person: sunshine of my life

I think one of my favorite lines Adam has ever written is “she made my stormy sky beautiful” because of what it implies.

 A lot of love songs are like “wow this person turned my dark skies sunny and brought sunshine into my life!!!” but I like Adam’s wording because, once I actually listened to what he’s saying, it’s not “wow she turned by grey skies blue” … it’s like “she helped me see the beauty in the storm.” His storm is still there (whether that’s some issue he’s dealing with, a state of mind he’s in, something good or bad, etc) and she didn’t change it, but she helped him recognize the beauty within it and see it from a new perspective which, in my opinion is even more valuable. 


get to know me meme : favorite actors [1/5] tyler hoechlin 
  “There’s a lot of edgy topics and things that go on with religion, but to me the most important thing, is that the first thing is that you’re supposed to love everyone the same and not judge anyone… Technically, we’re all the same. And everybody makes mistakes. So no one is better than another person.”