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The time has come for Marshal to leave my town. I’ve had him for like two years now, so this has been a very painful decision. I thought it wasn’t important to me about how well my villagers and their houses suited my town theme, but I guess that’s changed :-( 

So I really need someone to adopt him. It is vital that I know he’s moved to somewhere he will live happily, with a mayor that will love him as much as I do and take very VERY good care of him. I’d say he’s free but he isn’t, the price is giving him as much love and attention as he deserves and if there ever comes a time where you can’t have him anymore I need you to make sure he goes to another good home too. That’s a mayor’s oath you will be breaking if you don’t!!

As you can see from the pictures he is an amazing friend with a pure heart and soul ;-;

So if you want him let me know! You will also receive his picture with him if you want! Please do not ask for him if you’re only interested in trading him and not having him long term. I know this post isn’t very aesthetically pleasing but reblogs are appreciated :-)

It’s my birthday, guys and I want to celebrate it with my beautiful rainbow-birthday-swag!!!

And I wanted to use the opportunity to thank all my amazing followers!! You are the best and you all make my day - every day!! I so enjoy being part of this fandom and have you all around!

A special call out to my lovely mates of the EMP crew!!!! Guys, I love you! You made me survive the craziness of S4 and see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Thank you for having me around!!
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I’m not good with words and expressing myself but I made this blog to let out my feelings at times even though I still do hold a lot of it away from here and only with Allah because that’s where it belongs.

Lately, I have been feeling so overwhelmed with sadness. I don’t know what this is because I have suffered through depression before for years before embracing Islam and I have felt sad but it never lasted long enough to stop me from being happy after a couple of hours.

This sadness I am feeling is like a heavy ache in my chest and I can’t shake it off. There’s obviously something wrong with my imaan if it’s like this because I have never felt this before. I feel like Allah is close that His right there in the room with me but then it feels like He isn’t and I am so desperate for His help and love on many things.

Sometimes you aren’t doing many things wrong like I’ve stopped a lot of things that you aren’t allowed to do as a Muslim. The only thing I can feel myself doing something wrong is not speaking enough to Allah. Making dua makes a massive huge difference in your heart and I can feel the difference.

Everyday I do make dua for others, family or friends and some people on here are remembered in my prayers. But I know I’m doing something wrong like I don’t know if it’s because I have problems and hopes but I’m not asking Allah for them when maybe I should? I’m confused and I can’t stop crying from this sadness.

There’s a reason I’m letting this out on my blog and no one needs to tell me off for typing this all up on here when I should be telling Allah instead. I know better, I know what I’m doing. I really wanted to write this up.

Yeah, I would say that one particular callous blamey ableist rant somebody directed at me without caring what was actually going on hurt more than I could let on at the time. That was at least 10 years ago, and I nearly just berserk blocked somebody else over saying something which reminded me of that 😩