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i really want to not love jeon wonwoo but the fact that his parents are his idols and the fact that he appreciates how hard they worked throughout their lives aND THE FACT THAT HE’S SCARED OF DOGS WHICH IS RLLY CUTE AND THE FACT THAT HE CRIES EVERY TIME HE WATCHES MIRACLE IN CELL NO.7 JUST MAKES ME WANNA WATCH IT WITH HIM AND JUST HUG HIM THE WHOLE TIME aND ALSO THE FACT THAT HE THINKS SEUNGCHEOL IS THE moST HANDSOME IN THE GROUP AND HAS GREAT LEADERSHIP AND HE LOOKS UP TO HIM just makes me love him even more.

honestly the fact miyuki’s hobby is cooking is really hilarious. like this is miyuki fucking kazuya, cleanup, genius catcher, fucking captain of seidou. this is the guy who got a winning home-run in the seiko game despite injuries, with batting average of .272, a manipulative genius of the field. imagine this tanuki fucking cooking, wearing an apron and cooking. just with a several pots on a fucking stove, talking to the managers about seasonings and shit. imagine him watching cooking competitions and yelling at the screen at the dense and stuck up people with their shit dishes. imagine him going to the grocery store and couponing for every single fucking thing and always buying too much food just no, miyuki just NO STOP YOU DORK.

Everyone in my life at home wants to know why I’m not hanging out with them and exercising and reading novels and such, but how am I supposed to tell them I’ve been too busy writing/role-playing over 450k words combined since May in HP ships with my perfect Partner in Porn, themalfoymanner

For reference purposes; hot older Mike and Chuck for the hot older boyfriend-swap fic haha

Mike’s jacket wore out and ended up unwearable a long time ago, but the new Pan-Detroit Security/Liason Taskforce uniform is very much based off of the design. UwU

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*cough* three way fusion between Chuck Mike and Duke *cough*


just the fusion dance would be terrifying enough.

The Vanquisher of Detroit is, like…a punk-rockstar, but the combo of the three is like

some kind of WEIRD movie star…musician…?  With way too many arms and way too much suicidal self-confidence.  And a beautiful surprisingly sexy voice, and 483948% HISTRIONIC DRAMA.

He needs to buy some chill.

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For the art request, how about some of that Polyguard (those three are so darn cute together!)?

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Can we get something with Julie, Chuck and Mike please? I don’t see much of that around, and that’s sad because those three are adorable.

Well y’all know I can’t resist Mucklie or poly or bodyguard(s)/CEO shenanigans so MORE POLYGUARDS IT IS!  OvO

secret behind-the-employer handholding technique???!


You know what I want from this??? that thing that happens in sports anime where somebody gets tackled and they end up all face to face sprawled on each other and blushing and stuff

but with gunshots and drama and three people involved

…and post-drama “we’re all alive oh my god” hugs


Tessa & Scott || Sochi

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