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Me when a character gets hurt and their SO gets overprotective:

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I saw someone headcanoning that Sero and Bakugou had this friends with benefits thing in the past in which they would make out sometimes just for fun. I really liked that idea. How would you think Kaminari and Kirishima would react to that? Do you think they'd get jealous or?

Characters I immediately felt drawn towards right when I first saw them interact with the main character, even though I didn’t know their stories or the movie / manga they are from:

John Silver

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Yagi Toshinori

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Yondu Udonta

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I’m starting to see a pattern here!

Shipping Nico with girls is homophobic. There’s nothing more to it. It’s homophobic. The end.


BNHA aesthetics : Bakugou Katsuki



Happy birthday, Billie Joe! ♥

I hope you have an amazing day, not just today, but always. Thanks for the music, the lyrics and the beautiful memories. The world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for still breathing. Happy birthday ♥


15/? favourite fictional males : Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

“because if we save ourselves, who’s going to save everyone else?”

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Headcanon: Rachel and Thalia are hanging out and Rachel is showing off the environmental activism buttons and stickers on her bag. Thalia’s mostly just nodding vaguely because they all say things like “Recycling Rocks” and “Global Warming Burns Me Up” until they get to one that says “Trees Have Feelings, Too!” and Thalia looks Rachel straight in the eye and says, completely deadpan, “It’s true.”

i’m tired of characters like grover being ignored by everyone until someone goes grover appreciation post!!! like this is literally a grover appreciation post but i feel like it shouldn’t have to be bc grover is the best guy ever and everyone just ignores him pls give him (and other sad forgotten characters) the love he deserves