persona 5 headcanons

so since akira/ren’s eyes change from grey to red in the metaverse i have a few headcanons for the p-thieves and some slight effects their personas have on them

  • ryuji’s canines get sharper, so much so they can almost be considered fangs and so does his jawline because literal skeleton captain kidd
  • when ann breaths out, it’s smoke. sometimes it smells directly like a cigar’s or just a regular fire burning. the air around her is slightly hotter too.
  • morgana has surprisingly great strength because zoro b u f f
  • like ann, the air around yusuke changes in temperature, though of course it drops around him. his skin is cold to the touch and his breath constantly reflects as if he were breathing out on a chilly winter day (if you squint there may be snowflakes)
  • makoto smells like gasoline, leather and burnt tires. there will also be this strange aura around her as if you can tell her your darkest secret and she wouldnt judge you at all
  • futaba’s long hair, at first glance seems to have a mind of its own, until you realize she can control it as extra appendages. when she does use them they seem to have a faint neon green glow.
  • haru’s sweet and modest personality seems to take a backseat to a slightly more “all eyes on me/ hime-sama” personality, making it even more troublesome to be on the receiving end of her axe
  • akechi caws and pecks at the ground when using Robin Hood tends prefer when Joker makes the option of taking money from Shadows or allowing them mercy if they beg for their lives. When using Loki, however, these feelings are void and he very much enjoys toying with the shadows before lending them the mercy of death.

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Can I get what my boys would be like in a relationship??

your wish is my command, nonny ☺️

guys also pls to remember persona takes place in japan so normal pda usually just goes as far as holding hands!! they’re not gonna make out in public unless they’re INCREDIBLY bold


  • this stoic boyo can sometimes, to outsiders, come across as being a bit cold or unfeeling
  • which is a complete and utter misconception
  • not ashamed of his s/o but he probably wouldn’t mention them excessively in conversation?
  • just a really private dude, he likes that he gets to have this person all to himself and give them the parts of himself that he doesn’t share much with other people
  • that kind of emotional intimacy rly rly gets to him bc he craaaves that kind of bond with another person
  • probably not super big on the pda, not because of a lack of confidence but because he’d want to leave that up to his partner (& again, private boyo)
  • he’d be down to hold hands if they were but he doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable
  • it’s probably his first relationship tbh he didn’t really get close to people before the game but he’d still be cool as a cucumber bc that’s how he is just in general
  • behind closed doors tho boy is always in contact with his s/o, has a hand on their arm or an arm around their shoulders or leaning together or touching knees. it’s kind of new for him to have people who want to be around him so he’s taking advantage of the opportunity.
  • he’s a v confident partner, usually initiating most physical intimacy
  • he L O V E S to fluster his s/o, get them red and stuttering with his teasing
  • a quiet but comforting presence when he’s not teasing them mercilessly


  • this LOUD BOY is very LOUD about his s/o
  • constantly bragging about them and showing them off
  • he does the will smith thing to introduce them to new people
  • (ok maybe he doesn’t actually do that but he threatens to and it gets a kick out of his s/o being like “wtf no what’s wrong with you!!”)
  • actually super shy about pda, will blush up a sTORM if he gets hugs or hand holds. he’ll reciprocate hesitantly and but be beet red the whole time
  • THE WHOLE TIME u guys
  • is terrible at flirting. like the literal worst; puns and bad pickup lines. and he knows it but for the s/o he can’t resist.
  • also p confident in the relationship tho?? like he doesn’t second-guess himself on his s/o’s feelings even if he does second-guess whether he deserves them
  • spoiler alert: ofc he deserves them
  • usually the one to initiate anything physical between himself and s/o but he also likes to be surprised when they wrap an arm around his waist or his shoulders or come in for a kiss.
  • super loves kissing, this guy
  • also a huge cuddler, he’ll get right up on in there and just drape himself over his s/o while they’re maybe not paying as much attention to him


