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Prompt Idea: Being one of Negan's wives for a while now maybe three months or so. Having joined willingly because he is one piece of fine ass and plus shelter. Things going smoothly between the two of you and being considered friends. One day while around camp you and one of the Saviors start chatting. Maybe even a bit flirtatious and guess who happens to see this~ I can imagine him wanting to leave bruises as proof that you belong to him. What happens is up to you though~

*wicked cackling* got you, nonny. I just finished writing this bad boy. Not gonna lie, last night’s episode fanned the flames of my masochism for this one, so it’s brutal enough that I’m going to post it separately once I’ve edited it. Stay tuned…

juugo/suigetsu/karin fusion, or quite possibly the most terribly destructive entity ever