person: jake johnson

I’m sure we’d be okay. She’s got that giant heart that’s part-compass and part-flashlight. And she’s just the greatest person I have ever met.
—  Nick Miller (New Girl Season 6, Episode 21: San Diego)
I think what it means to get to season 5 is that you start to see the ending in a way that I didn’t during season 3 and 4. And now that I can see the ending, I go, ‘Man it really matters how this ends.’ Not to the whole world, not to, like, everybody, but to the group who care about this. I don’t want them to say 'I put 5 years or 6 years, I watched 140 episodes, and what a dog crap ending’.
—  Jake Johnson, on New Girl’s ending

An actual good video of Jake singing the 7th inning stretch at the Cubs game on August 23, 2015. And a good visual to go along with his recent Grantland video podcast story.

I bet you’re happy it’s not my own shaking, hyper video.

What I love the most about New Girl people is that they support the show and they care about things…And that’s what it means for me to be on a show. I want all those people who love the show, for the show to end in a way that they feel satisfied, so that the investment they made pays off.
—  Jake Johnson