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1) On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for 6B? 2) Presuming that OUAT will get a season 7, who do you think might not return from main cast and why? 3) Does the fandom ever get you down? You seem to be made of steel ;)

1.  🌈/10
2. …based on how happy the Queen is in that new promo, I’d say Hook and the Charmings are out. They also happen to be the characters I mentioned here at the end. Just based on the fact their deaths have actually been foreshadowed. 

The Pilot started with Emma who didn’t want to be alone, Henry who was scared his mother didn’t love him because he was going through an identity crisis and Regina who was depressed and didn’t know how to connect with Henry anymore. These are the three characters whose happily ever after the show should deliver. They are the only three original and dynamic characters. Some of the other characters have changed, but they’re not dynamic, they’re archetypal and they’ve only changed as a result of change in those three main characters. Naturally, these are the ones I expect back, everyone else… would return to the Enchanted Forest, I assume. I’m expecting them to still show up, but maybe not as regulars anymore?

You could argue that Snow & Charming and the Queen also had their conflict in the Pilot, but that conflict would be resolved as they go back. These characters are iconic and can’t die. They’re timeless, regardless of what the show does… and their battle doesn’t really end… because they represent the battle between what we want to do (Evil Queen) and what we should do (Charmings). Impulse versus restraints. There should be some balance there, but life will always about that conflict…

3. Steel, eh? Wouldn’t mind living up to that impression, but I’m afraid I’m made of fluffy pillows. It gets me frustrated sometimes, but I have the tendency to vent to my friends - if necessary - and to take a step back and look at what’s really underneath. There is a lot of pain here. And fear. And anger. The ways it comes out may not always be pleasant, but in many cases its origins are justified, so I try to work with that. Did I mention I want world peace too?

In terms of me being pretty chill about SwanQueen? I’ve just always felt that was the story and since it all finally clicked and we made OperationOUT last year… well, everything just fits. It would be beyond absurd if the core idea was wrong… and the core of the show is built around Emma, Regina and Henry. Everything that happened and is happening, every spoiler I can usually easily fit in that framework right away, which didn’t happen before. The more books on screenwriting I read, the more clear it becomes what inspired their ideas. So the simple answer is story research. Where the PR is confusing, the show itself is actually pretty straightforward… in a very confusing kind of way.

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Yo, you really don't deserve to be getting all this hate. But thank you for defending our ship, and our Queen, so well and especially for all that you've contributed to our lovely little Yacht.

It’s fine, really… and thank you for what you’ve said. I appreciate it. Completely. 

Like any other loyal moron, I will defend our little yacht and those aboard it… because we are already small in number. I will not let a larger number take something that we can call ours.

I like explaining to others why we love our ship and why we chose to be in the yacht. I don’t really consider it as complete hate but I consider it as either ignorance or misconception. 

To those who had tried to antagonise me, I consider them as misled souls brought to hate.

It is a bold statement and I will not be surprised if my inbox would have letters by those who feel hurt by that statement. Although, that would just make my point, wouldn’t it?

I am rather more appreciative to other shippers who are genuine and curious on why we chose what we chose. They asked our opinions and they asked if we believed this or that. I am not surprised of how they think. I often blame society with this way of thinking, and the old generation whose ideas we had inherited.

It saddens me that people had closed their minds in such a way that calling out another without good arguments, counter-arguments, or even logical explanations is considered their norm. Though I had asked for an explanation, I was answered with a vague reply and an arrogantly statement of how we do not deserve an explanation.

But how does one learn if one doesn’t explain?

Some are livid enough to believe that their beliefs are naturally-implemented and common-sensical. When faced with someone who has not been thought of this kind of culture, shouldn’t one explain to them in order to be understood and fully comprehended? What does a cold shoulder achieve? Confusion.

I don’t really understand the need for commotion over love.
Is it not rather ironic?

People are spreading misled hate because of the idea of love.

Shouldn’t one respect another’s opinion over a matter of the heart? To find a couple and find them relatable, chemical, shippable is a harmless act and yet people find offence to that since one is chosen over their own.

In this fandom, I consider ships to be like cultures. 

Adlock has their own culture. Sherlolly has their own culture. Johnlock has their own culture. Sheriarty has their own culture. Mystrade has their own culture. Mollstrade has their own culture. Warstan has their own culture. Mormor has their own culture. Marene has their own culture. Mollrene has their own culture… and so on and so forth.

And like any culture, we find other cultures, respect them and let them do their way. Adlockers are one of the most accepting shippers I know… There are an amazing amount of shippers from other ships that accept us as well. Unfortunately, there is an even greater amount of shippers that don’t.

This is not just about the yacht, for me… not anymore.

See this as a culture and it sounds sick, isn’t it? A culture terrorising another? I had posted something in my mother tongue and it goes something like, “You are like the foreigners who had tried to invade our country.”

Because in a way, that’s how it goes, right? We live in our own healthy island and in comes another culture. There are some who opposes their own invasion but those who fully intend to invade are aggressive and merciless… slightly blind, to be honest.

They are not willing to listen and learn, and I find that difficult.

Apologies. I had just finished episode 1 of season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul and I often turn rather philosophical and reflective after watching a series I am in love with.

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Please don't take this offensively but I find you to be a bit of an enigma when you say your favourite character is Max but you also love Eleanor?

I don’t take it offensively and I’m not blind to Eleanor’s actions or how she is as a person, with or without Max in the equation. 

I do love Eleanor, because she is an ugly human being. And that’s okay. She’s not perfect and some of the shit she does is downright awful. But I can’t help it, I see my own ugliness in Eleanor and I appreciate it.

Aelin: Nameless is my price.

Me: Cool.

Aelin: No, Nameless is my Price

Me: Righto, now get back to the importance stuff


Me: you’re not making a whole lotta sense queen.

Aelin: I’m gonna die.


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