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important psa from my twitter.

I still can’t believe that anti-jdonica Twitter compared jdonica to sangbum??? Sangbum is so beyond vile, it’s past the point of even a happy AU. it’s not even a relationship, it’s one person torturing, raping, and holding another person hostage. It’s literally so absolutely not even CLOSE to comparable. There is literally no AU on the planet in which sangbum is not disgusting. So if you actually think jdonica is even 1% as bad as sangbum…later

klanceenthusiast  asked:

Eyy! I follow you on my twitter for that Klance good shit! <3 But apparently following you here on Tumblr is considered "baaadddd!!!!1" So i'm just like: 'Well, i'm going to hell anyways for being gay so, might as well make my crimes worse by following somebody that draw multi-shipping and good porn sketches -snorts-"

Following me on tumblr is “bad”? What?? I’ve…never seen anyone say that, so now I’m really curious lmao but I’m glad you enjoy my artwork and have decided to join me here as well as on twitter! <3

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I'm curious... Is it annoying to see the same people in your notifications on Twitter? I just feel like I've started to annoy Gerald, and I feel so bad for it honestly... :/

I can’t speak for Gordon (you’d have to ask him), but I know I personally enjoy when people are active in the community :)

I decided to upload the drawing here…because why not? i enjoyed very much making this drawing because you’re super cute @thealchemicfox !!(❁´◡`❁)

Your cosplays are perfect! you’re so talented! how you make the costumes, how you interpret them, just wow! ♡you’re amazing  (●´ω`●)

And i need to say that all your videos are a masterpiece, you’re super creative, all of them make me laugh a lot like in “Monopoly incident” which is my favorite lol or cry a lot like in “Sunshine” that video hit me like a train. And I met you with the video of “Tsukishima Kei audition” Thank you Kei  (▰˘◡˘▰)!!

Well in summary i admire you a lot, you’re amazing, super cute and a great great person! :) Stay awesome Fox! ♡

(My english is a little bit bad, so i’m sorry if you don’t understand something or if something just doesn’t have sense lol) 

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I just saw a post about how 'rude' the guys are to people who are not 'pretty' and such but I actually don't believe it at all, idk i'm so confused I mean it was stuff on twitter so probably just attention seekers

i’ve seen those and in all seriousness i am no way near the prettiest or the thinnest person ever and both times i met they were all so lovely and no way near rude i couldn’t have asked for a better experience but obviously they will have bad days where they just don’t want to meet people but some of the stories i’ve seen circulating are ridiculous and most of them just seem to be the same story told in different ways which makes it seem kinda weird that all these people are having the exact same experience with them

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How do I get people to notice my work? I try everywhere I can, & it either get ignored or overlooked. If I post it on tumblr at the MOST I'll get some some likes & if it's not fanart, then no one cares. Rarely do I get reblogs. People don't follow on tumblr, deviantart, twitter, FB, etc, wherever my art is so I don't gain an audience. My DA galleries are full of art with like 100 or less views each, 0 comments. I don't feel my art is bad, but I'm at a loss about what to do. It's discouraging.

That is the question of the day, isn’t it? 

I wish I had a good answer for you, but all I can give you is a personal opinion based off of my own experience.  I get the biggest reactions from my animations.  The more in-depth my animations are, the stronger the reaction seems to be.  But not everyone is an animator, so from what I’ve personally gathered, it seems as though people react stronger to artwork (non fan-art related) that is either VERY excellently executed, fully rendered, lighted, and have a strong appeal in the composition and character design; OR work that is simpler, but has a bit of storytelling to it.  Either it has a little gag, or shows the character reacting to something or thinking/feeling in a certain way. 

If you don’t have the time or experience/skill to pull off a Rembrandt or Michelangelo, one thing to think about is making a connection to your audience.  Find something in your character/drawing that people can relate to. 

I draw my cats a lot, and most of them are basic poses like this:

It gets an ok reaction, but if I post a drawing like this:

I get a much bigger reaction, because people can RELATE to it, and say “Hey!  My cat does that too!”  And if you manage to make that little connection, I think the reblogs will follow.

  I’m not sure if that helps, but I hope it does in some way or another.  Anybody else have any thoughts?