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Let Me Taste Your Smile pt.2

Summary: Months after the reader and Professor Stan had their romantic encounter at the bar, she can’t forget that night. It’s all come down to the final exam. Romantic fluff. 


Warnings: mentions of sex, make out session. Sexy Seb is a warning in itself. mmm.

Word Count: 1.6k

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Today was the day, Y/N’s history final send the last day she would be Professor Stan’s student. She was more worried about the looks he would be giving her rather than the test itself. She slid her mostly see through navy blue sweater over her white bralette and looked at herself in the mirror, would he like it? Picking at the large white stars on the sweater she decided that it was good enough.  

“See through…sexy,” Scarlett said in between bites if her cereal. Y/N turned around to see her leaning on the doorway.

“Shut up,” she told her.

“Mmm while it’s a start, you need more to get a certain professor in bed,” Scarlett teased with a wink, pointing her spoon in her direction. The Y/H/C haired girls cheeks immediately started to turn bright pink, thinking back to the bar and how Sebastian made her feel. Seeing this, the blonde scoffed and sat her bowl on the table near the door.

“What?” Y/N said nervously, rubbing her sweaty palms on her army green jeans.

“You had sex with Professor Stan!” She accused loudly. Scarlett walked to the bed and had a seat, seeing Y/N’s face go from pink to red. It hit her like a wave “At the bar!" 

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It’s also super not surprising that some of the kindest personalities on tumblr (jeffr/ey ma/rsh and th/omas sande/rs for example) are both clear that they welcome aces and aros with open arms

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Can you do one where josh broke up with his gf and you're his best friend so he calls you really upset and you fly out to comfort him and then fluff ensues and you two get together or something?


The text came through just as you were about to plug your phone in for the night.  Josh’s name lit up your screen, making your heart immediately feel lighter.  It was probably one of those stupid pictures he finds online that he always thinks are way funnier than they really are.  You always pretended to hate them, acted like you were too cool for them, or whatever.  But the truth was you looked forward to them, because anything that made Josh smile, made you smile.  You’d never tell him that though.  You slide the message open to find that it’s not a picture, instead three words appear in a grey bubble.

‘Are you awake?”

You type back, “Yeah, what’s up?”

The little typing dots appear only briefly before another message comes in, “can i call?”

Your brow furrows, wondering what Josh could possibly need this late at night, but you respond quickly, “of course”.  You’re thrilled to be hearing from Josh.  Ever since he started dating his new girlfriend, things had been different between the two of you.  She kept him sheltered, limited who he could see.  Even Tyler was shafted half the time.   You waited in anticipation for the phone to ring, so anxious to hear the sound of his voice.  It always seemed to comfort you.  You’d never tell him that though.  

Within the minute, your phone is vibrating on the wood of the dresser.

“Hey,” you answer excitedly, putting the line on speaker and starting to take the pillows off from your bed, getting ready for sleep.

You hear a gaspy sigh on the other end of the line, which catches your attention.  


“Sorry,” he breathes, you can immediately can tell something is wrong, “sorry, I just-“

He can’t seem to form a complete sentence.  Your stomach churned once you heard the sound of his choked up voice.  

“It’s okay,” you immediately reassure him.  “It’s okay, Josh.” You pick the phone up, turning it off speaker and pressing it against your ear.

“I just- I just didn’t really know what to do,” he lets out a breathy chuckle on the other end of the line.  Josh was horrible at expressing himself.  This much you knew.  He was fairly open with you. but would still laugh or smile to mask any pain he felt. “(Whatever his gf’s name is), uh-“ he pauses to chuckle again, “she cheated on me.  Or was cheating on me, like plural. More than once.”

You cover your mouth with your hand, letting out a gasp.  “Oh Josh,” you say with utmost sympathy.  “What happened?”

“I flew home,” he says, “to surprise her, you know?  Turns out I was the one surprised,” he laughs again, making you cringe.  

“Wait you’re home?” you ask.

“Yeah, I’m home,” he sighs, sounding defeated.  “And I really don’t want to be alone,” he whispers softly.  

You’re already standing up and jumping into a pair of sweatpants before he’s finished the sentence.  “I’m on my way over,” you say.

“Thank you,” he mumbles.

“See you soon,” you say before hanging up the phone.   You skipped down the steps into the kitchen, opening all your cupboard doors and searching for a comfort food that could subside some of Josh’s pain.  You grabbed the unopened box of cookies you’d just bought earlier that day and rushed out to your car.

You were anxious about seeing Josh.  On one hand, you were excited to finally get to be around your friend.  He’d been on tour for so long, you were starting to forget the shade of brown his eyes were.  Columbus always seemed darker when Josh was gone, at least to you.  You’d never tell him that though.  

On the other hand, your reunion wasn’t on the happiest of terms.  You had no idea how you were going to comfort Josh.  Thank goodness you thought enough to bring food.

You drummed your fingers angrily on the steering wheel as you made your way to Josh’s house.  You sped through corners, knowing your way all-too-well.  You could probably drive blindfolded by now.  You were angry.  You hated Josh’s girlfriend.  Or ex-girlfriend now, you assumed.  She never treated him right, always isolating him from his friends and bringing him down.  She’d call him stupid and never laugh at his jokes.  She was utterly uninterested in what he did for a living, never bothering to go to shows or listen to him practice. Josh deserved better.  He deserved someone who was warm and caring and loyal.  Josh deserved support and encouragement.  Josh deserved the world.  You’d never tell him that though.  

You gripped tightly, the thought of her being unfaithful to Josh didn’t surprise you all that much, but you were still furious.  Your knuckles were a ghostly shade by the time you pulled into Josh’s driveway.

You took a deep breath, peeled your hands off the wheel, and made your way up the steps to his door.  Your heart pounded in your chest, unsure of what to expect, but you rang the doorbell.  

