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Foolishly Completely Falling

Louis jest ¼ niesławnego boy bandu One Direction i od wieków jest zauroczony księciem Walii. Książę Harry otwarcie przyznaje się do bycia gejem i kiedy w programie telewizyjnym wymyka mu się, że uznaje Louisa za gorącego, ich drogi się krzyżują, a wszystko zmienia się w zgiełk emocji, niepewności i komplikacji, gdy chcesz po prostu pokazać światu kogo kochasz.

Autorka: Agnes
Tłumacz: Wanilia

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Can you write a fic about them going through the airport and dealing with the paps and drug with their kids

The Pattinson clan had just touched down at LAX after a family trip to London to celebrate a late Christmas and spend New Years with Rob’s family. They had flown later in the evening to avoid the paparazzi and madness on the way out, but when the time came to book their flight home to Los Angeles, they hadn’t gotten so lucky. Their flight just had to arrive at peak LAX time, and the paparazzi were sure to be ravenous for pictures of the whole Pattinson family, since those seemed to be such a rarity these days.

“Rob?” A snapback, backpack, and sunglass clad Kristen called out to him at the luggage claim holding their tightly wrapped, 4 month old daughter, McKinley Claire Pattinson, in a blanket.

“Yeah, love?” Rob answered her as he situated his backpack and his duffle on his shoulders while holding the hand of his groggy & jet-lagged three-year-old son, Andrew Thomas Pattinson.

“Will you please hold Andrew while we walk through the mess? I don’t want to risk him letting go of your hand and getting hurt in the chaos. He’s bound to get scared enough from all the yelling and pushing.” Kristen explained looking at Andrew with loving, and concerned eyes, not exactly knowing what to expect from the circus awaiting them outside. The paps had become even crazier since they had had kids, and she and Rob both turned into protective, Mama and Papa Bear in these situations.

Without another word to his wife, Rob leaned down and scooped his look-a-like son up in his muscular arms. Then he grabbed the blanket Kristen was handing him and wrapped it around their son, who nuzzled into Rob’s neck trying to get as close to his father as possible.

Dean and airport security lead the way as the family walked through LAX. Travelers and tourists alike had their phones out snapping pictures of the famous celeb couple and their brood as they made their way to the SUV awaiting them outside. As they got closer to the sliding, glass doors that led to the circus, Rob and Kristen could already hear the yells and see the camera flashes coming from the ‘parasites’. Rob grit his teeth, tightened his grip on his son, and pulled the blanket over his head causing Mason to try and snuggle even further into his father.

“Grip my jacket and stay as close to me as possible, okay?” Rob glanced back a Kristen and McKinley. Nodding, Kristen took hold of Rob’s jacket and out into the circus Dean led them.

The boisterous yelling, camera flashes, and pushing were overwhelming. “ROB! ROB! IS IT TRUE KRISTEN IS CHEATING ON YOU AGAIN?” He heard one pap yell from the middle of the giant mob. “ARE THE KIDS EVEN YOURS?” Another pap shouted right in his ear. The crowd of paparazzi began to push harder, making the space become even smaller and the sea of people even rougher. Dean kept pushing and yelling for the scum to get out of the way, attempting to make a path to the car. “KRISTEN! KRISTEN! KRISTEN! LET ME GET A PEAK AT THAT LITTLE BABY! C’MON!”

Suddenly, a pap was forcefully shoved into Rob causing him to stumble, and the pap’s camera to come merely inches from Andrew’s face. Rob immediately went into defense mode or ‘Papa Bear’ mode, and shoved the guy’s camera filled-hands downward causing the pap to fumble the expensive, Polaroid camera and it to crash to the ground, shattering. “HEY!” the pap screamed “Your going to pay for that!”

“BACK THE FUCK OFF! I HAVE MY SON IN MY ARMS AND A BABY BEHIND ME, AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF THEY GET HURT!” Rob roared to the scum causing them to barely take a step back, but also causing them continue their taunting in attempt to get another reaction out of him. He could feel Kristen shaking hands still tightly gripping his jacket, and he felt Andrew turn his head on his shoulder and look up at him with scared, tear-filled eyes. Rob leaned down to Andrew’s ear, as he kept moving, and whispered, “It’s okay, I’ve got you son. I won’t let them hurt you. We’re almost there.”

