person: steven r. mcqueen


Jeremy: “Wow, you look absolutely beautiful.”
You: “Stop flirting with me, Jer!”
Jeremy: (laughs) “I’m not!” 
You: “Yes, you are.”
Jeremy: “Even if I was, don’t say you don’t like it. Because I can see that beautiful smile on your face right now.”

requested by anon.


You giggled as Jeremy placed yet another soft kiss to the side of your neck.  You tried to squirm away from him, but this only made his arms close tighter around your waist.  “Stop moving.”  He mumbled against your skin, kissing you once more.

“Then stop distracting me.  I only have a few more lines that I have to write.”  You giggled, turning to press a soft kiss against his hair before trying to focus back on the poem you were working on.

“Finish it later.”  He whined, almost like a small child would.  With one hand he took the pencil out of your hand and placed it on the bed next to the paper you had been writing on.  He leaned backwards against the pillows and pulled you down with him, kissing the other side of your neck as your back came to rest against his chest.

“I guess a short break could do me some good.”