It took Josh all but five seconds to fling the door open.  Once you saw him, all your anxiety melted away.  You didn’t hesitate before crashing your body into his, wrapping your arms around his waste and letting the side of your face collide into his chest.  You felt his arms wind around you, holding tightly.  His head rested on top of yours.

“I’m so sorry,” you said into his chest.

When you finally pulled away, you held up the box of cookies to him and sighed.  “I hope you’re drumming hard on this tour, cause we’re about to consume a lot of calories.”

He nodded, smiling.  You could see the pain behind his front.  It made your chest ache.  

You sat cross-legged on Josh’s couch, the pile of cookies between you two, and he opened up.  

“We’d been fighting a lot the last couple months or so,” he started, he was picking at the cuticle of his index finger.  “A lot of stupid stuff,” he sighed, “but there was a lot of big stuff too.  I mean, things were hanging on by a thread, I was relieved when I left for tour, because it meant I got a break from her,” he paused, “how messed up is that?”

You smile softly, “Pretty messed up,” you say honestly.

Josh chuckles, “I know.  I knew it too, I just-“ he sighs, “I wanted to try to make things better.  So I thought I’d surprise her.  Make her happy again.  I walked in, and there was just this line of clothes going all the way up the stairs and-“ he stops momentarily, closing his eyes as if he’s remembering the exact moment, “I just followed it.  I knew what I’d find.  I had to have known, but my mind just refused to believe that she’d do that to me..  She was the one yelling at me,” he scoffed, “I just stood there, in shock, just took it.  She was asking why I was doing here, like it was all my fault.  Calling me worthless,” Josh looks down at his lap, “pathetic,”  every word cuts through you like a knife, “not good enough.”  

He’s pulling the skin from his nail harshly, clearly anxious, “I just feel really stupid,” he says, “I mean, you warned me about her so many times.  Tyler, too,” he shakes his head, “I just didn’t see it, God I’m so stupid.  I deserved this one,” he scoffs.

“No-“ you interject harshly.  “Stop.”

He finally looks up from his stupid nail and makes eye contact with you.  

“That’s what she wanted you to think,” you say.  “She wanted to bring you down and make you think you were stupid and not good enough, but she’s wrong.”

You can tell Josh was getting uncomfortable.  He started fidgeting and shaking his head, like he didn’t believe a single word you were saying.

“She’s wrong,” you repeat.  “You’re not stupid,  you didn’t deserve this,” you slide closer to Josh, kicking the cookies out of the way so that you can grab his hand, “Josh,” you say, looking him in the eyes, “you are the kindest, most generous person I’ve ever met.  You are smart and creative and so, so talented.  You’re brave and you’re honest, and so special.  And yeah, this is a bad beat, this is a rough one, but you deserve so much better, and now you’re free to find it.”

Josh hangs his head low, his breathing has become slightly irregular and you can tell he’s stifling back some tears.  

“I know you don’t believe me,” you whisper, “and that breaks my heart.  But I mean every word.  You are my favorite person in this entire, stupid world and that will never change.”  

When Josh looks up, his eyes are watery, but he has a genuine smile on his face, “You come here in the middle of the night, with a box of cookies and a best friend speech all ready to go?  Man, how’d I get so lucky?”

You shrug, trying to think of a cocky comeback, but you can’t.  All you could feel in that moment was an immense amount of admiration for the boy sitting next to you.  The five words that you’ve been wanting to tell Josh for years now linger on the end of your tongue.  They are pure and beautiful and true.  You wonder if they’d sound as good as they taste. I’m in love with you.  I’m in love with you. The phrase is being mass produced in your head, taking over all other thoughts.  It rattles in your brain, screams in your mind.  I’m in love with you. You’d never tell him that though.  

You couldn’t tell him that.  Not now.  Josh needed a friend.  He needed support and consistency.  So you swallow the words and you rest your head on his shoulder.  When Josh wrapped his arm around you, holding you securely to his chest you felt at home.  You’d never tell him that though.

Babe Part Three (Lafayette x Reader)


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A/N- (Tried a bit of a different style for this one, hope you like it

Words- 1,579

“So you think you might like him?” Maria smirked.

You sighed and pushed your food around, letting your toes tangle in the grass. “I don’t know. It’s like, I knew he was attractive, but I didn’t realize he was that attractive, and we’ve alway gotten along well, it makes sense doesn’t it?” 

Maria nodded. “It does, but that doesn’t mean you should date him.” 

You furrowed your brow. “Why not?”

“Just because it might ‘make sense’ to date him doesn’t mean that you have feelings for him, and you shouldn’t date someone if you don’t like them.”  You shrugged and looked down at the shaded picnic table. “Tell me about him.” Maria said. 

You looked up at her. “What? You already know about him. You’ve met him before.” 

“Just do it.” She rolled her eyes. 

“Well what do you want to know?”

“Anything Just…talk about him.” 

You sighed and looked up at the blue sky. “Well…he’s French.” you started. Maria nodded encouragingly. “Um, his real name is super long so everyone calls him Lafayette, but if I wanna bug him I call him Gilbert which he hates.” You smiled slightly. “He’s a really good friend and an amazing cook, like, amazing. Um, sometimes he can’t remember the English word for something so he tries to describe it and it’s really funny. One time he called a frying pan ‘the sizzler’ ” You laughed at the memory. “He’s really good to talk to because he knows when to help and when to just listen. He’s got a lot of money but he refuses to buy much more than what he truly needs, which is pretty admirable actually. He has this big hair that he almost always wears in a ponytail, and he’s so particular about his beard. It has to be cut just right or he gets annoyed. You can tell when he’s been up all night because he gets the most obvious bags under his eyes, and it takes forever to get him to sleep when he’s like that. But even when he has those bags, he has the kindest eyes. Like he’s a really caring person, and you can tell by the way he looks at things.” You stared down at your hands with a soft smile on your face

“Holy fuck.” Maria said, her mouth slightly full of food. 