“Rob? Is he okay?” He felt Kristen whisper behind him. He nodded his head then heard Dean opening the car door. Ducking his head and sliding in, he kept Andrew covered as he got situated. Kristen quickly followed suit with Dean quickly closing the door and jumping in the front seat. The camera’s flashed some more as the car began to move away from the airport.

Rob looked at the sleeping infant in Kristen’s arms with concern. “Is she okay? Did they scare her at all?”

“No, she slept the whole time. Didn’t even stir.” Kristen said glancing at McKinley with a small, exhausted smile as the baby’s face puckered with content in her sleep. From the long-ass plane ride to fighting the paparazzi, Kristen was just flat-out tired and couldn’t wait to get home. “Drew? Buddy? You okay? I’m sorry about that, but mommy and daddy will never let them hurt you.”

The tired, little guy just shook his small, round face ‘yes’ before closing his eyes and snuggling against Rob to nap the ride home.

“That is the last time we do that with them this young. Next time, we’re taking a private plane and making it as easy as possible, no matter the cost,” Rob said with determination as Kristen leaned her head on his shoulder and nodded in agreement. He then kissed her forehead and relaxed a bit, just ready to get home and settled.

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Hey! Can you please make one where Rob is supposed to give a speech or someone an award at an event and he has to rush out and leave before he can do so because he gets the call Kristen is in labor with TGC?


“Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Rob asked again with concern lacing his voice as he put on his Gucci suit jacket and ran a hand through his hair. “It’s so close to time.” 

Tonight, Rob was supposed to be going to a special event that would be honoring director, David Cronenberg, and since they had worked together on multiple occasions, the people heading the event had asked Rob to give a speech for his good friend. He had agreed to do it almost immediately and Kristen was very supportive of his decision, but now he wasn’t so sure about going because Kristen could go into labor at any minute within the next couple of days with their first child.

“Rob, we’ll be okay. I promise, if anything happens I’ll call you immediately. Suzie is coming over in a little bit to keep me company, and we’ll probably just order Chinese, eat ice cream, and watch Netflix. It will be a quiet night.”

Just then Dean walked into the doorway with Nick. “Rob, the car is waiting. We need to get going,” Nick said trying to keep Rob on schedule.

“Okay just give me one more minute,” Rob asked turning his head in acknowledgment towards Nick.  “I’ve got my phone on me at all times; call me immediately if something happens or you just need me to be there. I’ll be home in a heartbeat. I love you,” he said leaning his head down to give her a quick kiss before bending down to kiss her protruding stomach that was covered by one of his t-shirts. “I love you, little baby. Don’t decide to come while I’m gone, okay?”

“Rob, we love you too and we’ll be here when you return, but right now you really need to go. So, get your ass out of the fucking house right now!” She said with a giggle.

With one more kiss to her lips, he turned and followed Dean and Nick out of the house and to the awaiting black Cadillac Escalade.

“Rob, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Suzie will be over shortly, and she has promised to call you if you’re needed. You have your phone on you it will all be fine. Stop shaking your leg like you’ve had twenty cups of coffee; you’re shaking the whole car,” Nick tried to calm him while on the ride to the hotel where the event would take place.

“I know, I know. I just worry about her, especially this late in the pregnancy,” Rob explained, though he couldn’t help the feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was going to happen while he was gone tonight. He pushed the feeling away though, and tried harder to focus on the evening ahead.

The hotel ballroom where the event was being held was alive with the buzz of the crowd. Reporters, actors, and other important people were all sitting around circular tables wrapped in white table clothes in front of a stage with a podium and screen.

Rob had just finished his dinner and was talking with the people around his table, telling stories and jokes, when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned and saw David standing by his chair. Immediately, he rose from his seat and stepped away from the table to give David a hug.

“Rob, it’s so good to see you again. Thank you for coming out for this,” David smiled.

“I’m happy I could make it! Wow, this is quite the crowd. Are you enjoying it so far?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s been a very nice evening and I’m having a good time. So, where is that beautiful woman of yours? I thought she might join you this evening.”

“Well, she was going to, but we’re actually expecting our first baby any day now, so she and I both thought it best if she stayed home tonight and relaxed instead,” Rob explained.

“I completely understand. Congratulations! You’ve got quite a journey a head of you. I know you’ll take on the father role well.”

