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Man marries fiancée with IQ of 3-year-old

How far would you go for a loved one? After a horrific car accident left Lu Lei’s fiancée with severe brain damage and partially paralyzed, he was faced with a heart wrenching decision.

The future was supposed to be rosy for newly engaged couple Lu Lei and Pan Xiaoxia, but a car accident in 2010 changed everything.

When an out-of-control car slammed into them on the street near Lu’s military post in Jiangxi Province, he was left mostly unscathed but Pan retained severe injury to the left side of her brain.

Following treatment, Lu was devastated to learn that not only could Pan no longer care for herself, but her IQ had degenerated to that of a 3-year-old and she could not remember anyone she once knew.

Few would have blamed Lu if he had moved on. But despite suggestions from both families to forget Pan, Lu insisted on keeping their vows. The two married 10 months after the accident.

“I want to be there for her while she grows up,” said Lu.

Five years later and Lu has managed to teach Pan how to eat and speak again. He taught her to walk by tying a rope between his left hand and her right leg to help her balance.

But treatment is neither cheap nor easy. To raise the extra money needed, Lu’s father travels nearly 1000km away from Henan to Guangdong to collect waste, while Lu’s mother cares for Pan when Lu goes to work.

Today Pan’s mental capacity has recovered to that of a six-year-old. With a newly adopted child, Lu says he remains optimistic about the future.


I cannot even being to imagine what my life would be like without you in it. You’re my world and everything in it, that’s said so much but you truly are. I adore you, every single part, you’re mine and that’s just the most wonderful thing I could ask for.

I can’t wait for next year when I’m going to turn around and see you walking down the aisle to make you my wife.


Mini Story

Title: The Proposal
Word count:  547
Pairing: Sam x Reader

You walked hand in hand with Sam through the old, dark Park.
The Moon shone bright above you in the night sky and the Ring in your Jacket felt heavier by the minute.
You knew how unusual your idea was. Since when did the girl propose?
But you also knew Sam.
Your big moose wouldn’t have a problem with you asking him and you really couldn’t wait another day for him to make a move.
You knew that he was scared of the bad that could happen to you because of it, and so you decided to ask him instead!
You took a deep breath before taking Sam’s hand in yours,
You looked up and smiled at your Boyfriend “Sam, I need to ask you something”
The tall Winchester stopped and smiled back at you.
“Sam I love you”
Sam’s smile widened at your words.
He placed a gentle kiss on your lips before nodding at you “Yeah. I love you too.”
You could feel your heart banging against your chest while trying to keep as calm as possible.
“Sam, you saved my life so many times. Not just on hunts but with your very existance. I never loved anybody as much as I love you. In the first months I was just as freaked out as you because of our job. It’s dangerous to get near people, I know, but now, two years later you made me change my thoughts.
You are there for me when I’m sad, when I’m happy. When I’m quiet or just desperate for your comfort.
I lost so much but that’s okay because I have you. You are all that I need.
You are my personal knight in shining armour and I love you so incredibly much.” Sam brushed some Tears of your cheek and placed the palm of his hand on your cheek.
It maybe looked like a simple gesture but it encouraged you to speak on.
A shaky laugh escaped your lips. It was time to ask the real question.
“I konw it’s very unusual for me to ask you this but I love you with all of my heart and I know that I want to spent the rest of my life with you.”
You took a step back and got down on one knee while taking the little box out of your Jacket.
A chuckle left your lips as you looked up.
Sam was just so tall and his surprised expression made it even better.
“Sam Winchester. Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?”
Suddenly Sam knelt besides you. He placed his hands on both sides of your face and kissed you.
The lack of oxygen made you break away from the kiss a few seconds later.
“Yes (y/n). I’d love too marry you.”
You grined at your fiance and kissed him again before putting the Ring on Sam’s finger.
The next thing you felt were Sam’s arms under you legs and behind your back that lifted you up, before he started dancing around the sidewalk with you, his fiancee, pressed against his chest.
Sam’s movements made you shriek out loud and you tried to hold onto his shoulders but that didn’t stop you from laughing out loud.
You were engaged to the love of your life.

anonymous asked:

It's so weird you're getting married-seems like you were just blogging about being single!

I know what you mean. Lauren came out of nowhere. Well, that’s not entirely true. girl-detective had been telling us about each other for a while. Lauren didn’t come out of nowhere, nor did I to her.

It’s just that when we finally met, it was with this delightfully utter calm that we picked up speed, barreling into each other’s lives. Only when I cast myself into the mindset of the Jeremy before I met her does it seem so surprising.

Now, my reaction is more like “Well, of course. This is your person, after all.”

I want to say that it is funny how things happen like that. How weird things happen and you’re single one moment and engaged the next. But it isn’t silly, and at no point does it feel crazy.

Sometimes you meet someone and you say “yes”.

Other times you meet someone and realize you’ve been weaving yesses to that person through the fabric of yourself long before you met them and learn in short order that they are dressed just the same.

That’s my version of Yomiel’s fiancee, Sissel. This is how I imagined her, since she doesn’t appear in the game or in the game art. The red scarf she wears around her neck is the same scarf that cat Sissel uses. I really like the idea of the red scarf belonging to her, so Yomiel gave his fiancee’s scarf to cat Sissel as another way for him to remember about her. It’s really sad and romantic at the same time