person: sebastian stan

Imagine Sebastian helping you learn to speak Romanian. You start off small, learning simple things like colors and numbers. Gradually, you start to have short conversations with him, asking him how his day is and such. The best part was secretly learning to say “I love you” so you could tell him in Romanian. It was the first time you’d said it to each other, and it meant even more to him that you said it in his first language.

FaceTime | Sebastian Stan

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader
Featuring: Chris Evans
Warning: Fluff
A/N: I got this idea from going through the ‘bucky barnes x reader’ in search, so credits from this go to @godfreywolf45 :)

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{Reader’s POV:}

It was around two in the morning when Sebastian called me on FaceTime. I yawned as I answered. “Babe, it’s like two am over in LA, go to sleep.” Seb smiled. “No no, I can stay up. I’m an grown-ass adult.” I waved him off. “Anyways, how was shooting?” I asked as another yawn escaped my lips. 

Seb laughed, “Of course. Shooting went well,-” “Yeah but your boyfriend here kept goofing off with Mackie.” Chris said cutting off Seb. I laughed, “Tsk tsk.” I shook my head. “What? Chris was goofing off too.” Seb laughed. 

“Huh-uh.” I smiled at him through the phone. 

An hour flew by as Seb and I talked. I started yawning in the middle of our conversation. “You should go to sleep, babe.” Seb told me, “No, I wanna stay and talk to you.” I yawned once more. “Ok fine.” I mumbled. Seb laughed. “I’ll talk to you later honey, just go get some sleep.” “I love you.” “I love you too, doll.”