person: ivy robinson

The year is 2017 and we still act like Ivy Robinson and Wendla Bergmann would be happier keeping their babies then getting abortions.

Bare kids on a road trip
  • Nadia: driving. Singing loudly and having good time. Makes a lot of self deprecating jokes while she sings. Holds Ivy's hand whenever she has to merge lanes.
  • Ivy: shotgun. Made the road trip playlist, they're driving in her car. The playlist is a lot of showtunes, lot of 80s music and classic rock, lot of Hayley Kiyoko and Mary Lambert. She's also singing and harmonizing with Nadia (they do a wicked cover of The Dark I Know Well).
  • Peter: backseat, middle row. He sings along with the playlist until he falls asleep on Jason's shoulder.
  • Jason: Backseat, right row. Rolls his eyes at the music, but sings along anyway (quietly, so he doesn't wake Peter) and is the stereotypical kid who asks "Are we there yet?" every five minutes.
  • Matt: Staring out the window with earbuds in. Doesn't really register what's there. Is sick of the music, but stays happy anyway. Is texting Lucas the whole time.

amazingmsme  asked:

I'm such trash for love/hate relationships, do you think you could write a fic where Nadia & Ivy lovingly call each other sort of mean names? Nothing too serious, but just teasing

i love these girls so i hope i did them justice!! thanks for the prompt!

Pet names were something Nadia had never understood. Her parents never addressed each other by anything but name, and she’d never had anyone to call anything sickeningly sweet. She found the whole idea a bit lame.

Peter had taken to calling Jason ‘blue-eyes’ in addition to his usually ‘babe’. Jason called Peter ‘baby’. Lucas called Matt every name under the sun, mostly just to embarrass him. Sweetie, honey, angel, cutie, lovebug. All that mushy shit.

But Nadia had a very different way of showing her affection for Ivy.

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Paint her in. One color ends and one begins. Brush away what’s stray: there’s disguise in her eyes. Add shadows that dance across her skin: hide the doubt that cries out within her. Stripped bare, beneath all the layers, would you recognize the girl lying there? Sought after, trapped like a pearl, now the portrait has captured the girl.
—  Portrait of a Girl (bare: A Pop Opera) - incredibly relatable

so if i had a chance to choose, the things i’d change- the me i’d lose to see the world through someone else’s eyes.