  • so this oblivious boy here only knows about two things alright
  • those two things are art and being hungry food
  • he’s never dated anyone or even been interested in dating anyone? like honestly it just really never crossed his mind, he’s such an oblivious bean
  • but then s/o comes along and all of a sudden he’s thinking about more than painting and his empty stomach food. he’s thinking about their hair in the sunlight and how they stand in this particular way and their face when they smile
  • yusuke would never ever let his s/o think they’re any less beautiful than they are to him. he’d fill entire sketchbooks and half of his portfolio with portraits and drawings and watercolors of them–you name the medium and he’s getting his hands dirty in it trying to show them how he sees them
  • he’s so passionate and intense about everything of course he’d be the same about his s/o, too. describing them at length to other people using flowery words and possibly sounding like he’s about to cry from their sheer loveliness
  • yusuke would also be unable to keep his hands to himself when it comes to his s/o. when they’re out in public he has to be touching them practically at all times. arms around the waist or around their shoulders, holding hands, sitting close so their legs touch. it’s entirely unconscious
  • and when they’re alone and he’s not taking the time to add another sketch to his collection, he’s running his hands up and down their arms, tangling his fingers in their hair, nosing at their neck. he loves to take in every detail and texture so he can pour the passion into his artwork later
  • obv he’s pretty confident and outgoing, and initiates contact with them fairly often, but he’s not really a dominating personality in the relationship
  • there would be a lot of give and take
  • so in the end now yusuke thinks about three things
  • art, how his stomach is growling food, and his s/o


  • alright so like
  • goro has two kind of “modes” when it comes to people and relationships
  • there’s goro the “detective prince” who is on tv and always polite and courteous and appropriate
  • and then there’s goro at home who is…significantly less family friendly
  • in public he’d be all about quietly broadcasted signs of affection, like brushing his s/o’s cheek with his hand or leaning in close to look in their eyes or holding hands in a way that’s subtle but easy to photograph.
  • because he’s all about that pr, you know, he knows what to do to get the cameras going and tabloids rolling out the articles. nothing too overt or inappropriate would ever happen in public because he’s trying to keep his image
  • when asked about his relationship with s/o he’d be carefully discreet, citing their privacy and saying he can’t give details but always gushing a little anyway because he “just can’t help it”
  • in private, though, he’s almost an entirely different person
  • a very hungry lover, with a possessive grip around s/o’s wrist or waist, leaning on them all the time and choosing to speak directly in their ear when he can because he loves the way it makes them shiver
  • he’d be kind of overwhelming in his intensity and almost always have control of the situation
  • also??? v jealous. doesn’t like to see his s/o with other people he sees as a threat to their relationship.
  • he’ll sometimes even forget that he’s got to maintain a public image and will take a possessive hold on s/o to keep them “safe” with him
  • and holy jeez is he ever protective
  • (he’ll totally ruin ur life if you dare say a word against his s/o)


  • lol i know y’all prolly don’t wanna hear about him BUT I LOVE THIS BOY
  • complete and total oblivious nerd
  • he wouldn’t even realize he and s/o were dating until like the third or forth time they went out somewhere and s/o tried to kiss him
  • not even lying, he’d probably assume s/o was just joking around when they were flirting with him
  • (look his canon experiences have him w a r y of making assumptions anymore ok)
  • he’s such a dork, it’d be his first relationship and he’d have no idea what’s expected of him at all and do p much everything wrong
  • tries to “dress up” for the first date he’s aware is a date and fails utterly
  • tries to act more tough/manly/impressive/whatever because he thinks that’s what people are into
  • he has to have it explained to him that s/o likes him for HIM not for all these things he thinks s/o will like u dummy!!! just let them kiss u jeez
  • not confident at all, usually waits for s/o to take the lead
  • sometimes has unrealistic expectations of how a date or social event is supposed to go this poor young lech has no idea what he’s doing
  • but man he’d still love his s/o so much, he’d totally adore them and want to shower them with as much affection as possible he’d just be terrified of getting it wrong
  • always up for literally anything no matter the time or place and lack of experience is made up for by sheer eagerness

HCs About Yusuke’s Lobsters

Assuming Yusuke took his lobster’s home, I was thinking, because he used the last of his money to buy them, he does not have a tank for them. Because he has no tank, he keeps them in a bathtub in the school dormitories where he lives. No one knows what to do. There are lobsters in the tub now. Also he shares his meals with them because he doesn’t have any lobster food, he loves his sons. 


