person: tu vuo fa l'americano

Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano
Renato Carosone
Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano

You wear pants showing a famous brand
You wear a hat with the visor turned up
Trotting along Toleto’s streets
Like a bully trying to show off

You’d like to be an American, ‘merican, 'merican
Listen here, who’s asking you to?
You want to be trendy
But when you drink “whiskey w/ soda”
You only end up sick

You dance the rock 'n’ roll
You play the baseball
But where did you find the money to buy Camel cigarettes?
In your mummy’s handbag!

You’re acting all American, 'merican, 'merican
But you were born in Italy!
Listen here, there’s nothing you can do
OK, Neapolitan?

You’d like to be an American
You’d like to be an American

How can your loved ones understand?
If you’re speaking half-americano?
When you are making love under the moon
How come you say “I love you”?

DisclaimerAll copyrights are reserved by Renato Carosone. I do not own anything and the purpose of this track (which was found on the web, publicly) is merely for entertainment and not for monetizing or usurping reputation from the artist.


Tu Vuo fa l'americano | Darren Criss

just another friday night of watching darren videos.


One of my favorite scenes ever. 


Clip Sara French Quintette - Tu vuo fa’ l'americano

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Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano at the Yale Glee Club Benefit (May 14 - 2011)



Renato Carosone – Tu Vuò Fa’ L'Americano (1958)

For all of you who are American.. here’s a song making fun of Italian guys who were trying to be American in the post-war period. A classic by one of Italy’s most famous songwriters, Naples-born Renato Carosone.

You dance to rock'n'roll
You play baseball
But the money for the Camels?
Who gives it to you?
The purse of mammà!

You wanna be American,
American, American
But you were born in Italy!
Listen to me
There’s nothing to be done
Okay Napoletan?


The one song I filmed.


it PAINS me how fucking attractive he is.