“What? What is it?” you rambled, getting worried. 

“You’re totally in love with him!” she exclaimed. 

“What? No…I like him, maybe, but…” Maria gave you an  ‘I’m done with your shit’ look. 

“Y/N. Be real with me. Try to think of Lafayette as more than a friend. Imagine yourself going on romantic dates. Imagine yourself moving in with him. Imagine always being near him.” she said. “It sounds crazy, but do it. Imagine a life with him and see how it feels.” 

You put your elbows on the table and pressed the heels of your palms against your eyes. Images of you and Lafayette together were flashing through your head. You reading books on the beach, watching Scandal late at night, sneaking out of your parents house at Thanksgiving so you could have a moment alone, him always holding your hand or playing with your hair, him teaching you French so you understood when he complimented you, cooking dinner together, his friends teasing him about you. You even saw yourself standing in front of him in a white dress with a smile on your face. 

You lifted your head and stared at Maria. “Holy fuck.” 

“Alexander, give it to me.” Lafayette growled. 

“No but look at how cute you are.” he cooed, holding up his phone. Lafayette swiped for it, but Alex pulled it away, laughing. “Really though Laf, you are so whipped.”

“It is pretty obvious how much you like her.” Hercules pointed out, looking at the picture again. 

“Yeah not obvious to her.” Lafayette mumbled angrily. 

“Ooh you know what would make it obvious?” John said excitedly, a smile on his face. Lafayette looked towards him quickly. “If you fucking told her you French idiot.” he said. Lafayette rolled his eyes. 

“Seriously dude. Look at this picture. She’s in your fucking bed. Just tell her.” 

Lafayette gripped his hair angrily. “You don’t get it! I’d rather be her friend than risk not being able to talk to her anymore” 

Alex looked at Lafayette for a long time. “And you don’t get that we’d rather help you through a heartbreak in the worst case than see you pass up this opportunity.” he said seriously, holding up the picture again. 

Lafayette sighed, thinking deeply. “You really think I should go for it?” He looked up at his friends. 

Alex stared at him with a dropped jaw. Hercules shook his head and rested his face in his hand. 

“Oh my god I’m done with him.” John said, throwing his arms up and walking away. 

You heard a soft knock on your door. Furrowing your brow, you got off your couch and opened it. You heart dropped into your gut when you saw Lafayette standing there. You were already wearing your pajamas which happened to be a giant shirt that landed slightly below your mid thigh are, and no pants. 

Lafayette froze for a second when he saw you standing there. Your hair was a hot mess and just the way he liked it. He gazed down at you before he realized he was staring. He cleared his throat awkwardly and looked away. 

Your heart refused to stop racing. Why had you never noticed how cute his nose was before? “Oh uh, hey Laf. Um come in.” you said, stepping to the side. “I’ll go put some pants on.” 

Lafayette stepped into your apartment as you spoke. “You do not have to!” he said. His face froze in horror. “I mean….like…I do not mind it does not matter to me…if you do not want to.” Lafayette could feel his face flushing and prayed for a plane to crash through the ceiling. Anything to save him from this. 

You blushed and looked down, using your awful and messy hair to hide your face. “O-okay. So what’s up?” you asked quietly, your arms folded across your chest. You felt terrible; you’d never had such an awkward conversation with Lafayette before. 

Lafayette didn’t think it was possible for his heart to race more than it had been, but then it went and hit impossible speeds, accompanied by a sick nervousness in the pit of his stomach. He looked over to the couch. “Can we?” 

You followed his eyes and nodded. You sat on the old sofa carefully, and Lafayette sat beside you. He was acting so serious. You were starting to get anxious. Lafayette slowly turned to you. 

Lafayette’s tongue suddenly felt too big for his mouth, and his throat felt like it was closing up. It was like he was having an allergic reaction to the situation. “Ummm.” he started. “I am not very sure how to say this.” he said, even though he practiced all day for this. 

Feeling sympathetic, you put your hand over his. “You can tell me anything Laf.” you said, looking into his eyes which widened slightly. You realized what you’d done and retracted your hand at the speed of sound. 

Lafayette cleared his throat and tried again. “Y/N I really um cherish our friendship, you know that.” 

You tensed. Was he about to tell you he couldn’t be your friend anymore? It sounded like you were being dumped before you could even date him. You looked up at him, your eyes full of concern. “Lafayette is something wrong?” 

Lafayette stared down at you. He wanted to tell you how he felt, but he was so distracted by your eyes and the way you were looking at him. He glanced down at your lips before he realized his mistake and met your eyes again. 

You found the way Lafayette was looking at you irresistible and you found yourself at odds with the desire to kiss him. 

More than anything Lafayette just wanted to hold you and kiss you. 

An unspoken conversation passed between the two of you.

Please just kiss me Lafayette I just need you to know  

I want you to know how I feel, Y/N, because

I love you so much.

Your lips met softly. It was like waking up after a good night’s sleep and feeling refreshed. Or walking out of the eye doctor feeling like you’re really seeing for the first time.

Lafayette pushed forward as his hand went to your face. You pressed back, smiling into the kiss. You wanted to sing you were so happy. You and Lafayette both pulled away slowly. You both spoke at the same time.

“I love you.” 

“Je t’aime.” 

Twin grins spread across your faces. Lafayette leaned in and kissed you again before moving to kiss your cheeks and forehead. “I love you I love you I love you.” he murmured over and over again. You giggled and attached your lips to his once again. Each time you kissed him was better than the last.

“I love you too, babe.”  

