persona ronpa

I think people saw this coming


Watercolor commissions

Persona 5 protagonist is not a commission though. I made it as a sample.

These are 5x7″ postcard size on the spot watercolor commissions.

I wanted to include this in my online commission list but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested.

Trans Misconception in Videogames

Dear Danganronpa Fandom: The reason of Chihiro’s death is that he wanted to stop dressing as a woman. HE DIDN’T LIKE IT. It was a defense mechanism. He specifically told Mondo he wished to become stronger because he wanted to stop pretending to be a woman.

Dear Persona Fandom: Naoto is not a trans guy. She herself uses femenine pronouns to refer to herself. She does have an androgynous appearance, no one is denying that, but stop trying to push EVERYONE into believing she is not cis, because she is a cisgender woman.

KNOWING that a character is not trans because it is EXPICITLY SAID in the videogames is NOT transphobic.

Did you even play the games? Or watch the animations, at least?

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a lovely evening.