person: stephen gionta

I was putting together a collage of the 9 pictures I have with Tyler and I’m thinking ok that’s a pretty high number but I know I have more with other players. 

I have 18 with Stephen Gionta and I’d have more with him if he were still on the Devils. I miss him like crazy. And it was fun to joke with him that we didn’t have enough pictures together. He kinda started to expect it from me and was surprised when I would tell him I didn’t need one. I remember when he got hurt a few seasons ago and there was a season ticket holder event and it was the first time I would be seeing him in a while and he was all the way down the table and in my picture with Keith Kinkaid you can see him peering over, waiting for me to go see him. He always was so happy to see me. He even gave my friend a signed card to give me on locker clean out day when I couldn’t make it. 

Once I gave him pictures that I took of him and his brother when they had played against each other. He was so amazed that I was letting him keep the pictures instead of having him sign them for myself. I told him “I took them for you”. 

I just miss Gio a lot and all of that kinda came out. Sorry about the rambling.