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Will you please do Matt and Dan for the ship post please! I adore your writing and posts. I refresh your page like every half hour to see if you posted anything new <3 <3 <3

you giant sweetheart what the heck of COURSE I can do danmatt for you <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

i rlly… can’t imagine a scenario in which they’d hurt each other being as healthy as they are when we meet them in tfc but for argument’s sake it might be matt?? their relationship comes from a place of slow gorgeous trust and mutual respect but matt had to unlearn some bad habits that might have done some damage early in their relationship (the various consequences of drugs and being a physically intimidating dude when dan has every right to be wary of physically intimidating dudes and also wanting to be with and protect dan when she’s so capable herself) 

who is emotionally stronger?

Dan tbh she took care of her gd self for so long, and her level of composure and confidence is the last few pages of a longer novel that we only get snippets of. She spent years supporting herself, and supporting ungrateful ass cathy, dancing for money and taking no shit, like the world flipped her off and she broke its fingers

matt is strong but he is tender and he still expects better from the world

who is physically stronger?

okay like I GUESS it’s matt but it’s a close ass thing 

you know that scene from that disney short where this massive dude beats everyone in arm wrestling w/o breaking a sweat, and then his gf kisses him and he gets so distracted that she slams his beefy arm down and wins? yeah that’s danmatt

who is more likely to break a bone? 

im gonna say dan bc I feel like she would play so hard that someone would break her nose or smth and she would sniff the blood back up into her face and keep playing. Like she’s such an unrelenting captain…. she would

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

mmmm i think dan could do some damage if she were trying hard enough. She’ll ream someone out if they’ve done something wrong (again,, captain) bc she doesn’t spare feelings when she thinks they could learn something instead. but man it rlly gets to matt. he kind of has a history of not feeling quite good enough 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

if dan knows she was harsh she’ll make things right, like she has the most sharply accurate moral compass ever designed. Usually though – it’s matt, because he wants to make sure dan knows that she doesn’t have to hold everything together on her own. she deserves better and matt tries every day to be better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

dan is not a nursemaid she kicks ass & doesn’t take care of it but if u don’t think she gasps and grabs matt’s face and turns it towards the light and dabs too hard at his bruises ur wrong!!! (i don’t know if matt could take care of dan’s injuries bc he would be shaking too hard)

who is in constant need of comfort? 

along the same vein as emotional strength, matt has some delicate memories that try to get in the way of his life while dan keeps hers a little more tightly bound? that being said like. they both help each other to work through their pasts and calm each other down w soothing hair stroking at 3 am tbqh they’re just so healthy. what the hell

who gets more jealous? 

matt lmaoooo like sure dan will put a hand in matt’s back pocket if things get dicey at the club but matt knows how fuckin hot his gf is, and like he trusts her to the end of the earth but men are gross, and he knows this, and if they try shit he will grit his teeth so hard his jaw cracks (he ain’t intervening tho, he knows dan could rip off a dick if need be)

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

it’s not realistic

who will propose? 

technically I also wrote this in the bg of my andreil proposal fic here –

but i could see it going either way? imagine how honoured to death matt would be if dan proposed…….. like imagine the tears……….. the pda

let’s just say if matt takes too long u can bet on dan stepping in and buying her damn self a ring

who has the most difficult parents?

ok first of all I want u to know I reread dan’s backstory for this and I cried.. hard

i don’t actually remember what the deal is with dan’s parents after all that but I do know her aunt cathy can choke and that dan “asked her to be her mother” and that shit absolutely did not work out

from the shape of dan’s life pre-foxes it looks like her parents were absent (dead? i don’t?? remember?) and Matt’s parents are difficult, but his mom tries hard and he loves her sm

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

son it’s mutual, every time. they’re affectionate bastards for real, once they’re in they’re in deep (i can’t describe how many tackle hugs take place….. it’s in the thousands)

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re THAT couple who you can’t even separate in your head like they’re dan&matt. full stop. they’re all about that nonstop togetherness and talking about each other so…….. 

who hogs the blankets? 

again matt piles up the blankets and tries to make his gf as comfy as possible and dan is secretly so in love w the feeling of being surrounded and supported so she lets him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

who gets more sad? 

fucking……….. it’s always both

dan is so fucking grateful for what she has, for the father and team and love that she found all on her own. but she still remembers the dozens of skipped meals and the sound of her aunt getting fucked half a trailer away and the sting of having to grow up faster than she could physically grow, and the sick sweep of eyes all over her, and the underestimation on top of underestimation

matt’s never going to be completely over the way years of his life are a blur from the drugs, and his father didn’t really care what the fuck he got into, like 

the sad never goes away

who is better at cheering the other up? 

they’re both so good at this honestly read any scene where neil is struggling in the books and danmatt will be there and they won’t leave until neil is like. tucked in.

matt’s better at really vicious honest protectiveness, too earnest to even try to ignore, and dan’s really good at fierce kindness & revenge promises & taking ppl’s minds off of things

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

dan will take any opportunity to slap sense into someone, next

who is more streetwise?

oh absolutely dan

matt is super aware! of the world! and he’s no stranger to seedy parties and back alley brawls tbH but dan had a job at a strip club at the age of like 16 paying bills and taking care of business she SAW shit

and she’s out here killing it and still managing to be well liked and honing her talent! an icon on the streets & on the court

who is more wise?

this is a tough one?? idk man they’re both smart they both have experience and they’re efficient as fuck

if u remember when neil was struggling w his course load and they immediately swooped in like ‘u…. idiot…….. u ever heard of scheduling’ and fixed it for him?? school is their bitch

who’s the shyest? 

???? neither????? they adopt friends at first sight bro

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re both constantly flushed with fuckin pride about each other but matt’s the sort of guy who says ‘that’s my girl’ unironically. she’s captain straight out of high school! she’s the best dancer he’s ever seen! the kindest person! the toughest! the stars are always in his eyes I s2g

who sits on who’s lap? 

i mean canonically dan is in matt’s but I bet you matt would sit with his legs flung over dan’s lap and his head tucked into her neck 

I have a lot of things to say about Minncon, but first of all, I want to talk about Jared.