*this is the only edition

ryuji would be the best oniichan fite me irl if u disagree

  • seriously like???? he cares so much and he’d be SO PROTECTIVE
  • hey remember when ann showed up in the metaverse and his thought process wasn’t “man this chick is gonna slow us down and be annoying” but instead it was “ann could get really hurt if she came with us i don’t want her getting dragged into this”
  • like remember how his dad was abusive remember that he would totally FITE HIS DAD FOR THIS SIB, you know it
  • if it was a little sister i would literally die, rip me, because u know he would dote on her so much.
  • “hey [xxx]-chan, let’s go to the park!! of course you can wear your loveline costume!! don’t forget the lettuce i bought to feed the ducks!!!”
  • (psa, do not feed ducks bread. give them things like corn or lettuce or birdseed.)
  • he’d do like tea parties with her and let her put bows in his hair and paint his nails and he’d be like “WOW YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB WOW MY NAILS LOOK SO GOOD” and he’d go to school with them the next day, dress code be damned
  • “akira look what my sis did for me!!” “wow she did a good job.” “I KNOW RIGHT”
  • and they’d play dressup and stuff like that and he’d be the dragon she slays or the demon that guards the treasure and each and every time she overcame some kind of obstacle he set up he’d be like “ur the smartest kid on the planet why didn’t i think of that solution, truly u r the True Genius of this family”
  • but even if it was a little bro COULD U IMAGINE
  • he could idolize him and be like “ONIICHAN UR THE GREATEST” and they’d go on runs together and play tag through the house and accidentally break things and mom would get mad but ryuji would always take the blame
  • or he could think he’s The Most Annoying™ and fight back against the attention with exasperated sighs and eye rolls and “moooom ryuji won’t put me down!!”
  • ryuji is best big bro

akira would also probably be a big bro

  • i kinda think his parents are The Literal Worst™ (reblog if u agree)
  • so if he had a sib it would probably be a younger one they had by accident
  • (so like i kind of think akira was born because someone’s parents really wanted grandchildren but now all the grandparents are dead and everything is sad)
  • so lil bro or sis would prob be ignored and shunted to the side by The Asshole Parents™
  • which basically leaves it to akira to take care of them
  • akira is like, the stern but cool older brother who is like “no we are not having cookies for dinner BUT if you do well on your math test we can bake some this weekend” or “i heard you got in a fight at school. i don’t care who started it, so just tell me this: did you win?”
  • lil sib probably looks up to him way more than they can express or he can understand. growing up with parents who basically just don’t care about you makes you super appreciative of any kind of affection or praise so they’d have a super close relationship
  • would be D E V A S T A T E D by his having to move away after the Incident
  • wow look an actual legit canon reason for akira to go home at the end of the game instead of “just because he gotta”
  • (he don’t gotta. y u do this atlus)

yusuke the biological only child (who gets adopted??)

  • ok so hear me out
  • wait hold on–did we ever learn about yusuke’s dad?? i literally can’t remember so i’m just gonna say: probably dead
  • yusuke’s mom probably didn’t have time to have any other kids before she kicked it (sry mrs kitagawa) BUT
  • i think the students of madarame were closer than the game prolly had time to get into?? like the guy whose heart u change in mementos asks you to go back and save yusuke and i just feel like there had to be some STRONG BONDS there
  • all i’m saying is there was an older student ok like 2-6 years older than him who loved him like a brother bc c’mon he’s a little out there but HOW COULD U NOT boy is sweet as the candy he drops way too much yen on.
  • probably had to remind him to eat and shit like that while they were with madarame like “dude u can’t live on paint fumes PLEASE EAT FOOD PLEASE”
  • also had no social skills so could not coach him on social skills
  • hated to leave him but couldn’t stay for their own mental health and always regretted leaving him behind
  • so yeah probably later after the game they reached out to him
  • and just kind of informally adopted him as their lil bro like “you’re mine now, i’m going to protect you and buy you food”

akechi the foster brother

  • so here’s the deal with akechi
  • he knows what it’s like to be in the system and bounce around and have no one who cares or listens or wants you there and it just. it’s hard and terrible and no one deserves to feel that way ever.
  • so he decides he’s going to be big bro to literally every difficult foster kid he ever comes across.
  • getting bullied? guess it’s time to come home with me where i will tell you that you are absolutely the best and what the bullies say doesn’t matter ever and you will never ever know this but i’m gonna fuck up that kid’s future times 10000%
  • moody and combative? c’mon, you can have your own room and lock the door on me all you want and i’ll sit outside in the hall for four hours to teach you that no, i’m not going to give up on you and you are worth the time and effort because you matter so much.
  • really timid and scared of everything? it’s okay, we’re going somewere safe and i will let you hide wherever you want, even if you scare the living daylights out of me when i reach under the sink for the dishsoap and i see you curled up in there. you can crawl in my bed when you have a nightmare absolutely, i’m not going to kick you out and i’m not going to hurt you
  • M A G I C A L
  • u can’t tell me he wouldn’t care so much about foster kids
  • u just can’t it’s illegal

