persona 4 spoilers

“A bunch of meddling teenagers and a minor eldritch abomination who takes the form of a funny talking animal investigate a murderous occult conspiracy beneath the surface of a small town, and also they fight God at the end.”

Did I just describe:

a. Persona 4, or

b. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

How to summon your personas
  • <p> <b>Persona 3:</b> shoot yourself in the fucking face<p/><b>Persona 4:</b> accept your inner demons and realize that life isn't fair and love that part of yourself and self care is so important uwu<p/><b>Persona 5:</b> rip your goddamn face off<p/></p>

i guess the thing that draws me to persona so much is how the themes of the games are very much tailored to humanity’s shared issues

persona 3 is a game about death, about hardship, and how you crawl out of it with bleeding hands and exhausted bones, but you still do it. its about finding the strength to continue to live even after severe hardship, and overcoming the desire to simply give up. every social link surrounds a character going through a hard time, the most extreme probably being akinari coming to terms with his own inevitable death. each character feels hopeless and wants nothing more than to give up and cease trying, but all overcome it with help from the protagonist. the end of the game sees you fight nyx, the effective personification of this desire of humanity to succumb to hardship and simply end it and die, and you overcome it with the equal of humanities desire to overcome and survive. 

persona 4, comparatively, is a game about acceptance, about recognizing your own flaws and accepting that they are as much a part of you as your skills, and coming to peace with that, and learning to not worry about what others WANT you to be, and simply be happy with who you ARE, showed best by kanjis complex about his reputation as a thug, and his actual interests being traditionally female, which he learns to just accept and embrace as himself regardless of what others think. you fight izanami, a goddess trying to enact what she believes humanity wants, influencing them to be something theyre not, when the protagonist allows humanity to choose their own fate by fighting her off. 

persona 5, however, is a game about rebellion and denial. its about seeing the hand youre dealt, and deciding, fuck this, flipping the table in the dealers face and telling him to fuck off. every character is in a situation they resent, but accept, as they feel they have no other choice. the game follows them learning that they DONT have to simply accept it, and to find the strength and drive to reject how things are, and change their own situation. in the end you literally shoot god in the face with satan, the ultimate rebel, cause god wants to kill humanity and fuck that noise son. 

idk where i was going with this but i just…. love the themes of the persona games.

Christmas' Eve
  • Persona 4 Protag: happy happy we defeated ameno sagiri which was the root of all evil!!! And I got to spend a special day with my significant other!!!
  • Persona 3 Protag: you were lucky, I was anxious over Ryoji's incident but still managed to spend pleasant day with my significant other
  • Persona 5 Protag: hold my beer
How Becoming a Persona User Works:

Persona 1: Here kid lemme read your fortune. Oh yeah you can summon demons now

Persona 2: Forget about that one friend so hard they plot revenge against you

Persona 3: Shoot yourself in the head with your own internalized trauma

Persona 4: Crush a card. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 yen

Persona 5: Literally rip half your faCE OFF OH MY GOD WHAT

Your world is as empty as I am…

Persona 3-4-5 Dancing Mix: Hips Don’t Lie

(Just like with the classic Naoto’s Hips Don’t Lie, I give you a sequel featuring duos from all three dancing games. Be sure to expect a similar videos for both P3/5 for when the individual characters get their own trailers)

Persona protagonists being cool in their final boss fights (Spoilers, obviously)

Minato (P3): Subdues Death itself by pointing at it.

Yu (P4): Throws off his glasses, showing he no longer needs them to see through Izanami’s fog of lies and summons Izanagi-no-Okami to blast her with weaponized truth.

Akira (P5): Uses the public’s belief and support of him and his friends to SUMMON A 100 STORY DEMON LORD TO SHOOT THE BIG BAD IN HIS FACE WITH A GIANT GUN THAT SHOOTS A BULLET MADE OF PURE SIN.