person: what god made you

hello, yes, my name is vicky and i don’t use my personal blog for months but when i do YOU CANNOT CONTAIN THE CHARAH.

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HAHAAHAHHAHA. so, you're always blabbing about how carmilla needs to change and all, yet you could always trust her, she was always there for you and protected you against everything. it turns out, you're the one who can't be trusted... and to think after all this, she STILL didn't kill danny because of you. i'm a human, but if was her, i'd have killed danny right there in the spot. you really are a selfish person. god. what happened to you when you were growing up that made you this way?

I’m just— All I wanted to do was keep people safe. That’s it. I don’t know where it got so messed up and twisted.

somewhere off in the distance

the sasusaku fandom rises from the ashes 

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Have you always been this passionate and full of feeling? Even as a child? Basically, I'm trying to ask, what made you the person you are today?

God knows, sweetheart. But just think about my poor mother.