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Another character I like, but never drew :o

I like Duke/Otogi a lot due to his affection with board games and dice. I myself am a huge board game fan and one of my dreams is working for a board game company as an illustrator. But I’m not confident enough to even try at the moment x) But it would be great some day.

The colour’s gone wild here as you can see :’D 

(I wanted to post sketches and steps, too, but I altered the face very much in the process, it looked really crappy at first, so I keep it a secret >.> my dark drawing secrets)


-My name is Lance McClain and this is the story of how I died!-

@chaotic-king is perfect Keith tho 👌👌👌❤💙✨

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As much as I love the mixtape scene by itself, I feel like something more should come of it. Like, Cas could've been giving him a bag of skittles, but the writers made a big deal about the mixtape. I love how it can only be explained with a Destiel reason.

One of my headcanons is that skittles and Reeses cups are Cas’ favourite candy for *reasons*, ‘taste the rainbow’ and ‘people say it shouldn’t work but it’s amazing’.

Dude, he could have been given anything and it would still come across as romantic because of the WORDS and the ACTIONS in the scene playing out like a “is this a break up? no dumbass I’m not breaking up with you just don’t LEAVE me again” scene.

The fact that they decided to add as a prop something that is a standard cinematographic trope for romantic interest?

*Tink stares into the camera*

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A few days ago you answered a ask about naming the destiel-becomes-canon-episode. That’s why I laughed way hard today as I rewatched 4.07. Dean is scared of leprechauns :D

Amazing, I totally forgot that! 

Maybe instead we should have a candy themed episode called Taste the Rainbow, it can be about Sam re: the candy and Dean re: the rainbow… ;)

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