person: my white knight

Me and my cat while I give him his pill
  • Me: come on, this wont hurt, itll just be annoying.
  • Cat: *wriggling like there's no tomorrow*
  • Me: elmer! Its a goddam tiny pill! Its smaller than your kibble stop that!
  • Cat: *continues wriggling and jabs claw in my arm*
  • me: Noooooooooo ( later) cat: *tries to beg for food and pets*
  • me: nuh uh I was trying to save you and your impale me you think I'm going to trust you again?! No you have to earn my trust *crying* I thought you loved me!!! But you betrayed me!!!

Barbara Cook singing an alternate version of “My White Knight” from The Music Man during her comeback concert at Carnegie Hall, 1975.

anonymous asked:

Would My White Knight from the Music Man be a good audition piece for Fiona from Shrek The Musical? Idk if it's overdone but I'm auditioning for a small town community theatre so...

If you can put a bit of a comedic twist on it, I think it’d be great!  Definitely could be good for a show like Shrek, in terms of subject matter!

morbidlizard  asked:

I cannot conceive how anyone could call your vocabulary weird, i find it utterly fascinating and charming. It shows what a well cultured person you are, something that is quite hard not to feel drawn to. That said, i am still not foolish enough to ignore that one tiny voice at the back of my mind that is my self-preservation instinct, but still chapeau to your terminology, i could listen to you talk the whole day.

Thank you, I wish I heard such effusions more often.

In addition to thanking you, I also want to point out how perfectly your comment about being well-cultured parallels an ask I received from an anon earlier in the day: culture and intelligence are seductive. If I don’t see that in another person, why in the world should I give them my time?

You must seduce me. (You, Piki-icon’d morbidlizard, you do not need to seduce me, I am yours. That is, if you ever overcome that troublesome instinct you mentioned.)