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Everybody still stunned by the fact Yuri on Ice is revolutionary in every sense of the word, but to be fair they warned us by naming the series’ OP and ED History Maker and YOLO.

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random kageyama/hinata phone wallpapers (640x960px) for @killjoyedwolf​ , thanks a lot for ruining my life with your fics and why are we friends again  ∩(︶▽︶)∩ | part 2

soooooo, i’ve been wanting to watch carmilla for a long time cuz i wanted to know what all the fuss was about but i was always busy and i was always like “ok i’ll watch it later” and i never really did, but anyways, i’ve just finished the series right now (i literally watched all the seasons non-stop) and all i’ve got to say is 1) i didn’t think i could be any gayer yet here i am  2) fuCK ME uP & 3) is the word “ship” still a thing cuz i am shipping. HARD. like 2012-directioners-shipping-larry hard. 


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Gmod Deathrun Funny Moments - Musical Chairs! (Garry's Mod)
  • Ohm: *runs through the barrel trap without dying*
  • Delirious: wow you would let your boyfriend through
  • Bryce: *really defensive* Oh I let my boyfriend through?! *releases barrel trap*

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Hey this is random but since your up all night... I had this dream that my art teacher found my tumblr and exposed me in front of my entire art class because it was just reams and reams of Evak kissing and I was frantically trying to tell everyone that I wasn't into gay porn

Hahahaha oh my gosh I love this anon. Also, I swear I have had the exact same dream. Oh wait nope that was real. Okay so let me tell you this story. I was staying at the beach a few weeks ago for my family holiday and the caravan park had wifi but it wasn’t connecting to my laptop, so we took it into the office so they could hook me up to it. 

I swear before we went I closed every single tab and put every single screenshot into a folder. But then they didn’t know how to go into settings on my mac so they pressed a bunch of buttons until a screenshot of Isak popped up. I am not 100% sure which screenshot cos it was kinda facing away from me but I think it was one from the Gabrielle scene. Basically the staff people all flinched when they saw it and went “oh!” and then a guy came up from behind and looked at it and said “awww cuuuuteee” 

So I mean at least he appreciated Isak’s cuteness.