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Fan: Out of all the shows that you’ve done, which one was the most touching for you? Which was the hardest for you to dig down and do that really meant something to you?

Michael Rosenbaum: The last one was very hard for me. Because it was the last episode, it was the last moment, it was the last time— I looked at Clark and I added that line. My very last line of the show for Lex of the series is when he looks down and he says “I loved you like a brother” and that wasn’t written. You know, “I love you like a brother.” And so that was actually hard because Tom and I actually became like brothers over seven years. Working together, laughing together, yelling together, everything. And so, for me, it was a touching moment as a character. It was the end, it was the last time I was going to be Lex. I look down at him—and “I love you like a brother"—and I actually have these tears in my eyes.


From last weekend’s convention:

Michael on Lex: “You just kinda love the guy…you don’t want him to turn bad because you see what he went through. And he’s trying to be good. The real liar - we all know who the real liar is on Smallville - and that’s Clark Kent! (crowd applauds) He’s a liar! He didn’t tell me about the super powers. Episode One should have ended the whole series! He should have been like ”Listen, I saved you. I lifted up the car. I ripped you out of the car, I gave you mouth to mouth…I slipped some tongue in there because I’m a perv…and let’s rule the world together, Lex!“

#MichaelRosenbaum shared his sentiments w/ @Evansville on the loss of his great friend Carrie Fisher #Smallville #Impastor

The magazine shared a nice article remembering the actress and here is an excerpt with Rosenbaum´s words:

I reached out to Michael yesterday to offer my condolences; I knew he adored Carrie and she adored him. He shared his sentiments:

“Carrie was unlike anyone I have ever met. Although she will always be remembered as the Princess to many people across the world, she was much more than that to me. She inspired me to write and when I first started Smallville I was staying at a fancy Hollywood hotel where I was partying a little too much and she told me to get my shit together. She offered me to stay at her house in a bungalow all her friends stayed at. Meryl Streep, Richard Dreyfus, and others. I ended up staying for three months. That was who she was. Her doors were always open. I think I was the most creative during that time. I watched her work ethic and got to really understand the business. She was not only a great friend but a mentor and someone I always will remember fondly. Once while I was filming Smallville, she flew up to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with her daughter Billie and her assistant Kim and told me we were taking a road trip to see the Northern lights near Whistler. We piled into my van, drove up to Whistler and had an epic few days. She was daring, adventurous, and brilliant. I’m heartbroken by her loss, but I’m extremely thankful I was able to share so many great times with her.“

Additionally, Rosenbaum posted the pic above on twitter with these words:

@mrosenbaum711: You were an exceptional human being @carrieffisher !You got me to start writing & to start giving less of a shit! I will miss you immensely!

Michael gave Justin Hartley some love in an interview with the “It’s Complicated” podcast yesterday!

“Justin Hartley is a good buddy of mine. He was the Arrow on Smallville with me. I was Lex Luthor and he was Oliver Queen. He was great. I got to see him shirtless. He likes being shirtless. He’s got an amazing body. I remember working out really hard and my body was decent then but those were the days. He’s a great guy. He tweeted & then texted me “I love your freaking show. It’s hilarious.” It’s so nice of him to say.”