person: kevin bieksa

Kevin Bieksa- Independence

Request:  Hey do you think you can write a Kevin bieksa one where you guys spend 4th of July with your family and kids. Idk I’ve never requested before so I don’t know how detailed I should be sorry

Author’s note: This is so short and awful but I had such a cute idea in mind and my writing ability sucks. 


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kevin bieksa // babies and breakfast

requested by @teenagekittentriumph

warnings: none

who: Kevin Bieksa x reader

warnings: none

premise: your breakfast plans get foiled by a phone call


If you were forced to describe the hockey season in one word, it would be long. You knew that your husband, Kevin Bieksa, would probably say the opposite, but he wasn’t the one who acted almost as a single mother for three quarters of the year. You loved your kids, more than you ever thought possible, but they were young and full of energy and questions and, without Kevin, you had to be on your game all of the time.

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Luongo, Carter and Bieksa Congratulate Henrik on 1000 Points (Feb. 4, 2017)


“Don’t worry.” - Kevin Bieksa

Warnings- fluff and cuteness.

Requested- Yes

Prompt- you and Kevin go on a dinner date without the kids. (Changed it up a bit to make it a tad bit better 😊 )


You stepped out of the Range Rover and looked at the beautiful building before you. A fountain sat in the center of the rounded large entrance water going every which direction. You didn’t move just stared thinking about how much the kids would love to play by the fountain.

You didn’t realize how long you were there until Kevin grabbed your hand gently making sure you were okay.

“Ready babe?” He smiled walking you inside. “ isn’t it beautiful, I found this place when I was 16 , I always dreamed of coming here with the person I love. Didn’t come till I finally found her ”

“So you have been here before with someone else?” You gave him an odd look. He just laughed at you and squeezed your hand a little tighter.

“I was talking about you Y/N.” your face flushed red as he went back to talking to the hostess talking over reservation details you couldn’t help but think about them again.

That’s s time you weren’t as zoned out because you still followed as they went to the table.. you sat down in front of you amazing husband and he smiled.

“ so are you going to tell me what’s going on in that beautiful little brain of yours?” He took your hand from across the sighed knowing this isn’t on you could escape. You looked at him and frowned. “Please? It’s the only way I’ll understand babe.”

“I’m worried about the twins .."you threw it out there like it was just nothing. "I haven’t spent a day without them since they were born and I’m just scared babe.”

“Y/N don’t worry about the twins, they are going to be just fine Kes is taking care of them with his sister Jenny.” He explaind slightly squeezed your have once more. “ I’m sure they are in bed right now getting some rest. The twins will be home when we get home I promise.”

“You know I love you right.” You smiled at him rubbing your thumb on the back of his hand.

“I love you too.” He smiled at you.