person: my white knight

Here’s a high fantasy sweet elite au that no one asked for :’)

(yo if anyone likes this au and wants to do their own take on it and makes something, plz tag me)


My White Knight performed here by Rebecca Luker as Marian Paroo in The Music Man in May 2001. Also shown here is Katherine McGrath as Mrs. Paroo.

Define your meaning of ‘evil’.
Is it a lack of moral standards? The want to do bad things? Is it a feeling, or a thought, or possibly a mixture of the two? Can one be evil and still do good things? Of course they can. Take your common politician, for example. Perhaps all the good they do only justify the means. Perhaps it is a way to rise to power, and once there, who can say if they’ll continue the path they originally created, or if they’ll shed their skin and show their true colors.
Is there such a thing as good verses evil? It all seems so black and white when thought of in this sense. I believe the world is grey. That being said, I personally like to hide behind my own white-knight mask. I was raised to think like a criminal, so I can catch them in the end. I am justice, after all, and so called ‘evil’ is good for business.
The truth is I have no real morals, I tend to have the urge to do bad things. I feel and think things best left unsaid. I can be evil, and I can do good things. Wonderful things. The only difference is that I will never shed this skin– It’s far too profitable. The truth of the matter is, I am jealous, conniving, greedy, selfish, and overall downright despicable.
I am L.
And as I sit here, humming over the keyboard to watch for any signs of him, I begin this train of thought–
Can someone do evil things, and yet, be good? Is this– Kira– my equal? Does he balance out the scales? Murders upon murders, left and right– And yet, they were all killers and rapists themselves. Not one person left dead was by any means ‘good’. Not even Lind L. Tailor– And even knowing that Kira had thought him to be me when took the bait, had it really been I brought to death on live TV, Kira still would have not killed any innocent people. If nothing else, I am excited to meet such a person. My polar opposite– Yet I have a hunch that we’ve a lot more in common than appears at first glance.
That is why tomorrow I will attend To-Oh university as Hideki Ryuga. Though I am not entirely sure how Kira is able to kill at will, I am quite certain he needs a name and a face. Perhaps if he were to try to kill me after I introduce myself under the same name as the famous Ryuga, the actor will end up dead– Not only putting an end to his dreadful TV shows and equally distasteful pop music, but pointing me in the direction of that one person I feel embodies all of Kira’s qualities.
Light Yagami.
I am truly intrigued by you thus far, and something tells me you won’t disappoint.

Me and my cat while I give him his pill
  • Me: come on, this wont hurt, itll just be annoying.
  • Cat: *wriggling like there's no tomorrow*
  • Me: elmer! Its a goddam tiny pill! Its smaller than your kibble stop that!
  • Cat: *continues wriggling and jabs claw in my arm*
  • me: Noooooooooo ( later) cat: *tries to beg for food and pets*
  • me: nuh uh I was trying to save you and your impale me you think I'm going to trust you again?! No you have to earn my trust *crying* I thought you loved me!!! But you betrayed me!!!

Barbara Cook singing an alternate version of “My White Knight” from The Music Man during her comeback concert at Carnegie Hall, 1975.