person: ryan getzlaf

okay full stop. fuck ryan getzlaf. fuck that. fuck it so much. at this point, there is no excuse, at all whatsoever, not that there would have been before. the use of homophobic slurs is unacceptable in any situation, for anyone, no matter who the fuck they are, how much they get paid, or how special they (and their fans) might think are.

The precedent of 1 Game suspension in playoffs for homophobic slurs is bad enough to begin with, to not even implement that, despite the precendent is just plain fucking insulting.

Just slapping on a colorful tape once a year doesn’t make you a league that treats everyone right. Standing by the LGBTQ+ community when shit like this happens, does.

Get your fucking act together, NHL!


This week Amanda is way and Laura is joined by friend of the Pod Anna to discuss: what is wrong with Sidney Crosby - every second day, the NBC Legends roundtable, how the preds and ducks series is great roller
derby - i mean hockey, annoying fanbases, Getzlaf’s slur and the need for  a rainbow flag offensive advisory system.

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“It’s not as bad as what Shaw said.”


Excuse my language but how is saying ‘fag’ worse than ‘cocksucker’? They are both extremely derogatory words that should never be shouted in a workplace let alone one that is recorded and broadcast globally, where children are supposed to be able to look up to you and follow your example.


How this could be considered controversial is ridiculous and stupid, he used a derogatory and homophobic slur and should be punished with at the very least a suspension and honestly I’m disgusted by the way the Ducks and the NHL have handled this.

Issuing a statement that neither the team nor Getzlaf will comment on the incident until after the game shows the utmost disrespect the league has for LGBT+ players and fans.

This behaviour should not be tolerated, but this is the NHL, I don’t know why I expected anything more.

If anyone want so see it, a gif can be found here.

RE: Getzlaf’s Fucked Up Comment

Here’s what I have to say about Getzlaf:

From someone who has played hockey on guys teams since elementary school… MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH worse shit gets thrown out there. Racial stuff. Sexual stuff. Stuff about people’s families. Is it wrong? ABSOLUTELY. Do I condone it? NO. 

I’m glad he got fined and the NHL actually did something. But, the only reason that is happening is because he said it loud enough, it was caught on camera, someone else heard, etc. Things like this happen all the time in the sport (and other sports too) and go unnoticed. 

BUT. All I’m seeing is post after post of people saying “he’s not sincere” “he didn’t get fined enough”. Honestly guys, nothing that happens in this situation will please all of you. The world is becoming a place where people literally have to step on eggshells. I mean hell, a player could say: “wow you suck, guy!” to the ref, and someone would come out and say, “wow this is why I feel like I can’t play hockey because this hockey player who is famous and makes all this money just labeled him as one gender and I identify as someone who is gender fluid and I’m offended.” Everyone will find a problem with anything.

 I hope that Getzlaf thinks long and hard about what he said and I know 10k is nothing to him… but come on guys, you’d be outraged if the NHL didn’t do anything, and you’re outraged that they did.

 We might not be able to change the league where it is right now. But the future belongs to US… the younger generation. Let’s change the sport. Join a hockey organization. Say nice things to people. You CANNOT SIT BACK AND EXPECT THE GAME AND ALL OF THE PLAYERS IN IT TO AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. 

Ryan Getzlaf of Ducks fined $10,000 by NHL
Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf has been fined $10,000, the maximum permitted under the NHL/NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, for directing an inappropriate remark toward another on-ice participant in Thursday's Game 4 of the team's Western Conference Final Stanley Cup Playoff series with the Nashville Predators, the National Hockey League announced today.