persona 4 : the ultimate in mayonaka arena


Persoramimi Theater 01

Persoramimi Gekijō  ( ペル空耳劇場 / Persona Mishearing Theater)

Requested by Tomomi Isomura (Makoto Nanaya in the BlazBlue series) , a segment in the Persona Stalker Club that focuses on misheard English lyrics to the various Persona songs, with some artworks contributed by Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyessy).

Songs gone over in the segment:

  • Pursuing My True Self” (Persona 4) - “Reaching Maximum Capacity,” is heard as “リッチな朝抜きパセリ/ Ricchi na Asanuki Paseri (Rich Morning-Less Parsley)

  • Wiping All Out” (Persona 3 Portable) -  “It’s coalition,” is heard as  “イス, 壊れちゃう~!/Isu, kowarechau (the chair’s going to break!)”

  • Best Friends” (Persona 4 Arena) - “Thought I knew you” is heard as  "そら、乳牛/Sora, Nyuugyuu! (Here! A milk cow!)”