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Fanfic Masterpost

All of these can also be read on AO3, where I go by valkyrish.

Dragon Age

Noble Intentions | Through the Night (T)
Hawke is determined to fix her mistakes on her own, but Fenris is determined to be by her side. A two-part study in sleep deprivation, set after Here Lies the Abyss. F!Hawke/Fenris pairing. 2,972 words.

Tethered (T)
Kirkwall is crumbling, his relationship is strained, and Dog wants to lie on the bed. Even Champions get tired. M!Hawke/Anders pairing, set in Dragon Age 2 before The Last Straw. Acts as a prequel. 1,956 words.

Lying in Wait (T)
Just because Carver went along with Hawke and Aveline’s plan doesn’t mean he likes it, but Merrill breaks in with news that changes everything. An Inquisition-era tale of Carver/Merrill. 3,540 words.

An ongoing series of snippets of the growing relationship between Wilhelm Trevelyan and Cassandra Pentaghast.

Soufflé (PG)
Wil can’t take a hit, but if he’s lucky, he’ll catch the Seeker’s eye. 953 words.

Gestures (PG)
Cassandra doesn’t know what to make of Wil’s mixed signals, but it doesn’t matter because nothing could ever come of it. 1,524 words.

Star Wars Rebels

Rough Patches (PG)
Sometimes, admitting that you’re wrong is easier than admitting someone else is right. The highs are easy, but we are made or broken in the lows. In other words, Kanan and Hera are having a bad week. Takes place before Rebels. 2,274 words.

An Abundance of Caution (T)
Hera’s almost certain that Kanan’s packing a lightsaber. Now, if only she could get him to show it to her… A bit of pre-Rebels humor. 1,800 words.

Consummate Faith (PG)
Kanan is plagued with self-doubt after Ezra’s brush with the dark side, but he’s always found his peace with Hera. Kanera pairing, takes place after Gathering Forces but before Path of the Jedi. 1,148 words.

No Time for Romance
A three part exploration of the romantic possibilities between Kanan and Hera. Goes from before Rebels through Call to Action, barely off-canon.

A Meditation on Strength (T)
Life is good, but Kanan and Hera are both holding back. When they break, they have each other. 823 words.

Pulse (T)
Losing Kanan shattered the balance on the Ghost, and getting him back did not instantly restore it. Hera and Kanan manage to find a moment of peace in between. 546 words.

Fleeting Domesticity (T)
Nothing and everything has changed. War rages on, but life does not stop, and Kanan and Hera have learned to appreciate what little time they have. 1,108 words.

Modern AUs

Not a Total Loss (T)
Kanan is going nowhere until he crashes into his destiny. Then again, maybe it’s just a fender bender. A modern meet-cute for Kanan and Hera. 5,312 words.

Direction (T+, only on AO3)
Hera has direction and Kanan’s a distraction. When their paths cross at a party, it’s not love at first site, but it is a break from reality. An ongoing Kanera college AU with some cameos. 11,953 words so far.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Labyrs and Sho find themselves drawn to each other as they explore the finer points of human communication. An ongoing series of Shobrys stories, listed in order.

Something Akin to Affection (PG)
Labrys can read between the lines. 300 words.

Modern Communication (PG)
Labrys learns how to use a cell phone and figures out how to communicate with all types. 1,708 words.

Disarm (T)
Labrys just wants some peace and quiet, but guess who Shos up. 2,074 words.

Sisterly Bond (PG)
Labrys is keeping secrets, but Aigis can give Detective Shirogane a run for her money. 940 words.

Infinite Possibilities (T)
While dealing with anger issues, social issues, and Labrys issues, Sho finds himself back in the Velvet Room. 1,952 words.

Answers and Distractions (T)
Sho has questions, and Aigis has both answers and inappropriate jokes. 1,531 words.

Sharing my writing has always been difficult for me. I was on FFnet way back when, but I took everything down in a nervous fit a few years ago. Those fics are gone, but I started writing again, and joining Tumblr last year gave me a chance to share again. It hasn’t gotten much easier, but it means the world to me. Thanks for reading.

“The execution queen, hm…? Not an honorable nickname by most perspectives, but it’s not all bad. I will strike down all that stand in my way!

And Mitsuru is done! I figured it was about time I did some fan art for Mitsuru that wasn’t just a sketch.