person: ivy robinson

“ … Stripped bare beneath all the layers / Would you recognize the girl lying there? / Sought after and trapped like a pearl / Now the portrait has captured the girl …“

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Bare kids on a road trip
  • Nadia: driving. Singing loudly and having good time. Makes a lot of self deprecating jokes while she sings. Holds Ivy's hand whenever she has to merge lanes.
  • Ivy: shotgun. Made the road trip playlist, they're driving in her car. The playlist is a lot of showtunes, lot of 80s music and classic rock, lot of Hayley Kiyoko and Mary Lambert. She's also singing and harmonizing with Nadia (they do a wicked cover of The Dark I Know Well).
  • Peter: backseat, middle row. He sings along with the playlist until he falls asleep on Jason's shoulder.
  • Jason: Backseat, right row. Rolls his eyes at the music, but sings along anyway (quietly, so he doesn't wake Peter) and is the stereotypical kid who asks "Are we there yet?" every five minutes.
  • Matt: Staring out the window with earbuds in. Doesn't really register what's there. Is sick of the music, but stays happy anyway. Is texting Lucas the whole time.
Paint her in. One color ends and one begins. Brush away what’s stray: there’s disguise in her eyes. Add shadows that dance across her skin: hide the doubt that cries out within her. Stripped bare, beneath all the layers, would you recognize the girl lying there? Sought after, trapped like a pearl, now the portrait has captured the girl.
—  Portrait of a Girl (bare: A Pop Opera) - incredibly relatable
lesbian ivy

- after graduating from st cecilias, ivy falls into a deep depression. she knows in her heart she cant possibly abort the baby but she also cant bare to see the mistakes from her past every day, much less raise it.
- but she also feels some sort of duty to the unborn child. she feels guilty, so guilty, solely responsible for jasons suicide. she fears shed become a monster if she were to opt for an abortion or an adoption.
- ivy doesnt go to university that fall. matt goes to an east coast private colleges premed program, nadia goes to an in-state university where she finally feels like she belongs, and peter goes to berkley, lost and grieving but slowly finding reasons and people worth living for. ivy is left behind. they write her emails (matt opts for handwritten letters, actually) detailing their lives and she loves it, she really does, but she feels stuck and lonely, the pregnant girl back home they only occassionally remember during their adventures into college life.

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so if i had a chance to choose, the things i’d change- the me i’d lose to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Ivy Robinson from Bare: A Pop Opera
by Owen
requested by kittybenett and anonymous

Introverted Feeling (Fi)
“…And little girls grow up so fast. Feel it, how it grows inside of me.”
Ivy has a lot of emotion inside of her that she keeps to herself. She tends to hide her emotion behind her promiscuity (or at least, the promiscuity everyone thinks she has) instead of speaking about how she feels. She stays true to herself throughout the show, questioning what others think of her (mixed with her tertiary Ni). She stays loyal to those she cares about, such as when she tries to talk to Jason when she gets pregnant. Ivy also develops her own inner moral code, doing what she feels is right when she is able to.

Extroverted Sensing (Se)
“Let’s make later sooner. A minute can crawl by when you have something you want real bad.”
Ivy has a reputation amongst her peers at St. Cecilia’s of being promiscuous, but her Se comes out in other forms. As seen in “All Grown Up”, Ivy recollects her surroundings and the sensory details of when she was in seventh grade while talking to Nadia. She lives in the moment and acts on instinct, demonstrated when she seduces Jason during “One Kiss” and “One”, or when she is dancing at the rave. Many of Ivy’s classmates, such as Matt, comment on her physical attractiveness throughout the show.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)
“Beneath all the layers, would you recognize the girl lying there?”
Ivy acts in the moment and doesn’t always think of the consequences of her actions, such as when she has sex with Jason, but she demonstrates that she can think towards the future. In “One Kiss”, she tells Jason about how long she’s wanted to kiss him, and is pleased when he kisses her. Ivy also shows that she can look beyond the surface and deeper into what happens around her. This is best seen in “Portrait Of A Girl”, when she wonders if she is the same girl that her friends perceive her to be, ultimately deciding that she is not.

Extroverted Thinking (Te)
“Follow someone else’s vision, or trust my own, ‘cause I don’t know.”
Ivy acts almost entirety on her emotions, proving logic to be one of her weaker suits. She follows what she feels is right (Fi) during “One” and sleeps with Jason, not thinking about what might happen and only acting within the moment (Se). In “All Grown Up”, when she realizes that she is pregnant, she feels as if the world is falling apart around her and struggles to take control of her situation. She frets if she will be able to take care of and love her child, becoming stressed as she tries to overcompensate with her logic.