I know he made a post today that was contradictory and a lot of people may think he’s an asshole. But lemme tell you a story that nobody told me, I saw it with my own eyes, and made me realize even more what an unique person Jared Padalecki is.

Last night, Minncon was ending and Jared was finishing his autos, he was last as usual and there was barely nobody around anymore. We were outside the room waiting for him to leave, so we could see him one last time. He finally emerges, and we wave and stuff, and he immediately goes hug the girls closest to him. He walks away , I yell that we love him, and he yells back that he loves us more. But that’s not what I want to tell you.

When I thought he had left already, I saw that Clif and other security had stopped, so I went to check what was happening, and I came to a scene of Jared crouched down beside a girl who was seating against a wall. The girl was desperately crying, and Jared was comforting her. He talked to her, he hugged her, he took his time. That went on for about 5 minutes. He made everyone wait just so he could talk to the girl. Then he went on his way. That touched me deeply, to see how much he cares. There were no cameras, nobody was around, it was only him, the real Jared. He didn’t have to do that, he could just walk past her but he didnt. That was not the actor, that was the person. Nobody would know he did that if I wasn’t making a post about it, because he doesn’t have to show off. That’s who he is. And I know it’s true because i was there.

My point is, Jared has flaws. I won’t applaud or agree with everything he does. He’s human after all. But I have never met in my life such a caring and loving person. He was so kind to me the both times I met him (I’ll talk about my autograph later), he has such a power within him, that I don’t understand how can someone hate him. Meeting Jared in person was a turning point for me, I already loved him for many years, but now i love the person Jared, the one who cares, who looks at you with the kindest eyes in the whole world and makes you feel important. The one who detours from his path to comfort a crying fan.

I’ve seen firsthand how other actors act when a fan says a simple hi, and how uncaring they could be. But not Jared. You can say a million things about him, but if you hate him, you’re wasting your time. You are missing on one of the most special people in this planet.

Jared, thanks for being who you are, I love you so much I can’t even put into words right now.

This Is A Post About 5sosFam losing a member to suicide...

There was this girl,Lola.She was beautiful. Black hair,blue eyes & the sweetest, kindest personality.
She was 16 and a fan of 5sos for almost 3 years now.But that’s not important is it..
She was bullied in school bc she wasn’t the person who socialized with people the most.
People hurt her with words.Nothing else,but that’s enough to get a person to the line of suicide.

Think of it like this :
When you are playing hangman and put in a wrong letter/make a wrong decision the hangman will be 1 step closer to being hung.
It’s the same way in real life.If you say something negative to a person and they are gentle it can lead them towards bad thoughts or in this case even suicide.
And that’s what happened.Lola went through with suicide after 2 unsuccessful attempts where I tried to make her feel better and it worked.But this time I was in school and couldn’t help.I blame myself every fucking day for that.
She overdosed on pills.She took her life.She felt so bad that she took her life.She is one of the hundred’s,thousands, millions of examples of a tragic death.
She thought she wouldn’t be missed.Thought that nobody would feel pain.That nobody would cry. That nobody needed her.
She was so wrong
I miss her,her family misses her,her friends miss her, fuck it even her dog misses her.
Her family and friends feel pain.
Her mother,father,sister cried.Her friends cried.I haven’t stopped crying.
Her family needs her..I feel selfish for saying this but I need her.
If you ever,ever, feel like harming yourself or even worse,please know that you are not worth it..You are not worth the pain.If you need help tell somebody or if you need you could message me… You deserve better.And that if you harm..yourself you will pass that pain to somebody else.
There will always be somebody in your life who will miss you,cry over you.
Even if it’s your pet.
Please,don’t hurt yourself.
We lost a person…we can’t lose another one..

I love you,Lola…-Your best friend…❤


***You and Thomas are talking about friends you don’t remember and then he ask if you remember a bf, and you two start talking about relationships and what they means and he use you as example for a gf, and you two start realize you like each other***

You and Thomas sit at the highest point of the Glade, where you’d first met. Back then, you’d pointed a knife at him. For a while now, you’d just been sitting in silence watching the world go on without you. You watched the Gladers and how they worked so peacefully together. Their laughs echoing through the Glade, bouncing of the walls and making this place seem not so bad. You also watched as the sun set over the walls. The sky turning an amazing color. Shades of pink, orange and yellow dance over the sky before they have to conclude their final act.

“Do you remember anything from before?” He asks, breaking the silence. You look at him from across the platform. His legs dangle over the edge and he’s fiddling with his hands. You move over and sit next to him. “Like your friends?”

“Not really,” You admit as you lie down, your legs still dangling over the side. “I kind of just imagine we did the same sort of things, you know? That we laughed, talked and tricked each other and when I think that, it feels right, like that’s what we did. I just can’t remember their faces. Or the places.”

Thomas joins you and you both look at the sky, searching for an answer. 

“I can’t think of a reason we’d let anyone take our memories.” He laughs a little. 

“What about you? Do you remember?” You swing your legs back and forth.

“No.” He replies. “Do you remember anything else?,” He turns to gauge your reaction. “Like a boyfriend.”

You shake your head. “What do you think it was like?”

“I think it’s like the ultimate level of friendship,” He says and you laugh. “No, I’m being serious. Take you and me for example, something similar to this. We trust each other and their opinions and we can talk about everything.”

“Well, I think it was like when you get a warm sensation in your stomach when,” You look over at him and he’s listening intently. His eyes sparkle with interest. “You look into their eyes.” A faint blush rises to your cheeks. You prop yourself on your elbow to look at him and he does the same.