mishima gotta be someone’s lil bro

  • lol this boy like
  • he has to have an older sib, there’s no question about it
  • boye just too insecure to be big bro to someone else, he’d suck at it
  • which, yknow, would actually be really funny but i was kind of going for canon-plausible (SHUT UP I KNOW) and reasonably healthy relationships
  • so what i kind of imagined here was like, an older sister who’s kind of critical of him but damn she tries to be there for him because their parents are certainly not
  • she tells him under no uncertain terms that he NEEDS to quit the volleyball team because this is not safe or right in any degree and you know it yuuki
  • (he did know it yuuki but she also told him he needs to stop giving up on things so easily and he just?? didn’t want to give up?? if he could hold on just a little longer maybe it would get better)
  • she’ll clean his cuts and be like “ok whatever you say yuuki, you know what’s best for you”
  • but he totally doesn’t
  • i just want him to have someone who supports and loves him because obviously he’s not getting that from his parents and he NEEDS LOVE AND GUIDANCE PLEASE

so uh yeah that’s it for now. if you want more like this send me a request and i’ll get on it!

Persona 5 Headcanon: Studying w/ The Phantom Thieves

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A lack of P5 imagines here… And so, to begin finals week, I’m gonna take advantage of it. :P :3 I got you fam. [I haven’t finished playing through the game, so some characters might be shorter than others… I literally only just finished changing Madarame’s heart]

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Akira with a S/O that blushes and gets flustered easily.

I feel like I ramble on these a lot.
This request is cute. I like it <3

  • Their shyness and ability to be a blushing mess in less than a minute was pretty much the entire reason that Akira had been attracted to them in the first place
  • It was really frickin’ cute
  • S/O was just really frickin’ cute
  • “Fuck, I have to protect this precious child. I just want them to be happy.”
  • His first attempt to ask them out didn’t go as well as he had hoped it would
  • S/O was absolutely sure that he was lying to try and get a rise out of them
  • It had taken Akira nearly a week to convince them that he wasn’t joking about wanting to be with them
  • And still it wasn’t until he kissed them for the first time that they were able to see he was telling the truth
  • He started noticing the tell-tale signs of when they were getting embarrassed right away
  • Shifting their weight back and forth where they stood
  • Biting at their lip so slightly that you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t looking for it
  • Clenching their fingers around the fabric of his jacket…
  • Things that no one else found embarrassing would turn S/O’s cheeks the darkest shade of red
  • Giving them compliments about how amazing and wonderful they were?
  • Kissing them softly and telling S/O that they meant the world to him?
  • “S-Stop saying stuff like that, Akira! You’re being so mean…”
  • But really, it was their cute pout that made Akira want to tease them even more
  • “Me? Mean? I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • And the teasing would get a little worse whenever the two were around other people
  • Ryuji thought it was hilarious to ask S/O about their sex life in depth to get them riled up
  • Akira thought a good punch in the arm for Ryuji was hilarious too
  • No one but him was allowed to tease S/O and make them blush like that
  • During trips to Palaces or Mementos, Akira would shower S/O with praise whenever they would do well in battle
  • S/O always tried their hardest to not give him the reaction that he was looking for
  • But when Akira would pat their head and tell them they were an important part of the team
  • That he needed them there for things to go smoothly…
  • “Y-You’re lucky that I love you, dummy.”
  • “What? You love me, S/O? Where did this come from~?”
  • And there was that pout Akira loved so much
  • “Shut up!”

I wish that the stylization in this game let us see the difference in the characters body types more. Here’s a doodle of da boyz and how I like to see them.

-Our precious noodle boy protag. What’s not to love, he is exactly as noodly as the character model looks.

-Yusuke also noodle boy. So tall, so skinny. The most accurate starving artist physique (emphasis on starving)

-Ryuji precious boy. You’re supposed to be a runner but you are all guns and no legs. What are you doing child

-I am convinced that Goro is kind of huge under the cute face and preppy clothes. He cant be in any of the bath or beach scenes because he is too intimidating without a shirt on. Cyclist legs


So we laugh about “it’s high noon” but listen. Matt Mercer voiced Shigure from Fire Emblem Fates, and I don’t think you guys realize how lovely his singing voice is and how well it fits Yusuke.

