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Hey, I don't know if you'll publish this but I'll write it anyway. Ugh I've been being larrie for the past 5 years and everything is getting a little bit too much. Do you really think they are together and that Freddie is not his son? I feel bad for being a weak larrie but sometimes it's just that it gets too much. I swear I'm not an anti or something like that. I can come off anon if you want me to

I really think they’re still together and Freddie is not his son.  I really, really do. 

But you can’t base your beliefs and hopes on me and my positions. Things did go too far, it’s been absurd, surreal, completely wild in the most negative sense. As I’ve stated many times, I think it’s only wise to take a step back and enjoy life outside this mess. If you feel like you’re not confident in certain things anymore, tht’s more than fine, as long as you keep it nice and polite. I really don’t like the term weak larrie that I see around so much lately, what is this about? You’re not a weak larrie, you’re a person who’s been here and supported the boys for five years and now is just drained by the events of the past year as a half. That’s ok, that’s human. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t have to be too much, you owe to yourself the right to be safe and happy! You can always decide to come back if things get better :)


like holy shit, i never stopped to realize how much my life has changed for the better, but it really has. like. i just read one of those concept posts that was all about being in your kitchen cooking with your closest friends and laughing and like. i have that!!! i have that kitchen and those friends and that laughter! i have my housemates who are the best friends anyone could ever ask for, and we literally do this! we do house dinners and we have our communism jar and we study together and drink together and just sit around keeping company….we have friends over and all become friends with the friend from outside. we sometimes just go into mel’s room and pile on her bed with her. we have movie nights! we go to clubs together! we go to protests together! like!!! 

and that’s not even all! because back home for the holidays i get to have the same amount of love and companionship with my friends from high school/the community. i get to go to coffeeshops with them and sit around high in my room with them and have little group parties with them and share books with them and play cards against humanity with them. we’re this little family formed at our worst times, and we got to grow each other up into these amazing, compassionate adults who we get to be! 

i mean god, i screw up so much shit and i’m so bad at life but i have these people?? and we get to make so much happiness together???? and like literally when i was a kid and even into my late teens, i never believed i could ever have a single real friendship. i was so weird and so alien and i’d never had friends and i didn’t even know how to when the opportunities began presenting themselves. i didn’t know how to have that kind of closeness. like holy fuck sometimes i just get struck by like. how profoundly fucking lonely and frightened i was and it’s like…..holy fuck…..i’m not there anymore. i’m not in that place and that self anymore. and now friendship feels as natural as breathing. i mean, it’s hard to make friends of course. it’s hard to get from that first meeting to the closeness, the realness….but god almighty it happens and literally i am living something that my younger self could never even have dreamed. 

i know i use this site mostly to talk about bad shit. i need that outlet. it’s where i vent and where i deal with internalized shit and where i figure my head out. but i just wanted to say, right now, at 4:22am when i am meant to be writing my horrifically overdue paper which i just started again from scratch for the fifth time, that i am so so so so lucky and so happy and it’s easy to forget how much my life has changed for the better because it’s a slow and messy process, but it has. it really has. even at the worst moments, there’s this warmth of love and connection inside me that has become natural, but that is in every way miraculous. i’m just so glad to exist and to share existence with the people in my life and i know i’m going to make even more connections as i exist in the world and that alone is a reason to exist. ahh anyway sorry i’m just very emotional about having such amazing friends like wow this is actually a thing??? how???? 

( ´_ノ` )

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Have you notice how siwon is in the same group with both yunho's favourite persons? I wonder if yunho ever told siwon to look after both of them? And when changmin was so shy n reserved, he requested siwon to at least be there n help him? I think part of changmin was almost depressed because yunho is not there to help him. He is so dependent to yunho he doesn't know to function without him. N thats where siwon coming in. I think.

Hi Anonnie!

Yeah, I’m sure it’s not a coincidence Changmin is in the same unit as Siwon and Donghae. I’m sure that’s something they’ve planned earlier, because, well - it’s always nicer to do such new things with a good friend next to you, and if that’s a person who is better at socialising, that’s even better X’D I think that…Changmin is the kind of person who can’t deal with dirastic changes that well. And the army life must’ve been a really big change for him since he has lived in the same idol-enviroment since he was 15. He couldn’t go with Yunho, so maybe when he’s heard about Siwon’t plans about joining Donghae, he has decided it’s a good idea to go with him. And have someone close there too. Maybe it was Yunho who gave him this idea? Who knows. But it’s obvious that Siwon’s and Donghae’s presence there is priceless and they all help each other a lot. ❤️ 

idk tonight was awesome esp for maddie so i dont wanna dampen the mood but i feel like she was still a little…….. i dont wanna say “stiff” bc thats not quite it….. but i dont think she totally “let go” so to speak and hopefully as the season goes on or even in future seasons she will……. again i dont wanna say “loosen up” bc thats not quite what i mean, but maybe….. embrace the performance aspect a little more??? not that she was ever a /bad/ performer, and she did great tonight, but it still felt a little too “elite” or…… what’s the gymnastics equivalent of an ice princess??? 

Ishida-sensei said he ran 10km today during his break, and that his knees felt like they were exploding at around Sakurazaka.

Please don’t bust your knees running, sensei. 

Characters like Hermione and Katara mean so much to me because they were so smart, and ambitious and kind and determined and so fucking hardworking and they were just like me so it was awesome to be able to look up to these characters and realise they were being praised for these attributes rather than being called bossy or annoying and that was amazing for me, a know it all nine year old, to know and idk I JUST LOVE COMPLEX GIRL CHARACTERS

A Witcher Thing I have noticed is that most men love Triss more and a lot of women I’ve talked to love Yen more.

Obviously this isn’t universal but in a lot of online forums you have a lot of pissbabies who say Yen’s a mean ice queen bitch all the time while Triss is perfect and can do no wrong.

Like nah bruh Triss is just more in line with the Traditional Fantasy Love Interest™ who is clearly into the protag and wants him no mater what, etc etc. I like Triss, but Yen is different in that she doesn’t want to please Geralt all the time, isn’t as open with her feelings, is more “masculine” in terms of her expression of love toward Geralt.

That, and Yen is just a lot more direct/blunt/aggressive and pissbabies just can’t handle it when women aren’t nice all the fucking time.

Anyway, these are my parents and they’re married.

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