“I think if I had a girlfriend, she’d have been a lot like you.” He jokes.

“Oh, yeah. What’s that? Good with a knife?” You laugh.

“Well. You’re beautiful, intelligent and the kindest person of I remember.” You search his eyes and find now signs of deception. He grabs your waist and pulls you closer. 

“Thomas?” You whisper.

“That sensation you talked about earlier?” You nod, encouraging him to go on. “I get it a lot when I’m with you.”

Why your sign is the coolest
  • Aries: You guys are so caring, and you give your 110% in every relationship. Just your features can brighten a whole room. There's so much personality behind your eyes, and you always have the kindest expression.
  • Taurus: Anyone who has this sign is extremely stunning. You guys have the strongest loyalty. This sign makes the greatest and most memorable friends.
  • Gemini: You can make anybody laugh. Even in their darkest times. Any time with a Gemini is a time where you'll look back on and smile to yourself.
  • Cancer: All of you are so understanding. And you guys create such beautiful memories with everyone. Your words are so poetic and uplifting.
  • Leo: You have confidence that radiates off of every inch of you. You have a true talent of you letting people know that they matter, even as much as you do.
  • Virgo: It's very hard to get past your shell, but once someone does, you are a sweet and funny person. You pick up on the little things that someone feels that nobody will remember, and when you bring up that little thing, that person will love you forever. You are that person in a loud group, who pays attention to that one person who is talking but feels like no one is listening.
  • Libra: Everyone born under this sign knows how to see the beauty in this world. They know how to show you the beauty in everything, even when you can't see it.
  • Scorpio: They are the best people to hang out with. They are good for a laugh, an emotional talk, advice, anything.
  • Sagittarius: They'll show you new things everyday. There will never be a day without an adventure. With them, you can discover a whole new world.
  • Capricorn: You guys are experts at advice. They can understand any situation, and they are so humble.
  • Aquarius: Their friendliness is so admirable. And they way that they embrace themselves, and teach everyone how to appreciate their oddness.
  • Pisces: You can talk about anything with them, and they'll have an open ear. They make easy friends, and know how to bring you up into their cloud of dreams.
Target Practice

Idk I figured I would post it straight to the site too, only because confuses me.. So this is just a short one shot inspired by the 3x14 sneak peek, in which Fitz confronts Simmons about her recent training endeavors. 

Jemma’s eyes are glued to the whiteboard in the corner of the lab. Her attention is held by three black circles, each stacked inside of each other, shrinking to become a red dot in the center. She drew it as a reminder, though she hardly needed one. She would throw trash at it as she worked, at an attempt to mildly improve her aim.

May spoke to her about it earlier, the guns to be specific, but also about the generally hardened version of Jemma that sprung up out of guilt and self loathing and fear. While May doesn’t entirely disapprove of her need to protect herself, the motivation visibly bothered her. But Jemma doesn’t care. She won’t be a damsel anymore. She won’t be some victim, some tragedy. Putting people’s lives in danger because she can’t help herself. She won’t let Fitz risk his life again for her safety. She’s not going to let him die while she lives on. She can’t afford to be fragile or weak. It’s about time she did something to make herself useful to S.H.I.E.L.D instead of an obstacle.

It’s almost as if someone nailed her feet to the floor. She either glances at the computer or crumples up another piece of paper and throws it at the target. Nothing else moves. Not as far as she’s paying attention. The world is quiet except for her, the computer, and that damn target.

His voice snaps her back to reality.

“Jemma.” Fitz places his hand on her shoulder. She whips her head around to look at him.

“Oh… Hi Fitz. I didn’t expect you here…”

Fitz frowns, and furrows his brow. “Jemma I work here.” He gently lifts his hand. “With you?” She flinches when he waves his hand in front of her face. “Remember?” Something is off about him. He’s hunched over slightly more than usual. Something is on his mind.

“Right.. Yeah sorry I’m just.. A little distracted.” She says, glancing at the pile of crumpled up papers on the floor.

Fitz shoves his hands in his pockets and walks around her. “What is this?” He says, kicking one of the paper balls at the foot of the stand that holds the whiteboard.

“It’s…” Jemma scratches her head.

It’s my solution. It’s so that you don’t have to keep sacrificing yourself. It’s because enough people have died at my actions, or lack thereof.

“An experiment.” This is the only answer she can come up with. She thought he knew already. That May must have told him. Or maybe she did, and he’s simply being coy.

He picks up one of the paper balls and touches it to the center of the target, his other hand still resting in his pocket.

“What kind of experiment, Jemma?” He almost looks angry now, only his head fully facing her, and the rest still turned halfway toward the whiteboard. His eyes are wide, but his forehead is wrinkled.

She frowns. May must have spoken with him. And of course he would think negatively about it. About all of it.

Jemma instinctively crosses her arms. “Do you judge me that I want to protect myself?”

He’s hardly got a spot on his face that isn’t red now. He’s hot with anger, burning with frustration.

“Come on, Jemma.” He prods.

“Well what is it, then? Because I haven’t got a word from you yet, and it’s getting to be a bit absurd.”

Fitz raises an eyebrow. “Oh so you do care what I think, then?”

Jemma uncrosses her arms. “I’m sorry?”

“Because I knew you’d been blaming yourself. I knew you would take fault for everything and I remember watching you fall apart and begging you to blame me, blame chance, blame anything but yourself, Jemma because it’s not your–”

“It is!! It is my fault!” Her arms flail out, and she takes a step toward him. Fitz leans slightly backwards. “I got sucked into the planet. I left him behind. I let Andrew out of containment. It was me, Fitz!! And I won’t let you make excuses for me!”

“Do you know how crazy that sounds?!” Fitz shouts. Jemma’s lips straighten into a thin white line. “You got sucked into a planet. As if you could help that!” He steps toward her. “Will wanted to save you, that wasn’t anything you could stop, and it’s selfish of you to take that away from him.”

