So…which one of your OTP is dumb enough to ask if a lightbulb that’s been on all day is hot, and then proceed to test it by pressing their finger hard against the top of the bulb as long as they can before screaming, while the other person just watches in silence like ‘wtaf’?

That’s my version of Yomiel’s fiancee, Sissel. This is how I imagined her, since she doesn’t appear in the game or in the game art. The red scarf she wears around her neck is the same scarf that cat Sissel uses. I really like the idea of the red scarf belonging to her, so Yomiel gave his fiancee’s scarf to cat Sissel as another way for him to remember about her. It’s really sad and romantic at the same time

Long time between engagement and Nikah is a FREE TICKET to commit zina openly
Most people who are engaged hold hands, kiss, commit zina and they also do abortion bcoz we live in a highly sexual society; its the duty of the parents to do the nikah soon after their children love each other,to make things easier for them..Studies, building homes ,not enough money is not an excuse to continue a HARAAM relationship…there is no difference between a bf/gf relationship and an engagement if the time to NIKAH is long
Be single or do nikah soon after engagement

I am watching Say Yes to the Dress and this bride brought her fiance and he is so opinionated. Every dress she loves he hates, so she backs down. She even said at the beginning she will always ask him what he wants her to wear because she wants to be attractive to him. Lori just told him he had to leave and she is getting upset because he is her “support system” and it is really important for him to like the dress.

Sweetie, if this man is truly in love with you he should love whatever you wear because even dressed in a white trash bag, you should be the most beautiful person in the world to him.