persona making

childofsin  asked:

I have a question about IV. How does she get away with so many names and personalities but keep the same face without other people catching notice? Eventually people would recognize her face, right??

She’s on the move a lot, usually because she gets bored of being in one place for too long. She also just goes fuckin’ hard when making personas - She’s worn colored contacts and/or glasses, gone all out with makeup (she’ll apply fake freckles or scars if necessary), her hair and fashion sense will be completely different… She tries her best to make each persona as different as possible.

When Murder™ is committed, both her and her victim end up being declared missing, and eventually when no bodies are found, they’re just pronounced dead. People know there’s a serial killer out there that goes by IV, but they don’t know anymore than that.

It’s possible she could fuck up some day and get caught, but I have no idea if that happens because?? plot??? who tf is that.

katy perrys new persona makes no UTTER sense lmfao…she’s trying to be like, socially woke activist, also avant garde weird art girl, also embarrassing white girl hip hop chick a la 2015 miley, also she’s in a chase bank commercial like bitch what is yr angle