Akira is tortured every day.

pegoryu headcanons #1 ( ✧Д✧)

hello everyone! i hope you enjoy these headcanons :>

  • everything is a competition — friendly/romantically, of course.
  • they always compete to see how fast they can get ready in the morning, who can eat the most at the big bang burger challenge, and how quickly they can make each other blush (they like to save that one for rainy days)
  • they are always having fun together because of it
  • akira usually wins, ryuji pouts and ignores akira, then finally akira cuddles with him, and the cycle starts again
  • you CANNOT go out with these two
  • they will BOOK IT to the next spot just for the thrill of it
  • ryuji is 5’10 ½” while akira is 5’9” — this calls for a lot of teasing from ryuji, since height is one of the only things he beats akira at
  • this also calls for some (slightly difficult since the heights are so similar) forehead kisses (´・ω・`)
  • ryuji is a really good singer — but he’s super shy about his voice so he never sings in front of others
  • but, ryuji BELTS in the shower and akira just quietly smiles to himself everytime he hears his boy singing his heart out
  • sometimes, akira is literally blown away by ryuji’s strong vocals and range! step aside mariah a new skinny legend has arrived
  • akira and ryuji have no boundaries — they always use the bathroom whenever the other is in the shower, they tease each other until both of them are ready to effin’ fight, and they love sitting down together and just silently pissing the other one off (let your mind just imagine that one)
  • ryuji has stolen akira’s clothes once while he was showering just so he’d have to run around in leblanc naked
  • what happened afterward is a story for another time ,,,,
  • akira can’t sing to save his life — another one of the things ryuji beats him at
  • one time, while akira was brushing his teeth while ryuji was singing in the shower, he just sang along with him
  • ryuji was BEET RED because he forgot that he was there and he never sings in front of people, ever
  • but soon ryuji was able to sing in front of akira because of the fact that he could beat him in karaoke nights
  • akira calls ryuji “juji” — this is everyone’s favorite thing EVER
  • juji, juj, ji, ryu, you name it
  • but juji is their favorite
  • whenever akira would leave, he’d always say “bye, juji” and give his blondie a lil kiss
  • it always made juji’s heart go WHOOSH 💕💘💖💗💓💞💞💘💘💕💖
  • ryuji is just glad that akira isn’t there to tease him about how softftie he got over him
  • ryuji is the definition of big dogs are still lap dogs — the boy is not small, i’ll tell you that, especially with his headcanon height and his damn muscles. but he is huge on touching and just being close to akira
  • whenever he’s tired he’ll snuggle his face in the crook of akira’s neck and just leave a lil kiss there, or he’ll just smile onto akira’s skin
  • ryuji is the king of protective and loving back hugs!! if akira is not facing him, you bet your sweet ass he’s gonna run up to him and hug him from behind
  • akira loves it when ryuji back hugs him, it just makes his heart go ZOOM ✨🎀💓💗💕💝💕✨🎀✨💕✨🎀💘
  • it’s even better since akira is just a lil bit shorter than him so ryuji can still snuggle his face into his neck
  • ryuji loves lying down on akira, and vice versa
  • whenever akira is the one with his head on juji’s chest, he looks up at him with the most loving look ever it melts ryuji’s heart
  • you know he’s getting a fat smooch
  • they switch being big spoon and little spoon, but ryuji loves being the big spoon because he gets to hold him as close as possible
  • akira has definitely almost died from big ass ryuji’s cuddles
  • akira is the most adorably annoying boyfriend ever — he’s always trying to pull dumb pranks on ryuji (which never work by the way, ryuji’s seen too many click-bait social experiments to fall for his plans) and scare ryuji (which does work, btw)
  • akira also loves telling ryuji dumb dad jokes just to piss him off
  • ryuji secretly finds them hilarious, but he would never tell akira, he wins too much
  • but akira’s favorite is annoying him while he’s really into his video game
  • did i mention that akira loves attention?
  • one time, ryuji was playing a game and akira just decided to climb all over him and kiss him in every place he could see skin (unfortunately for him, it was winter and ryuji was wearing a hoodie and sweatpants)
  • ryuji pushed him off the bed by accident and akira faked getting hurt
  • ryuji felt so incredibly bad that for the rest of the day he just sat on the floor and showered akira in kisses
  • and that’s the story of akira’s only successful prank
  • ryuji can get really insecure about his body really quickly — but it’s okay because akira will punch the living shit out of anyone who makes him feel like that
  • even ryuji himself
  • he just loves him so much
  • if he hears one negative thing about ryuji coming out of his boyfriend’s mouth, he’ll just kiss him to make him shut up
  • he loves to smooch his scars and stretch marks
  • ryuji loves it so much, akira really helped him with his confidence
  • they’re just so loving and supportive to each other
  • ryuji reciprocates the love with friday dates
  • which leads into our next headcanon…
  • they have dates every friday like losers — they don’t believe in having only one person pay the bill, so they always split it (unless it’s just something small like a coffee or ice cream)
  • ryuji’s favorite dates are when they just go out and explore the city
  • he loves the artificial glow of the city lights surrounding them and how it reflects off akira’s glasses
  • every time, akira finds something that he thinks is just astonishing (ugh what a country boy) and he suddenly feels like a kid looking at the stars again
  • and every time, ryuji falls deeper in love with that little kid looking at the night sky over and over again
  • they’re his favorites because it’s when akira just lets his tough guy persona go and really just explores the city that stole his heart with the boy that stole his heart
  • akira’s favorite date nights are the ones where it’s just him, ryuji, and the space between them
  • don’t get him wrong, he loves the crazy city nights and fancy restaurants, but his favorite ones are the ones where he can just forget everything and just focus on the love of his entire life
  • one time, ryuji snuck akira into shujin academy at night and they just ran around exploring
  • after they finally got tired, they went out to the back field and just looked at the sky together (there’s no stars- they’re in a city)
  • ryuji would love to tell dumb stories and just talk about nothing with him
  • after one of his stories, the two just settled down on the grass, not quite touching but close enough to feel the heat of their blush
  • ryuji found himself consumed by the beauty of akira’s eyes, just like the first time he shared a tender moment with him
  • akira scanned his face and smiled at all of the things he loved about it: his dumb, goofy smile, the way his eyes scrunched up when he laughed, and the non-bleached roots on his head (ryuji had yet to have his mom bleach his roots again, but he didn’t care)
  • this is when they shared their first i love yous, and they weren’t saying it just to say it, they truly are deeply in love with each other
  • and that date is in their instagram bios uwu

