person: tessa virtue


Tessa & Scott: Episode 1
       ↳ Seventeen years later, Tessa Virtue can still make Scott Moir feel shy, her touch taking him back to their seven-and-nine days (even despite spending almost every day since 1997 being touched by Tessa).


[speaking at the TEDxYouth conference]

Tessa: [referring to the Vancouver Olympic games] The energy in the building just felt right. Judges watched our every move and fans cheered us on so loudly that we could barely hear our own music. As the magnitude of the situation grew larger-than-life…our focus narrowed, and our world together became all that we saw. It was just us. Two kids who had trained their whole lives for this moment. Two friends who took the ice reminding each other to take it one step at a time. Two people who shared a moment, seemingly unaware of the 30 million people sharing it with them.        


“It’s really just about skating well and really enjoying skating with Tess. I love skating with Tessa, everyday- and I’m so happy to have such an amazing partner and- skating, and to share this journey with her and I’m just so happy.”


the commercial we’ve all been waiting for