We wanted people to look at that imagery and get the impression he runs with an intriguing crowd, one with enough gall to potentially pull off some daringly intriguing stuff. He’s a trickster at heart; he and his crew stir things up and along they way, maybe they bring a little change to the world around them, too. It’s not the most stable of lives a person can have, but it’s also a life of limitless possibility. The world really is his oyster. If people get that impression from looking at him, then we can rest easy knowing we’ve done our job.
—  Katsura Hashino / Persona 5 Director talking about P5 Protagonist

Last week, Atlus and Dengeki put out another issue of the Persona Magazine in Japan to commemorate February’s Persona 5 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night-related announcements at the Persona Super Live concert. As the publication has previously been home to exclusive interviews with Atlus staffers that aren’t without some intellectual substance —my translation of one such interview around this time last year is how I got a job with this very site, in fact— I had a friend of the site ship me a copy of this new issue and, as expected, it’s home to three new interviews with four prominent members of Atlus’ Persona Team.

It took me a little while because of all the other work I’ve had going on, but thanks to friend of the site pantiesinabox, I’ve lived up to tradition and translated the three developer issues that ran in this month’s issue of Persona Magazine! As is standard, they’re less about news so much as they are about discussing the history and creative philosophies driving Persona 5 and Dancing All Night. But you get to read Atlus luminaries Katsura Hashino, Shigenori Soejima, Kazuhisa Wada, Ryota Kozuka talk shop about making video games, so that’s pretty great!

There are some minor new details here and there if you really read closely, though, especially for Dancing All Night, so I’d say if you’re keen on either game, it’s hopefully worth a read!

Now to go take a bre-

Haha, they had to put out another Dancing trailer right as I was finishing this off, didn’t they.



i’m cryin look how excited everyone is like. Can you imagine being in a Huge Ass Stadium watching a trailer for a new persona game that is being released for the first time ever???? Like holy shit it’s so cool seeing people get so excited about something i’m excited about too :’)