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A Series of Unfortunate Events Renewal Extended Through Season 3 at Netflix
Lemony Snicket is not going to be happy about this. Less than a month after Netflix announced a Season 2 pickup for A Series of Unfortunate Events, TVLine has learned exclusively that the streamer …
By Michael Ausiello

We tried to stop it, but it appears it’s going to keep going.

We’re locked in, now. And so the story goes until the tragic story of both Quagmire triplets… through to the riotous mob and misleading newspaper headlines… covering the literally and metaphorically chilling abduction of one Baudelaire… all moving towards the very worst fire of them all.

Netflix used to be such a happy site…

ASOUE character moodboards: “The word “standoffish” is a wonderful one, but it does not describe Count Olaf’s behavior toward the children. It means “reluctant to associate with others,” and it might describe somebody who, during a party, would stand in a corner and not talk to anyone. It would not describe somebody who provides one bed for three people to sleep in, forces them to do horrible chores, and strikes them across the face. There are many words for people like that, but “standoffish” is not one of them.”