I never used Mithra in Persona 3 or 4 because of it’s awful design but I fused one in Persona 5 who ended up being my MVP for a little whole so… I wanted to be nice to him and give him a better posture I guess. I feel like this is the first Mithra fanart from any SMT game…?

Tried out some different settings that in an attempt to make quicker, looser pics, and it worked fairly well until the snake of all things threw me for a loop. If the shape was a little off in one area it made the whole thing look off. Any non-snake related pictures should go quicker though!

How to summon your personas
  • <p> <b>Persona 3:</b> shoot yourself in the fucking face<p/><b>Persona 4:</b> accept your inner demons and realize that life isn't fair and love that part of yourself and self care is so important uwu<p/><b>Persona 5:</b> rip your goddamn face off<p/></p>