Jemma opens her mouth to respond, but loses track of her words.

“And Andrew would have been used as a weapon anyway.” Jemma rolls her eyes and turns away from him.

“No, look at me!”

Jemma turns back around. They are inches apart. There’s something different in the way he’s looking at her, but she can’t put her finger on it. His jaw is tight and his features are stiff, as if he’s just glanced at medusa and suddenly his face has hardened to stone. But not his eyes. His eyes are soft, and gentle. Aching with concern, and begging her to understand him.

He lifts his hand to touch her wrist, but draws it back again before making contact. She’s doesn’t understand his hesitation, but the gesture sends a shiver down her spine.

“You can shoot like May and fight like Bobbi, or miss every target and get thrown to the ground. Guns or no guns, you will always be the bravest, strongest, smartest, kindest, most incredible person that I have ever known.” Her eyes fall to his mouth. She can hear every breath. See every freckle. All the lines in his skin, the pink of his lips. She can see the tiny beads of sweat on his chin. She looks back up at his eyes and catches him scanning her face all the same.  “And I’m sick and tired of you hating yourself.” He takes a sharp breath in. “Because I just so happen to bloody love you.” He says, letting the words escape his exhale. And at that, he steps away, holding her gaze for a moment longer before throwing the crumpled paper back on the floor and walking out of the lab.

Perhaps she knew. The feeling wasn’t something she hadn’t noticed. His actions alone spoke much louder than he ever dared to. He said himself he wanted to show her that she was more to him than just his best friend in the world, and he followed through more than she’d even anticipated. But the words, the actual words, she didn’t prepare to hear. She hadn’t readied herself for them. They came at her like lightening bolts, and she hardly had a second to process them before he’d gone and stormed out the door.

It’s not fair, the way he just dropped the phrase in front of her like a coin. And she would protest, and she would yell and howl and chase after him, except suddenly she’s found herself in the same spot as before - feet nailed in position - only this time left to ponder the pretty words he’d left behind in less pretty packaging, weighing down on her heart and pleading with her to conjure a response. The response… Well of course.. She bloody loved him too.

An Angel’s Understanding

Fandom:  Supernatural

Pairing: Castiel x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1175

So I really enjoyed writing this one, if you guys want a part 2, let me know, cause I kinda want to make a part 2! <3


“You should never have gone out on your own!” Dean shouted.

“I’m not a child!” you snap back. “I’m just as good a hunter as you and Sam, you’ve worked plenty of cases by yourself!”

“That’s not the point! I told you it was too dangerous!”

You could feel like gash in your arm under the dressings and held it tightly to your side. Dean might have been right about it being dangerous, but it was a poltergeist. You had all handled plenty of them in your day. It wasn’t like you were blind. “I know how to take care of myself, Dean!” you shouted.

Sam stood up from the bed with his arms crossed. He didn’t look as mad as Dean, but he had a sad look on his face. “It was a pretty powerful spirit, Y/N,” he said. “It was just a knife this time, but who knows what it could have been.”

“It could drop a freaking table on you next time for all we know!” Dean snapped.

“Dean, calm down…” Sam said, trying to comfort his brother.

“No! He aimed right for your heart, you’re lucky that knife didn’t go all the way through your arm! You could have bled out!”

Admittedly, Dean was like the older brother you never had. Protective, tough, always willing to stick his neck out for his family. And although you weren’t blood, he and Sam both treated you like you were. The only problem was, when you didn’t listen to Dean, he got mad.

Like, really mad.

“It’s only a scratch…” you mumble.

Dean threw his hands up in the air. “You know what, I’m not dealing with this.”

He picked up his jacket and looked at Sam. “I’m going to the diner. You coming?”

Sam looked at you sadly, and followed his brother. Dean shook his head at you once before slamming the door after him.

You turned to the couch and sat down slowly. He was really mad at you, and, honestly, it hurt. You knew that you were a good hunter, and you made one mistake. For Christ’s sake, Sam had released Lucifer from hell. And Dean…well Dean’s probably made tons of mistakes. As you sat in the empty hotel room, you listened to the silence. Your arm did hurt, Sam and Dean had taken you to the hospital with the story you’d been randomly stabbed. They’d given you almost 50 stitches. Dean had been right, it was a pretty decent wound. It hurt a lot, but Dean’s anger hurt even more.

You could feel tears coming to your eyes, so you quickly picked up the remote and switched the TV on, trying to tune out the hurt almost ringing in your ears. The first thing on was a show about a vampire. You leaned your head to the side, seeing the vampire stand in the sun and sparkle. He wasn’t even killing anyone. “If only they were that glamorous,” you mumbled.

Grabbing one of the pillows, you laid on your side and plumped it up to place it under your head. Stifling a sob, you closed your eyes, wishing that everyone was happier. Your eyes fluttered shut, but only for a moment. The sound of wings lit up the room and you jumped up too find Castiel standing behind the couch, watching you with sad eyes. “Y/N…you are upset,” he said softly.


You could feel your heart beating hard. Castiel, the angel that had helped them through so many cases, that has saved your lives more than a couple of times…it baffled you to just look upon such a miraculous being. It didn’t hurt that you found him extremely attractive, his blue eyes bore deep into yours…

You realized he was waiting on you to speak and you fumbled over your words. “I-I went to find…a-a poltergeist and I kind of…”

Holding up your arm, you showed him the wrappings covering your arm. His brow furrowed and he walked around the couch. Lightly, he held your arm, as if inspecting it. “What happened?”

“It tried to kill me. It had a knife and it-it aimed for my heart, but I put my arm up and they gave me sixty stitches and Dean yelled at me…”

Castiel held a finger up to your lips. “Does it hurt?” he whispered.