“Thank you,” Rob smiled proudly

“I better finish making my rounds. I’ll see you again on stage.” With that said, David walked to the next table to greet the other guests and Rob sat down and started chatting with his table again.

When the actual ceremony began, a couple of people got up and spoke about David and his work before it was Rob’s turn. He was feeling somewhat nervous about speaking and of course, he laughed, stumbled, and blushed his way through his speech running a nervous hand through his hair more times than he could count.

He had just finished his speech and was turning to leave the stage when he felt his phone vibrating frantically in his pocket. He practically ran off the stage and to the corner of the ballroom, answering it immediately when seeing Kristen’s number on the screen. “Hello? Kristen? Is everything okay? What’s going on?” He rattled off questions in a panic.

“Calm down, calm down,” Kristen’s voice said through the other end. “I’m okay right now, but I need you to come home. Seems our little one has decided to come early. My water hasn’t broken yet, but I’m contracting every 15 minutes or so. Just hurry home. We’ll probably need to head for the hospital soon.”

Rob couldn’t help his frantic voice, “Okay, okay. Just stay calm. I’ll be home in less than 10 minutes. We’re leaving now!”

“Rob. Suzie and I have it all under control right now, and it’s not too painf-,” she trailed off as a contraction hit her. He heard her take a deep breath on the other end. “Painful. Please, be careful getting here. We don’t need you to get into a wreck right now. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Be there soon,” He replied and then hung up. He blinked for a second and whispered ‘Oh my God. This is really fucking happening’ to himself, then turned to Dean and Nick sitting at the table. He gave them an urgent gesture with his hands and a look of panic that showed them that he needed to leave right then.

Dean had the car around and waiting for them before they had even made it to the hotel’s entrance. Cameras flashed and paparazzi yelled as Rob practically ran to the car. They had barely gotten in the car and situated when Rob told the driver to take him home as fast as he could; it was an emergency.

Arriving to their Los Feliz home in record time, he practically sprinted in the house. “Kristen?! Kristen?!”

“We’re in the kitchen!” He heard Suzie call from that direction.

Quickly making his way toward the kitchen, he stopped in the doorway when he saw Kristen, in his over-sized t-shirt and stretchy sweat pants, bent over and holding on to the counter breathing deeply with Suzie rubbing her back. “Fuck. Fuck! FUCK,” she let out in yell of frustration with her face scrunched up in pain then she let out one last deep breath, relaxed her face, and stood up straight. 

“Hey,” a red-faced Kristen breathed out when she noticed Rob in the doorway. Rob removed his suit jacket hanging it on a chair at the kitchen table as he crossed the room and wrapped Kristen in his arms. She quietly began to cry into his shoulder and Suzie came over to pat her back, quietly explaining she was going to be on her way and for them to call as soon as anything happened, so she could come to the hospital. Rob nodded and mouthed a ‘thanks’ to her before turning his attention back to Kristen.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I’m just so scared. Are we ready for this? I don’t think I am.” Kristen rambled on crying and clinging to him.

“It’s okay. It’s all gonna be okay,” he whispered into her hair, running his left hand up and down her back while lovingly touching her baby bump with his right. “I’m scared too, but it’s all gonna be okay. We’ll learn. And guess what, Love? Ready or not here it comes. It’s just a new journey and yeah, it’s scary, but we’re in this together, you and me. I’m not going anywhere.”

He felt her nod into his chest and take another deep breath before pulling away from him.  Rob wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her forehead. “Okay, I’m going up stairs to change really fast. Then I’m going to grab our bags and call your doctor to let him know we’re on our way to the hospital, and then we’ll be on our way. It’s all gonna be okay, I promise.”

“Thank you,” Kristen slightly smiled at Rob. While he was upstairs doing the necessary things, Kristen went to the garage door and slid Rob’s Adidas Slides onto her sock clad feet.

“Ready to roll,” Rob asked, just moments later, from behind her standing in the doorway again. He was wearing jeans, a hoodie, and a hat with his black Nike’s on his feet and both bags in his hands.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Kristen answered him with a nervous smile.

Rob helped Kristen to the car then threw the bags in the back seat and quickly checked the installed car seat one more time. He got in and started the car reaching across the console with his right hand to hold Kristen’s. Looking at her with a bright excited smile he said, “Let’s go have a baby.”

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