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This has been bothering me for some time now.. Morgana once said that it was 'impossible' for a Persona user to have a Palace, but given the circumstance in which a certain very-unstable-Persona-user awakened in the first place, that just seems.. strange to me. I mean I wouldn't think it that weird that someone could have enough conviction to wield Persona(e) but.. still have extremely distorted desires befitting a Palace. Isn't Morgana's knowledge of the matter a bit middling anyways?

I think the point is that a Palace is always built around the Shadow of a person, and if said person’s Shadow is at their beck and call most of the time, the Shadow doesn’t really have a chance to skedaddle off and built something like that. It’s the same reason why Persona Users in P4 don’t usually produce dungeons out of nowhere, unless the dungeons appeared before they got their Persona.

Of course, there can be exceptions; Adachi is the most obvious case. In P4, he served as the “core” of his own dungeon, because thanks to Izanami’s meddling he was able to use a Persona, despite having very poor self-awareness and control over himself. So instead of materializing, his Shadow created a dungeon while still inside him, as his Persona.

I guess by extension this means that a certain character in Persona 5 would probably also have ended up creating a Palace with themselves as the master if they’d stayed in Mementos for an extended period of time. 

You’re right, Morgana’s knowledge is incomplete, given he didn’t even realize the Wild Card was a thing, but we can probably attribute this to the way he was born. 

How to summon your personas
  • <p> <b>Persona 3:</b> shoot yourself in the fucking face<p/><b>Persona 4:</b> accept your inner demons and realize that life isn't fair and love that part of yourself and self care is so important uwu<p/><b>Persona 5:</b> rip your goddamn face off<p/></p>
How Becoming a Persona User Works:

Persona 1: Here kid lemme read your fortune. Oh yeah you can summon demons now

Persona 2: Forget about that one friend so hard they plot revenge against you

Persona 3: Shoot yourself in the head with your own internalized trauma

Persona 4: Crush a card. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 yen

Persona 5: Literally rip half your faCE OFF OH MY GOD WHAT


You NEED to watch this (no spoilers I swear)