Drabble || Amanda spills the proverbial beans...

Julian! Julian! Larson! -

Fans scream from behind the barricades. Camera’s flash incessantly. Media correspondents scramble for his attention. 

Julian smiles his usual Hollywood smile and waves to the fans. A little brunette walks next to him holding this hand. It’s the New York premier to his latest movie. Granted, its an animated movie that he lent his voice and anthropomorphological likeness to. The critics have billed it as the next Nemo in writing and cinematography. 

He doesn’t stop to sign autographs tonight, walking straight towards the entrance. Amanda eyes the crowd a little warily, especially after the incident a few weeks ago. She’s in a purple satin dress with a gold sash that she picked out herself. Her hair is half up, the rest of it falls in ringlets down her back. She’s the perfect little girl, except for the plastic elephant that she’s carrying with her. 

Julian does make one concession to the media though as he stops by the E! correspondent section. Questions about the movie, what it was like playing the character, blah, blah, the usual. Julian replies with his usual witty charm. 

Inevitably the line of questions shifts to his date. Amanda decides the towering pretty lady is OK, and is amicable to answering her questions. 

“Who’s this little princess? Are you Julian’s date?” The lady asks. Amanda smiles. Silly lady. Amanda mentally scoffs. You have to kiss your dates. On the mouth; like Derek does. So she can’t possibly be Julian’s date. 

“No I’m not! You have to kiss your dates!” Amanda corrects her. “Is that so? So Julian won’t be getting a kiss tonight?” The lady teases. 

“Of course he will. Logan will kiss him.” Duh! Amanda’s starting think this lady is pretty dumb. There’s two seconds of dumbfounded interjection from the woman. Something along the lines of “Uuuhh…”. Though she recovers relatively smoothly. 

“Who’s Logan??” The lady all but blurts out. 

Amanda turns around to the tall blond boy standing behind her and Julian. She tugs him forward and shows him off proudly. “This is Logan!” He’s dressed impeccably as usual. Smart casual in dark jeans, striped button down shirt and a white jacket over it. Logan who wasn’t paying attention just nods and smiles politely to the cameras, a little confused as to why all the attention was suddenly on him. 

Microphones and cameras get shoved in his face. Logan scratches his right ear with his left hand. His discomfort showing. “How long have you been going out??!” the correspondent probes excitedly, though the tone is teasing (in case she’s wrong, so she doesn’t look like a fool).   

Logan’s eyes go as wide as saucers. But before he can say anything, Julian laughs casually; playing it cool even though technically he’s just been inadvertently outed by a six year old. “Kids say the darnest things!” He laughs into the camera.

“Really?! Cos she sounds pretty sure there.” She teases back. 

Suddenly another pretty brunette jumps into the picture, hanging on to Julian flirtatiously. “Of course! I’m his date!” She obnoxiously declares to everyone. 

“No way! He said -I- was his date!” Another brunette appears, this one much more masculine.  

Logan finally catches on. “Hang on. I asked him out first!” Logan adds his voice to the group. 

“Get in line!” Derek reprimands. Casey swats him on the arm,“ YOU get in line!” “As if! He told me I was first!” comes Logan’s rebuttal. And on it went; the three of them fighting over Julian in front of the camera’s. 

The E! correspondent doesn’t know what to make of it. Perhaps it’s not the scoop she was hoping for, but at least it makes for a good clip later on. 

Julian just shrugs, looking into the camera and raising his eyebrows conspiratorially. He picks up Amanda and stage creeps away from the bickering trio as if to escape while they are occupied; and blows a kiss to the camera before sauntering away. 

As they enter the doors to the theater, a very confused and incredulous Amanda asks, “You never kiss Derek and Casey on the lips. Do you??” Oh boy did her head hurt. She’ll never understand teenagers. 

“No. No I most definitely do NOT.” Julian replies, kissing her on the cheek. 


Drabble || Amanda & Boys

Amanda squeals in delight. This is fun! One of the Twins had given her a nerf gun and deputized her as ‘backup’ so she’s now running underfoot following their example. Derek’s friends are diving out of her way; it’s very empowering. 

In the chaos of the melee, one of the older boys accidentally knocks her over in his haste to get away from Dwight and his super soaker. Amanda tumbles into the pool with a shriek and disappears out of sight. 

“Oh my God! Amanda!” Someone shouts. Instantly, the Twins and half the boys around the pool dive in after her; clothes and all. 

Evan reaches her first, just as she surfaces in the middle of the pool. She sputters a bit in his arms, wiping water off her face but is otherwise unharmed. In fact, she starts to laugh to everyone’s relief. 

Derek is one of the boys that did not go in after her. He stands by the poolside hands on his hips. Evan walks over to him with Amanda. “She’s okay!" 

"Of course she is! She swims like a mermaid!” Derek rolls his eyes and pulls her out of the pool. 

“Amanda!” Her would be rescuer admonishes. Amanda dissolves into giggles. She surveys the number of boys in the pool. Did they all go in after her?…Hhmmm…..

“Wow, she’s six, and she’s managed to get half of Dalton wet.” Logan observes.

