person: tessa virtue

the signs as v/m programs

Aries: Farrucas

Taurus: Dream a Little Dream/Muskrat Ramble/Heaven

Gemini: Pilgrims on a Long Journey/Latch

Cancer: Valse Triste

Leo: Hip Hip Chin Chin/Temptation/Mujer Latina

Virgo: Mahler

Libra: Schenkst Du Beim Tango
Mir Dein Herz/Nights and Days

Scorpio: Carmen

Sagittarius: The Great Gig in the Sky/Money

Capricorn: Funny Face

Aquarius: Kiss/Five Women/Purple Rain

Pisces: Umbrellas of Cherbourg

What makes you proud to be a Canadian?

Tessa: Travelling around the world is a great reminder that Canada’s reputation as being a polite, kind, inclusive nation is as strong as ever. Donning the maple leaf as an athlete, and representing a country that is so vast and diverse, makes me extraordinarily proud. Happy Birthday, Canada!

How to do you plan on celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary?

Tessa: I will be celebrating Canada’s 150th with my family at our cottage on Lake Huron – there will be champagne, sparklers, and red confetti galore!


“22 Years of Skate at One Glance”
Thank You God,
Thank You My Parents,
Thank You My Coach Dad,
Thank You My Teachers,
Thank You My Mentors,
Thank Dear Friends,
Thank You My Most Amazing Fans.
Thank You for The Journey

- Misha Ge on his Instagram (x)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm the anon who asked about pattern dances and step sequences at @soyouwanttowatchfs! Thanks for assisting! If I may, I'd like to ask a followup quetion. How do you know when the pattern ends and the step sequence begins? Thanks so much!

For that you kind of need to know what the pattern is, so basically each Compulsory Dance (Pattern) is predetermined but each season they are assigned, they may specify that the teams have to do the entire pattern dance or they will specify specifically which steps of the pattern they want performed and which specific steps will make up the key points.

Last season was Midnight Blues, the technical handbook specified steps #5-14:

The reason why they specified Step #5 must start on the opposite of the judges side is because in the entire Midnight Blues Patterns, step #5 occurs in front of the judges. 

Now they say this in the requirements for the 2016-17 Short Dance:

So the Partial Step Sequence must start right after the specified pattern, easy right? If you look at ice dance protocols you will see this pattern where 1MB is always followed by PSt.

Now we need to know where the pattern ends, which you can see here (taken from the ladies pattern):

I X’d out step 15 because it’s not important, You can see step 5 on the opposite side which is supposed to start across from the judges so the pattern ends in front of the judges. That way you can deduce when the Pattern Dance ends and when the Partial Step Sequence begins.

Pattern dances take a lot of watching to “get” (in my opinion) so we’re just going to look at the last step of the Midnight Blues (Steps #13-14):

Now take a look at Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (special thank you to tumblr for stretching out my gif to make it so heinous-looking):

See how Step #14 ends right in front of the judges. Now the Pattern dances ends and they move onto the Partial Step Sequence, Tessa and Scott are then immediately in hold with each other for the PSt because if you lose contact at any point, you drop a level. Btw, Tess and Scott actually do a some choreography in hold before beginning the actual “skating” requirements of their Partial Step Sequence but the Partial Step Sequence is pretty convoluted and long to explain anyway so I’m gonna end this here.

Now you can go look at other teams this past season (2016-17) and see where the partial step sequence starts. Hope this was helpful anon.