wow this was a lot longer than i expected! request some specific pegoryu headcanons in my ask box! love y’all

Persona 3/4/5 Team Combat Headcanons

so like. here’s some personal headcanons about sees, the investigation team, and the phantom thieves and how they fight.

S.E.E.S: the members of sees are definitely the most experienced in one on one combat, because 1) you’re capable of asking them to split up in tartarus and 2) minato doesn’t give them specific orders, merely general ones, so the members have better judgement. however as a consequence they’re the worst of the three teams when it comes to all working together, compounded by the fact their overall friendships seem to be weaker.

Investigation Team: Conversely, Yu and the Investigation Team spend so much time together and their bonds are so tight that they excel at team fights, especially with Yu there to direct them. they’re not incapable of fighting solo, the fighting games prove that, but they’re not as used to it as sees.

Phantom Thieves: They fuck with the dichotomy. They’re not bad at fighting in a team or one their own, but not a lot better at one or the other. Rather the Phantom Thieves are FANTASTIC at out of the box combat strategies and using their combat skills in unusual ways to gain an edge. 

all this taken into consideration:

-If you get one member from each team and make the three of them fight, the persona user from sees is likely gonna kick ass.

-conversely, if you get the entirety of all three teams to brawl it out, the investigation team will take it home, even though they’re smaller than sees and only tied with the phantom thieves. yu is just that good at co-ordinating with the help of rise.

-BUT if you get the standard sized 4 character teams, the phantom thieves are gonna whip out some crazy out of the box plan and wreck their senpais.

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AHH A NEW BLOG, ON TOP OF THAT, RYUANN SHIPPER- *CLEARS THROAT* do you have any headcanons for them? If possible ryukitas too? (I- i'm a multishipper trash sorry-)

So you want more RyuAnn, here’s more RyuAnn! Plus, we’re now best buds and you can’t do anything about it ♡ I have some RyuKitas in the work too, so be patient a bit, it’s coming your way!

