Dunno if it’s common knowledge, If you max Yosuke’s social link after beating Adachi, the dialogue here is slightly different. I guess everyone who likes him is just impatient to max his social link and those that dislike him won’t bother about the dialogue haha. I haven’t seen it in English though so here’s my own translation:

“I still can’t imagine you’d be gone a couple of months from now. But I’ll accept that and move on, it’s a promise. So, once again, I’ll be counting on you, partner!”

Wonder Festival 2016 Summer Figure Gallery
Wonder Festival 2016 Summer has begun in Japan at the Makuhari Messe convention center on July 24th, and this is a gallery of the Persona figures there.

Basically the article shows all the figures that will be shown/releasing at Wonder Festival 2016 Summer (official and garage kits). For garage kits there’s a lot of Persona ½ and SMT figures (even the Demi-fiend) so I recommend viewing the article here.

(the Persona 5 figures that will be in the Famitsu XD pack will also be on display)

Your shadow is trying to save you (theory)

[translations from domi-persona and traduko soft]

So I was seeing all of the “who is the traitor?” theories on diferentes sources and I was going to be quiet about it and just enjoy some popcorn while I played Persona 2 in my PSP but then I just noticed something that REALLY bothered me and just exploded my mind and here I am to fuck up everyone’s mind and do some real good shet in this fandom for fuck’s sake.

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