You nodded, not saying a word.

He raised your hand to his lips and gave you a soft kiss on the back of it.  A tingling sensation raced through your arm and Castiel dropped your hand. Smiling, he said, “Take it off.”

Slowly, you started to unwrap the dressings and, shocked, you saw that your arm was completely free of any kind of mark, stitch or gash. You laughed nervously. “Thank you, Castiel.”

You expected him to step back, but he stayed where he was. He was only a couple of inches away from you and you shook with nervousness. “Did Dean hurt your feelings Y/N?”

You felt the tears prickling the backs of your eyes and Castiel’s mood immediately changed. He opened his hands to take yours, and pulled you closer until his chest touched yours. He wrapped one arm around your waist and raised his other so his hand could caress your cheek. You felt as if your heart was going to beat out of your chest. What was happening? This was an angel, you were human. Was he doing this out of pity? Is this what he thought humans did? You were frozen, not knowing what to do. Castiel paused his hand. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No I…do you know what you’re doing?”

“I am simply showing my affection. Is this not what humans do?”

A smile tugged at the corner of your mouth. “Yes, it is.”

Castiel smiled back at you, his eyes sparkling. “You are the kindest person, Y/N. You do not deserve for Dean to hurt your feelings. “

“I don’t think he meant it. He means well.”

Castiel touched his forehead to yours. “As do I.”

He leaned down and met your lips, and immediately you felt you head start to swirl. His lips were soft, cautious. You were sure he’d never kissed a human, but you were damn sure going to make sure that this counted. You moved your head forward, deepening the kiss, as your tongue traced his bottom lip. Your teeth nicked his skin and his hand on your waist tightened. Your hand slid up to his shoulders and gripped the edges of his coat, pulling him closer. His tongue danced with yours and your heart felt it was going to burst out of your chest. Castiel smiled against your mouth. He pulled back, to your disappointment, and asked, “What do you need?”


He stepped back and offered you his hand. “I believe this is the time human go to their bedrooms, is it not?”

Your cheeks flamed and you shakily took his hand, “Yes, Castiel. It is.”

He led you to the bedroom, and shut the door behind you.


Imagine Sam confessing his feeling for you thinking you were asleep.
Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester
Warnings: None that I can think of
A/N: Well it’s Valentine’s Day!! I decided to do imagines with the supernatural characters to celebrate so I hope you enjoy!!

After an exhausting hunt, you couldn’t wait to get to the motel you were staying at and have a long, peaceful nap. So the first thing you did was head straight for her bed as soon as Dean had opened the door. “Wow. Sleepy much?” Dean said annoyed since you had pushed him out of the way to get to your bed. “I’m sorry.” You mumbled into the pillow underneath you. You closed your eyes and sleep engulfed you.

You slowly opened your eyes, but not completely when you felt the bed dip on the opposite side of where you were facing. The person started to talk and you recognized the voice as Sam’s. “Y/N, I am saying this out loud now that you are asleep because I am a coward to say it looking into your eyes. You are the kindest, most amazing person I have ever met. You put your life before others and always know how to make me smile. The first day I met you, I was like ‘Wow. She’s beautiful’. And that was before I met your personality. When I did I was like ‘Wow. She’s perfect’. And I guess where I’m going with this is that I love you. Wow I’m a hopeless romantic. And I can’t even say it while you’re awake.”

After he finished his confession your heart was beating extremely fast. You had always liked the younger Winchester, but never did anything about it thinking he would not feel the same. And honestly you weren’t sure if you could take that kind of rejection. But now you knew how he felt. He loved you.

You turned your body and looked directly into Sam’s beautiful hazel eyes. He looked taken aback and confused when you turned around and wrapped your hands around him, your face on his chest. “I love you too Sam. I always have.” You said, leaning in and connecting your lips with his. His lips were soft and just perfect. You broke apart, still looking into each other’s eyes. “I though you were asleep.” He breathed out. “I’m glad I wasn’t.” I said.

“I knew it! I knew you guys would end up together!!” You turned to look at Dean who was jumping up and down like a total fangirl. Both you and Sam started laughing at the older Winchester until your stomach hurt. And that’s how you and Sam confessed your feelings for each other and how Dean’s inner fangirl finally came out.

When Castiel could no longer hold onto his dying Grace, Sam helped him be rid of it. It was a bittersweet event, but it was a necessary one. The Grace was let on a path that they had walked together every Sunday, but they didn’t walk that trail for years after that. It was too traumatic for Castiel, who took well to humanity but silently longed for the thrum of Grace through his veins.

It wasn’t until a decade later that, on a whim, they revisited their old path and found it blocked by a weeping willow so large that they couldn’t hold hands around the circumference. Cas knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was his old Grace – that stolen, putrid Grace that festered in side him for a year – grown into something alive and beautiful. Cas glanced over at Sam, who was admiring the tree with awe, and thought of Azazel and demon blood. Of Ruby and the angels’ trickery. Of the apocalypse and Lucifer’s Cage and soullessness and hallucinations and every other horrible thing that had crossed Sam’s path. And he thought of the one time he had touched Sam’s soul, and it was so brilliantly white and pure, even after it had been flayed alive in the Cage. A broken, rotten thing shoved back into its body and somehow they combined to make the strongest, smartest, kindest, most amazing person Cas had ever laid eyes on.

Without hesitation, Cas carved their initials into the tree:  “SW + C” This tree and all it symbolised was for them, not just Cas. It was their story, their legacy, more than any ceremony or rings would be. Theirs was a more private affair anyway. This tree would grow, it would encompass the entire trail, and maybe years from now some young hikers or campers would see the carving and wonder:  Who were SW and C? What were they to each other? Where are they now? Long after they were both dead, the questions would remain, but the answers were for them alone.