person: holland roden

My Science teacher just randomly asked me what the symbol is for potassium. Can I just say thank god for Teen Wolf and Lydia Martins intelligence because I remembered that scene in Galvanize and now I feel amazing.

I’d just like to point out that Holland and Dylan have this certain comfort which each other and inner jokes with each other that they can’t and won’t have with anyone else. Also they’re INSYNC at least 99.999999% of the time. She’s such a goof around him it’s adorable.

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Introducing–my pretty vast collection of Holland Roden GIFs. I would say there’s about 500+, I couldn’t give an exact tally because they all reside in different folders–organized by Allydia, Stydia, relationships, flirty, happy, talking, angry, neutral–so you’ll find all different kinds of Holland GIFs here! They’re all high quality and either small or medium. None of these GIFs are mine, per usual. Please like or reblog if you use. Thanks and enjoy!

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