not even super sexual! i’m just pretty and like to sell my time.

I want to create and be someone that matters… someone inspirational. someone beautiful. fashionable. strong. a great writer and poet, a cartoonist artist painter. I don’t wanna be nobody. I feel like I am just twisting around in the wind, confused, waiting to be pushed one way or another. I gotta climb my own way. I wanna be somebody. I want people to look up to me. most importantly, I wanna like myself. I wanna think I’m interesting and cool. Ima change. I swear, Ima change.

anonymous asked:

I think you are very jealous of Kate. She is very beautiful, has a loving family, a husband and 2 beautiful children, she can purchase anything she wants, she will be queen, the country will pay for her children's education and everything she will ever want. She doesn't even have to work & people will love and praise her. You just sit behind a computer and complain about a woman who can't even hear you nor care for your thoughts. She will be your Queen and we will praise her. Get used to it

Ah the jealous argument, the one people use when they have nothing. 

Kate is a woman who has wasted her life, married a man who did not want her when anyone else was an option, a man who is not in love with her and treats her like dirt. 

She has achieved and accomplished nothing, done nothing with her life and the only reason she is where she is was due to her marrying a man. All she has is not her own, can be taken from her at any moment. The only reason you like her and anyone else is not because of her but her husband’s accident at birth. 

You don’t like her, no one does, you like her title and a fairytale image of her that is a lie. 

Kate has nothing of her own and no one actually likes her. 

She does not even have her own money! She at 33 still has to ask mum and dad for money and her father in law! 

I am sorry but if you think me and the others are jealous that is speaks more of you, your immaturity and superficial nature. 

Do you want to know why I am not jealous of her? 

I use my education, I have a job, I have a home, all I have is mine and no one else’s. I work, all I have I have worked for. My money is mine, my life is mine. 

All my relationships are one of equals, one of respect and love and I know that wanted me and I was not some 2nd prize, no wait 100th prize because no one else wanted him. He treats me with respect and love and kindness. 

I have achieved something (and no marriage is not an achievement) when I get attention it is for me and what I have done. When I marry it will be for love. What I have is mine and cannot be taken away if someone breaks up with me, people love me and not some whitewashed version or a title. Also my money is mine and I don’t have to still run to my to buy anything. 

I am an adult!