Some Persona 5 Direct Feed Screenshots
A few direct feed screenshots for Persona 5 from the latest Dengeki PlayStation magazine Vol. 621 issue have been released.

Following the release of Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 621 with the latest feature of Persona 5summarizing the game’s mechanics, a few direct feed screenshots from the magazine have been released.

Palace Dungeons

n Persona 5, the “Palace” represents the alternate world created by the minds of twisted adults. These dungeons hold treasure, and they also contain various traps to repel intruders from it.

Read more on “Palace” dungeon exploration in a previous article, read gameplay impressions here and watch Palace dungeon crawling here.

Mementos Dungeons

A huge labyrinth known as “Mementos” features randomly generated dungeons that are explored through the use of the “Morgana Car” vehicle. By receiving requests submitted to the Phantom Thieves, missions will start that involve infiltrating the Mementos and reforming villains.

Read more on “Mementos” dungeons in a previous article. You can also watch the trailer for it here.

Persona Fusion

This time, the Velvet Room has a fairly dangerous atmosphere because the process for persona fusion—a mechanic from previous Persona games—has a theme of execution to them, with the help of the new assistants Caroline and Justine.

Read more about the mechanics around persona fusion in a previous article, including titles such as “guillotine,” hanging” and the “electric chair.”


(Nice~! Most stuff we already know but that’s ok. But anyways I demand a “furlough” feature! 8U)


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This feature has previously detailed information, including last week’s Famitsu detailson Persona 5‘s Velvet Room and persona fusion.

This follows Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 620, which featured a character summary for the upcoming RPG.

The next issue of Dengeki PlayStation will be released on Persona 5‘s Japanese launch, September 15, 2016, and it will include an “all-out feature” on the game.


anonymous asked:

Top 10 headcanons for p5!!

Oh my… I have so many headcanons for this game already (/・ω・)/

This is my 10 favorite ones though:

  1. Pego smells like coffee and flowers (because of his part-time jobs);
  2. Anne is the big sister of the group and is really concerned about everyone’s health, so much that even the small of cuts makes her get worried (she reminds me of Maya somehow…);
  3. Goro watches Detective Conan since he was a child, but he keeps it in secret from others because he is too shy to show that he actually loves the idea of being something he admired for so long;
  4. Yusuke doesn’t like sweets, he prefers bitter things because of his mother that loved tea and always prepared all sorts of tea for him;
  5. Yusuke keeps a paiting of his mother hidden in his room that he made when he was still a child and it’s his most precious possession because it’s the only memory of his mother’s face that he has (I’m sorry for the angst feelings);
  6. Haru is a transgender (I just read too many theories and I like to think that way about her, not that I wouldn’t like her if she wasn’t xD);
  7. Goro is more inclined towards men, but he never really thought too much about it. He is just more attracted to male bodies and never really showed much interest in women;
  8. Ryuji and Futaba likes to watch anime and play video games together and that’s how they became close friends (I just find they cute being dorky friends doing dorky things);
  9. Pego doesn’t really need his glasses, but he likes to use them because they make him feel more comfortable around people and that’s the main reason he can feel confident behind a mask;
  10. Haru loves animals so she goes to shelters and always help stray and hurt animals everytime she sees one.

I have more headcanons but that’s my main ones! c:

CM predictions

Ryuji>Futaba>Haru>Goro (assuming we SOMEHOW get his)

The first factor is that we are going semi-in order of arcana (Yusuke screwing us up, since Haru was suppose to be next). The second factor is secrecy. Haru and Goro are the most secret, after them being Futaba and Makoto. Well since they showed Makoto, I’m assuming Futaba is similar to Makoto’s status and is right after Ryuji as planned, I think it’s safe to say they’ll do Ryuji then Futaba next. But if by some weird reason we get Goro and he’s not at the end as I put above (cause he’s very secret but I feel like we know more about him than Haru ;w; :’D), he might be between Ryuji and Futaba (if Goro is the Justice arcana, which is where that arcana is placed in the Tarot de Marseille deck). So anyways it’s either the above pattern or if Atlus doesn’t care for consistent patterns (if they plan on revealing Goro), then this is probs what we might get instead:


I still think it’s the first one, but hey the 2nd one is neat-o too. I’m just excited to see Ryuji~! :’D



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