person: it was me or her babe

The first time I met you keeps replaying like a broken record in my mind. Nothing has made me feel more alive in such a long time but your smile surely did it. My stomach filled with butterflies and my heart filled with warmth – waiting to be in your presence was far too long.
Nothing could compare to looking over and seeing your beautiful smile and hearing your laugh. And my god, I didn’t mean to stare because I was always taught staring is rude, but how could I not stare at the most beautiful fucking work of art I have ever seen.
You see, I have always loved art and I have always loved mysteries, so perhaps that is why I could not take my thoughts off you. I could compare you to “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, but I don’t even think that could define the work of art and beauty that you are. You are so mysterious and it attracts me more and more everyday because I want to know every last thing about you.
I will never forget the first time you laid your lips on mine and kissed me. Everything around us when quiet and quite literally I felt fireworks inside of me. I think about you sleeping next to me, and my god I am so cold and am in need of your warm touch again.
You make me feel so calm, but at the same time you cause a ruckus inside of my body. When I say ruckus, I mean having you next to me makes me feel as if I could run a 5K marathon and never stop. You make me feel so much and then some.
I pray to God you never leave my mind, the thought of you makes me feel again.
—  j.n 

even tho it made me scared?? for some reason?? LOL

I want to talk abt this game, but just enjoy these three cuties instead

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darn i’m not used to people actually talking to me

This is pretty hard bc I love them so much but-
1. Bronwyn Bruntley
2. Fiona Frauenfeld
3. Melina Manon
4. Olive Abroholos-Elephanta
5. Emma Bloom

Happy belated International Women’s Day!

I want to take you on a date to the place that means the most to you.
The place where you have to happiest memories.
Maybe the beach that you spent hours playing in the sand when you were six. Or the fairground where you discovered your love of roller coasters. Or the park where you kicked that boys ass at football. Or maybe just the home where you felt safest.

I want to be there when you remember all of these things. I want to see the passion and the happiness light up your eyes.

—  I want to make you happy