I dont want to throw shade on misha and his campaign but from his tweets and from his facebook posts the only people who misha seems he wants to reach are the shippers?! Anyway before you get me all wrong i have nothing against the YANA campaign i think this could be a really beautiful thing and could help so many people and i am really happy about that but it just, in my opinion, started in the wrong way. They practically have excluded jared from it since the beginning just to announce his involvment only after all the negativity and the hate it led among fans, we know certainly they were aware about what heppened over social media (jensen himself said it). What made me doubt was the fact that there was/is no evidence of Jared involvement in this campaign i mean either the name of the campaign “Jensen and Misha You Are Not Alone” nor the t shirt contain respectively Jared’s name and face. This leads me to think that Jared wasn’t actually involved since the beginning, they just included him later to calm down all the mess this thing created. I hope i am so wrong on this because if they created YANA (which is the sister of AKF) and then have excluded Jared that would mean they have no idea what AKF was/is about. They just ignored all Jared’s and his campaign work and created a new one on the same bases. I wasn’t surprised at all when some fans took it as a competitive thing, because (without jared) that was exactly what it looked like and we ALL know that there have ALWAYS been ‘competition’ between jensen/misha fans and Jensen/jared fans, so ofcourse some of them took it as a competitive compaign. I mean this whole mess could have been so simply avoided if they just had announced from the start that AKF and YANA are working together. Jared clarified it isn’t a competition so i hope people just calm down a little bit but i still need to know in what way jared is involved in this thing tho.


So the question this morning is: who the fuck stole Rob’s phone? Jared or Richard?