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Gideon + the way he looks at Jude


T h e  B u t t e r f l y  E f f e c t 

a chaotic effect created by something seemingly insignificant; the phenomenon whereby a small change in one part of a complex system can have a large impact somewhere else.   


Holy crap Kanji


Left: Sakuya version.

Junpei is waking up from being charmed, only for Yukari and Mitsuru to get charmed. The two ladies proceed to flirt with Sakuya. Then they go tease the boys… and then try to kill them.

Right: Kotone version.

Yukari is waking up from being charmed. This time, it’s Junpei and Akihiko who get charmed next. Funny thing: when Junpei goes after Yukari, she tells him something like, “Personal space!” 



I would like to personally thank ATLUS for making our dreams come true

Festival scene.

Shinjiro suddenly grabs Ken’s hand. Then he tries to leave but Ken is still holding on. Ken says something about how his hand is ~warm~. 

Then Shinji pawns Ken off to Sakuya/Kotone because it’s too embarrassing for him. 

Later Akihiko and Shinji get into an argument over something… I’m not sure. Regardless, Aki fails to catch a goldfish at the imaginary goldfish-catching game, and Shinji one-ups him and gives the prize to Ken. 

Then there’s fireworks.