Persona 3 The Movie Makoto Yuki Figma Pictures
Following the previously teased picture of the Makoto Yuki figure for Persona 3 The Movie, new pictures of it have surfaced.

Following the previously teased picture of the Makoto Yuki figure for Persona 3 The Movie, new pictures of it have surfaced.

Pre-orders for the figure will be starting tomorrow, along with more details like the slated release date.

The Max Factory produced Persona 3 The Movie Makoto Yuki figure was originally announced at Wonder Festival 2015 Summer in July 2015, and a prototype was then subsequently shown off at Wonder Festival 2016 Summer in July 2016.

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anonymous asked:

Who are your top 10 favorite persona characters and why?

What a great question! I’d really like to write a longer piece on this! For now, I’ll write a short version :D

These are honestly going to be super hard to rank so the ranks aren’t absolute! Also, I am sticking to main party members I think. I can make a separate list for favorite NPCs

For this list I will only be focusing on characters that I have finished (or nearly finished) the co-ops/ SL’s with and are members of the main cast.

TOP 10 Persona Characters (Main Cast)

  1. Anne Takamaki (Persona 5): I won’t get into spoilers about her co-op. However, after playing a good amount of Persona 5, I realized how much I actually related to her character… She’s inspiring, a strong female character who has to deal with a lot of problems I personally faced in my life. She’s a bit dorky too… She’s in contender for my favorite Persona character of all time.
  2. Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4): Kanji surprised me and I absolutely loved his character. Dealing with rejection my whole life, I found myself relating to him the most in Persona 4. I really enjoyed his interactions and his delinquent behavior and his love for cute things!
  3. Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4): I’m no idol, but Rise’s story about bullying and overcoming her struggles and creating an image really hit home. I love her flirty, outgoing personality so much.
  4. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4): Best girl. lol (well her and Rise are tied for me). Chie is adorable and I love her athletic side! I totally related to that part of her link. I also love her role in the Investigation team!
  5. Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3): When I first played P3, she instantly became my favorite. She’s intelligent and a fantastic leader. Her link’s story was one of my absolute favorites.
  6. Chair-kun (Persona 5): Chair honestly should be higher on this list, but I feel like I need to complete the game first and translate more of his dialogue. He’s such a refreshing protagonist. I love how he isn’t a swag master. but a shy guy who lives a secret life. Plus his backstory and little reactions to things steal my heart. 
  7. Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4): Every playthrough of Persona 4, I loved Yosuke more and more. He’s a walking trashcan, but I can’t help but love his hilarious dialogue. 
  8. Female MC (Persona 3 Portable): Although I do like Minato, the female MC for P3P has the best dialogue options ever lol. She’s really funny, sarcastic, and overall a fantastic contrast to Minato’s character. 
  9. Morgana (Persona 5): I’ve wanted nothing more than a cat to follow a Persona MC around. Morgana is hilarious and although I liked Teddie, she/he(?)  totally won me over. Morgana is so greedy lol.
  10. Aigis: Aigis’s SL broke my heart. She’s adorable and honestly very well written into the story. Her and Minato have great chemistry. 

Bonus: Maya Amano because she’s such an awesome character and she’s a writer, which makes me super happy. 

Honorable Mentions: Naoto, Marie, Teddie, Yu, Akihiko 

Contenders for top 10 party members, but I still need to finish the games/co-ops: Ryuji Sakamoto, Haru Okumura, Makoto Niijima, Lisa Silverman


I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE COLOR THEME.. IT’S 3-4-5 PERFECTLY!!! And here I’m 2 a.m finished the crossover.. here you go, Pokemon Go Team Leader x Persona MC hahaha

With this team leader….

“I’m asking you again, which team you will choose?”

POKEMON GO X PERSONA!! | Sakon04 [pixiv]