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Alec Hardy + Rose Tyler?

this is more au based than a crossover:

- torchwood is more or less a nuisance to the police, so alec runs into rose and her team already at a site way too many times

- rose tyler had a no-dating-coworkers policy after mickey smith, which only ended in an awkward friendship

- she made an exception to that rule to go to dinner with hardy, since they needed to exchange information about their most recent case anyway (which turned into two other dinners, a night over, and a bit more interest in working with each other after all)

- the first time he sees rose tyler naked he almost keels over oh my god

- “i always knew you liked blondes” “quiet, miller”

- ok but hardy has the craziest bed head and he always wakes up all confused and shit and its the cutest thing rose has ever seen

- daisy adores rose, and they bond over their experience with divorced parents

- rose uses his first name when she’s super serious or angry, because she knows it’ll get his attention

- he brings her mum wine and flowers and chocolates when they first meet

- she’s there for his doctor’s visits, his surgery, his recovery, and sometimes when he’s hooked to the machine & she smiles or laughs his heartbeat picks up a little 

- “i don’t think i could ever live without you.” “why don’t you marry me, then?”

- they are one amazing crime-fighting team: she does the action stuff, he does the legal stuff

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send me characters/ships and i’ll tell you my headcanons about them

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Ooh, 3C for the meme please, with matureadult!Campbell and matureadult!Bella (Campbell would be 40ish, Bella maybe 30 to 35), or if you'd rather, Tentoo x Rose. Thanks! 😊

They still look like kids because of the drawing style but… I hope this was even close to what you were looking for. I headcanon them both with glasses <3 Campbell will always be a child at heart…

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seasons of love: winter

summary: fanny loved games, and giacomo was a trickster. they already knew they made a good team.

giac x fanny, part 2/4

part 1

It might not seem like it, but Fanny was quite the adventurer. She loved playing games and trying new things with new people, but she could never break out of the shell closed around her. At Mansfield Park, she had to find entertainment in the smallest activities.

Her family called her childish, and irresponsible, but the best thing about being a free spirit was that she didn’t really care. No, she did not want to disappoint her aunt and uncle because then she would never be able to leave the house ever again, but if they weren’t as concerned with status as they were she would not be contained.

Imagine their surprise when the infamous Giacomo Casanova stood at their doorstep, asking for her.

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Up on the Rooftop

By Skyler10

Summary: One night while working as a photographer at a corporate Christmas party, Bella (from Bella and the Boys) meets the energetic and successful Campbell (from Takin’ Over the Asylum). But the handsome DJ has secrets of his own. Maybe there is someone who gets her after all.

Notes: For @timepetalsprompts  “Lonely hearts on the holidays” and also songfic again because I can’t stop myself, apparently. haha Based on the Carole King and James Taylor song “Up on the Roof” but with obvious holiday allusions as well.

Also fits winter bingo: escape.

Read on Ao3 here.

When this old world starts a getting me down,

and people are just too much for me to face.

I’ll climb way up to the top of the stairs and all my cares just drift right into space.

On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be and there the world below don’t bother me, no, no.

Bella sighed as another member of the party staff joined her on the freezing rooftop. He didn’t say anything, including calling her back inside, for which she was relieved. He just sat next to her and drank whatever was in the glass bottle he held.  

“’M not supposed to have any, but I do anyway.” The young man winked and downed more of his beverage. There was something irresistibly boyish about him, but also sad, which was probably obvious since they were sitting on a rooftop in the snow instead of reveling in the afterparty inside.

“Why not?” Bella dared to ask, taking another swig of her own drink. The alcohol warmed her from the inside and gave her liquid courage. She bumped his shoulder and swung her legs so the rubber soles of her work shoes bounced against the brick of the building.

“Interferes with my medication.” His rueful smile challenged her to dare ask.

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A Mistake (Almost)

Written for @timepetalsprompts this week was Hardy x Hannah.  I thought about how lonely Hardy must be and how it might go if he ever paid for an evening with Belle.  Naturally, I assumed it’d be rather awkward.  lol  This is my semi-awkward attempt at trying to write it. 

Hardy x Hannah

Word Count: 721

A Mistake (Almost)

He slipped on his pants and turned away, staring at the closed blinds on the window.  

She walked up behind him and put a hand on her shoulder.  “Hey, it’s okay.”  

Closing his eyes, he sank back down on the bed.  “Yeah. Thanks.”  

Hannah pressed her lips together and sat down beside him.  “There’s no shame in it, Alec.  Everyone does it for a different reason, but it doesn’t matter.  Not really.”

“You don’t have to stay.”

She nudged his shoulder. “You’ve paid for a full night. C’mon.  Lie down with me. Relax a bit.”  

This evening, the whole damn night was a huge mistake.  He sighed reluctantly and slid back onto the mattress.  

“That’s right,” she said softly.

Hardy stared at the ceiling wondering what the hell he was doing.  The mattress dipped slightly as she nestled down next to him.  Her fingertips ran across his chest and his skin tingled at the sensation.  It had been such a long time since…  He closed his eyes.  That didn’t excuse what he’d done.  He’d fucked a prostitute, for God’s sake.  Nothing excused that.  And this poor girl- what had happened in her life that she’d turned to this?  

She hummed and continued tracing patterns on his chest.  

“Erm, Belle?” Hardy choked out.

“You ready for another go already?” she grinned.  Her hand moved down his waist and slipped into his pants. 

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