“Logan!!” Derek snaps at the double entendre, swiping at him. Logan easily jumps out of the way. Sighing, “Better get you into dry clothes. Mom would kill me if you got sick." 

"But I still wanna play!” Amanda squirms. Bet you do squirt. Derek eyes the boys climbing out of the pool then at his little sister. Oh dear…in a few more years, the boys won’t know what hit them. 


Note: May or may not have happened during Sit Back Down Where You belong.

100 Days of Jogan: 17

Drabble 17


“Dude.” Derek came hurtling into Julian’s room, slamming the door behind him.

“Shhh, you’ll get the whole house pissed at you,” Logan said from the couch, where he and Julian were sitting very close together – practically on each other’s laps – reading out of the same textbook.

“I’m sorry, but Rachael is going crazy because I called her Rach.”

Julian looked up. “I thought she liked to be called Rach? I called her that last week.”

“Well of course you could get away with it,” Derek snapped. “She is completely in love with you.”

“Isn’t she in love with you?” Logan asked.

“No, I think it’s just a ploy to get to Jules, but I don’t really mind, she’s a great kisser and she’s hot.”

Julian and Logan rolled their eyes in synchronization.

“So what does it matter that she’s going crazy?” Julian asked, completely non-plussed by the fact that there was a fangirl trying desperate measures – like dating Derek – just to get close to him.

“It’s embarrassing,” Derek said, stamping his foot like a three year old.

“But why is she so upset again?” Logan asked.

“I called her Rach, and apparently she decided this morning that she hates being called that.” Now it was Derek’s turn to roll his eyes. Then he took a step closer and whispered conspiratorially, “She’s on her period.”

Julian and Logan both nodded and went “Oooooh” like that explained everything.

“That’s why we don’t bother with girls,” Logan said, putting his hand into Julian’s. “A lot easier.”

“Yeah. Guys are just annoying and hard to deal with all the time,” Julian added, receiving a playful glare from Logan.

Derek sighed and turned around. “I guess I’ll just have to deal with her myself.”

“Mmmmhmm.” Julian and Logan had already returned their attention to the book and, more importantly, each other.

You know what I can't get out of my head, though?

When Amanda is older, she’s totally going to sell Julian’s autographs to her squealing, fangirling classmates. She’ll make tons of money and Julian would just be confused why she’d ask for fifty autographs every time he comes to visit Derek ><

She’ll have all the power in her school.


“Bear always tells me I will find my prince someday. Have you found your princess?”

Logan rolled his eyes. God, he hated spending time with children! But Derek had asked him to look after his sister while he was busy with his soccer team.

Lately Amanda was obsessed with princesses fairytales and as soon as Logan had walked through the door, she had started asking him awkward questions.

“No, I haven’t” he answered.

“Is it because you don’t have a white horse?”

“Uhm… maybe. I’ve never thought about it actually.”

“Have you at least a shining armour?” asked the little girl, out of patience.

“No, I don’t. But if you think that’s gonna help me, I’ll buy one tomorrow, ok?”

“Of course, you have to!” Amanda replied, then added “isn’t it time for ice cream? Julian always gives me a lot of it… Do you know if he has found his princess yet?”

“As far as I know, no he hasn’t.”

“How’s that possible? He’s so beautiful and kind!”

“And I’m not??”

“Uhm… yes… but you’re different! Julian is the perfect prince! But Bear told me he’s too old for me and he’s already in love with someone else.” said Amanda with a sad tone.

“He is??” asked Logan puzzled.

“Yes, and I wasn’t supposed to tell you that! So please don’t say anything to Derek ok??”

“Yeah, I’ll keep my mouth shut, don’t worry.”

The little girl sighed in relief.

“You know that I call him princess all the time?” said the blond to cheer her up.

“Why???? Julian is a boy!!!”

“Yes, but he acts like a girl most of the time. You’re way smarter than he is, you’ll find someone better than him, I’m sure of that.”

Amanda looked happier now, eating her ice cream with a big smile on her face.

“So… what do you know about Julian’s beloved?”

“I can’t say anything, remember????”

“Right…” Logan mumbled almost lost in his thoughts.

“Why don’t you just ask him? He’s your friend, ask is all you have to do!” said the little girl with a knowing expression.

She knew that Logan was Julian’s princess, but Derek told her not to tell or he would have hidden all of her dolls.

The door opened and Derek yelled “ Panda! I’m home!”

“I’m sure you’re gonna like his answer” she whispered to Logan’s ear  before running towards her brother and jumping in his open arms.

“Logan and I had a lot fun today! Right?”

But the boy’s mind was somewhere else.

“Lo, are you alright?” asked Derek a little worried.

“Yeah, I’m cool… It was a beautiful day but now excuse me I have to go talk to the princess.” said the blond leaving the other two alone.

“AMANDA! What did you tell him???”

“I’m soooorry! Please don’t hide my dolls!”

Derek laughed, “No, Panda. I’m not gonna do it. Maybe one of us should have told him a long time ago.”

“Are they gonna have a happily ever after?”

“I really hope so. C'mon, let’s finish this ice cream!”

“I love you, Bear.”

“Love you too, Panda.”

*All the characters belong to Cp Coulter*