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Ryuji/Ann Headcanons; 

  • Vulgar boy is so bad with words it’s not even funny. He’s the most attentionate lover though and would do basically anything for Ann if it means he could make her happy;
  • Ryuji totally dyed his hair so she could feel less lonely and we all know that.
  • He’s constantly sneaking sweets into her backpack. At first he tried to be subtle about it, but the more he grew closer to the blonde girl, he started leaving little notes, with sweet words, wishing her a good day.
  • So jealous of Akira for being in the same class as her. 
  • Likes to fight with her just so he can get her attention. He loves how she’s puffing her cheeks when she’s getting angry at him.
  • They bond over food dates; he’s bringing her to his favorite ramen place while she enjoys making him try all of her favorite sweets.
  • He secretly buys all the magazines she’s in and he’s always impressed by how beautiful and confidant she looks in front of a camera. He’s totally his #1 fanboy, but he’ll never tell her that.
  • They probably started dating without even realizing it. Since they founded the Phantom Thieves, they grew really close to each other in a matter of months. All the others just know, probably a lot before the two of them. They’re just waiting.
  • They totally kissed before being in an official relationship. Maybe they were drunk, maybe not, but Ryuji was wondering if it would be weird to kiss Ann and they just tried. It was weird, totally awkward, but left them both wanting more.
  • They don’t talk about it for weeks. It starts by being weird for a couple of days and the gang totally notice, but soon enough, they start holding each other’s hand subtly under the table. 
  • It’s not much, but it’s all in the way they move around each other; about how Ryuji lets his hand linger a little bit longer on her shoulder when he passes by her; how she’s a little bit more playful when she punches him; how they always end up sitting next to each other; how they constantly worries about the other while they’re in a palace or in mementos.
  • Because of their personnalities, everything about them is intense and passionnate. It’s like a constant fire consuming them both from the inside.
  • Ann is the one confessing; she’s totally angry at him for being reckless, once again, while they were hunting shadows. He got angry back for her acting like his mother. She ends up shouting at him that she’s constantly worried because she loves him and his actions are driving her crazy.
  • Her confession is followed by Ryuji crashing his lips on her and their first kiss is a messy battle of tongues, Ann being pushed against the nearest wall and him holding her so close and so tight he almost got scared of breaking her.
  • FINALLY; is the reaction they get from the rest of the gang, except Morgana who falls deeper into despair.

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Can I request the Phantom Thief boys finding out their s/o is a secretly another persona user? Like, their s/o was trying to hide it, but then they accidentally stick their hand through the tv or respond to Morgana or something?


I don’t feel like I did as well on this one as I could have
But I still really like it

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Let’s see,,,Oo I’ve got one! How would Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke, and Akechi react if they met their first daughter/son for the first time after they are born? (Inspired by Akechi’s voice actor, Robbie Daymond, and his fiancée having their first child recently!)

This ask cleared my skin cleaned my room and put 100,000 dollars in my savings account god bless

Akira Kurusu

  • Between trying not to wince when you nearly break his hand while squeezing through contractions and texting back the former Phantom Thief girls who are constantly frantically messaging him about how you’re doing, Akira’s understandably stressed. As soon as the baby’s finally born, though, every ounce of chaos melts away. Akira’s totally serene as he stretches out his arms, eager to hold his son.
  • Contentment swells in Akira’s chest as he gently sways, staring at his child. He has his dad’s eyes, he notes with some pride. Akira holds out a finger to his son’s tiny hind, and when the boy instantly wraps his little fingers around the extended digit, Akira’s so happy he thinks his heart could burst.
  • Akira politely asks whoever else is in the room to take a few pictures, partly because he wants to cherish this moment for the rest of his life and partly because he knows his friends will never stop bothering him until he sends a few pictures of the newest Kurusu to their group chat. After he faithfully sends the image that Ann is more and more forcefully demanding, he sets a close-up shot of his son as his phone background.
  • Akira’s content after holding the baby for a few minutes, gently humming to soothe the child. Even though he’s alright with passing his son along, though, he absolutely refuses to hand off his baby to anyone other than Sojiro. While the man rolls his eyes on the outside, he’s secretly thrilled that Akira’s so excited to show him his son. And, no matter how much Sojiro protests that yeah, I’m old, but nowhere near old enough to be a grandparent!, he’s overjoyed when Akira asks if he’s okay with being the kid’s surrogate grandpa.

Ryuji Sakamoto

  • Ryuji’s so excited he thinks he might actually die before he even gets to see the kid. If you don’t want him in the room when you’re delivering, he’s pacing circles in the hospital waiting room for hours. If he’s by your side, clenching tightly to your hand, his leg’s bouncing wildly. He simply can’t wait.
  • When the baby finally comes, Ryuji reluctantly lets you hold the child first; you’ve earned that right, after all. He’s constantly by your bedside though, bugging you until you finally relent and hand your daughter over. A huge smile cracks across his face as he cradles the baby in his arms. “Hey, little Sakamoto!” Ryuji gushes brightly. “God, you’re just the cutest girl ever, aren’t ya! Just like mom, huh?”
  • Ryuji babbles on-and-on to his daughter, telling her about anything and everything that crosses his mind. Miraculously, it has some kind of calming effect on the child and she’s soon fast asleep in his arms. He stops mid-sentence as her breathing evens out and her eyes slowly shut, content to just shut up and beam at his baby. Ryuji drinks in everything about her while she naps, from the beauty marks spattered across her skin to the way she feels in his arms. At length Ryuji finally looks up from her face and beams at you, and his smile’s bright enough to put sunshine to shame.
  • Ryuji flatly refuses to hand his daughter off to anyone, not even the nurses. He’s been waiting nine months to cradle this little girl, after all! Only after you threaten to get out of your hospital bed and smack him does he finally relinquish the child, whining and pouting all the while.
  • “We’re gonna be such effin’ good parents,” Ryuji comments dreamily, wrapping his fingers through yours. Suffice it to say, he’s thrilled to be a dad.

Yusuke Kitagawa

  • Yusuke’s absolutely wound up in knots all through delivery. Though he tries to tell himself everything will be fine, tries to be calm, he’s overcome with worry. So many things could go wrong. Poor Yusuke’s too upset to even pull out his sketchbook to relieve some anxiety (not that he would if he could; he’s glued to your side, one cooling hand on your forehead and one hand wound comfortingly through yours the entire time.) When the baby finally comes Yusuke feels a rush of relief before anything else.
  • Yusuke’s awe-struck as the nurse hands his child to you. In all his pursuit for beauty, he’s never seen anything as gorgeous as you cradling his little girl. The Sayuri flashes to the front of his mind and Yusuke’s eyes well up with tears. So this is how my mother felt in that precious moment, he reflects as he memorizes this scene. He will paint this someday. 
  • After simply drinking in the sight of his daughter tucked in your arms for awhile, Yusuke quietly stretches out his arms. “May I?” He requests politely. When you hand the baby over to him and he tucks her into his chest, Yusuke’s overcome with emotion. He stares at his little girl, wrapped in his arms, and his eyes start to drip; he doubts he will ever be this blissfully joyful ever again.
  • When his baby starts to fuss, parental instinct kicks in and Yusuke sways her gently, humming. As she calms down Yusuke starts to sing, quietly, lilting her to sleep with lyrics he didn’t know he knew. Eventually, the realization hits and one of his first memories flashes through his mind; his mother singing him to sleep after a nightmare. 
  • Yusuke softly kisses his daughter’s forehead before handing her gingerly to a nurse. Best to get her cleared to go as soon as possible so he can bring both of you home, he figures. When Yusuke sits down beside you, taking your hand, he’s smiling peacefully, blissfully. His heart is full.

Goro Akechi

  • Ever since Akechi saw the two little lines on your pregnancy test, his head’s been spinning nonstop. He’s constantly wrapped up in his own thoughts, and no matter how much you wrap your arms around him and assure him there’s no way his baby’s going to have a childhood anything like his, Akechi can’t help but feel he’s horribly ill-equipped to raise this child. When he finally sees your baby, though, all of his doubts ebb away. 
  • Akechi’s eyes well up as he watches the little thing fuss in your arms. He laughs quietly, joyfully, because he’s not sure how else to react as you ease the baby into his arms. Akechi’s lips quake slightly as he stares into his precious son’s eyes. You’ve already given him a second chance at life just by loving him; and now, as if that wasn’t already more than enough, here, wrapped in his arms, is another. The dam breaks and Akechi cries, hard.
  • “I love you,” Akechi croons at his son, dropping a gentle kiss on his forehead. For months he’s been running over just what exactly he plans to say to the newborn, but now that the baby’s in his arms I love you is all that comes to mind.
  • Akechi’s incredibly reluctant to hand the child over to anyone; nurses, doctors, visitors, even you. He feels so complete holding his son, he can’t fathom ever letting go. Eventually, though, he’s convinced to let one of the nurses gently take the baby from his arms.
  • As soon as the baby’s out of his grips, Akechi perches on the edge of your hospital bed and engulfs you in an enormous hug. “Thank you,” he sighs over and over into your sweat slicked hair. “I love you more than anything, my darling.”
    • (Naturally excluding your son, but both of you know that already.)